Title Getting to Know Web GIS, 3/e
Author Pinde Fu
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Explore the most current and comprehensive advances in the Web GIS field.

Getting to Know Web GIS, third edition, pairs fundamental principles with step-by-step exercises to teach readers how to share resources online and build Web GIS apps easily and quickly. Start now building Web apps without a single line of programming, and then move on to developing more advanced skills using a variety of Web GIS technology.

Instead of focusing on individual products, this book teaches Web GIS technologies as a holistic platform. In each chapter, readers complete an application project using multiple products from the browser/client side to the server side. This edition includes new chapters and sections on big data analysis, image services, raster analysis, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), Arcade, vector tiling, Survey123, ArcGIS API for Python, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), Operations Dashboard, and portal collaboration.

A practical manual for classroom lab and on-the-job training, Getting to Know Web GIS includes downloadable teaching slides and exercise data.






Chapter 1. Web GIS introduction • Create an ArcGISSM Online trial account • Create a hosted feature layer • Create a web map • Create a web app using a template • Configure your web app • Share your web app • Questions and answers • Assignment

Chapter 2. Hosted feature layers and Esri® Story Maps • Create a feature layer using geocoding • Configure layer style • Configure a layer pop-up using ArcGIS® Arcade • Add images and charts to pop-up windows • Use layers from the ArcGIS® Living Atlas of the World • Create an Esri® Story Map JournalSM web app • Questions and answers • Assignment

Chapter 3. Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® • Explore the web map • Create a web app • Configure data-independent widgets • Configure chart-type widgets • Configure filter-type widgets • Preview and share your app • Questions and answers • Assignment

Chapter 4. Mobile GIS • Create an editable feature layer • Collect data using Collector for ArcGIS® • Design a survey for Survey 123 for ArcGIS® • Use Survey 123 to collect data and review the data collected • Create native apps using AppStudio for ArcGIS® • Deploy and test your native app • Questions and answers • Assignment

Chapter 5. Tile layers, map image layers, and on-premises Web GIS • Add a portal connection in ArcGIS® Pro • Author your map document • Publish and use a vector tile layer • Publish and use a raster tile layer • Publish and use a map image layer (optional) • Compare map layers side by side • Questions and answers • Assignment

Chapter 6. Spatial temporal data and real-time GIS • Create a web map with real-time layers • Create an operations dashboard • Add actions and targets to your dashboard • Create a time-enabled feature layer • Animate time-series data in web maps and web apps • Questions and answers • Assignments

Chapter 7. 3D web scenes • Explore web scenes using ArcGIS Scene Viewer • Create a thematic web scene • Create a web scene of feature layers with 3D object symbols • Enhance the web scene by editing 2D data and importing 3D object scene layers • Create a 3D web app using Web AppBuilder • Questions and answers • Assignment

Chapter 8. Spatial analysis and geoprocessing • Create a web app using the Web AppBuilder Analysis widget • Perform analysis using the Web AppBuilder Analysis widget • Design a geoprocessing tool (optional) • Run the geoprocessing tool (optional) • Publish a web tool and a geoprocessing service (optional) • Use your web tool in Web AppBuilder (optional) • Perform big data analysis using ArcGIS® Enterprise (optional) • Questions and answers • Assignments

Chapter 9. Image service and online raster analysis by (Dr. Jie Chang) • Create a web map in ArcGIS Online using a Living Atlas image service • Create a web app using the Image Interpretation configurable app • Explore the multispectral image and create a raster function template file in ArcGIS® Pro (optional) • Share an image service to Portal for ArcGIS® (optional) • Questions and answers • Assignments

Chapter 10. Web GIS programming with ArcGIS® API for JavaScriptTM • Understand the basics of 2D views and 3D views • Load web maps and web scenes • Debug JavaScript and monitor HTTP traffic • Monitor property changes • Incorporate widgets in your app • Work with tasks and promises • Questions and answers • Assignment


Appendix A. Image credits

Appendix B. Data credits

About the Author:

Pinde Fu leads the ArcGIS Platform Engineering team at Esri Professional Services. His specialties include Web GIS technologies and applications in various industries. Several of his projects have won special achievement awards. Fu is the lead author of Web GIS: Principles and Applications (Esri Press, 2010).

Target Audience:

This book is a practical manual for classroom lab and on-the-job training GIS students, instructors, GIS analysts, manager, web developers, and a broad range of GIS professionals.


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