Title The Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual, 3/e
Subtitle A Resource for Graduate Counseling Students
Author Shannon Hodges
ISBN 9780826143020
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Praise for previous edition:

“I highly recommend “The Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual: A Resource for Graduate Counseling Students”. It is the single best all-in-one resource I’ve read for all things practicum and internship.”

Ryan Thomas Neace, counselinginternships.com


This bestselling guide to the practicum and internship experience, written expressly for graduate counseling students by a seasoned counselor and educator, is now substantially revised. New and expanded content touches on CACREP developments, trauma-informed care, social media, mindfulness, multicultural competencies, and more. With a strong focus on counseling as a specific professional identity, the book helps graduate students and new counselors develop their own approach to counseling and supervision, maintaining beneficial working relationships, self-care and developing good writing skills and record keeping. A completely new chapter focuses on trauma-informed care developed from evidence-based approaches.

Concise and accessible, the book describes everything students need to know as they enter and progress through the practicum and internship process. Replete with case examples and sample forms, it encompasses information on how to select and apply for practicum/internships in all settings. It also examines ethical and legal issues, ensuring student safety at field sites, and clinical issues including teletherapy and termination. Instructor and student ancillary materials are included with this new edition. Print version of the book includes free, searchable, digital access to the entire contents!


New to the Third Edition:

  • Updated to include content on 2014 ACA Code of Ethics and CACREP developments
  • New chapter on trauma-informed care including evidence-based approaches
  • Information on crisis intervention and de-escalation
  • Increased content on supervision styles and models
  • Expanded information on student safety at field sites, job searching, dealing with mandated/resistant clients, and goal setting and self-evaluation
  • Receiving feedback from supervisors and providing feedback to peers
  • Stages of change/client willingness to change as counseling model
  • Discussions about social media, vicarious trauma, cyber bullying, and mindfulness
  • Teletherapy including confidentiality issues, hacking, encryption, legal issues
  • Multicultural counseling competencies
  • Expanded case studies
  • New Instructor’s manual and PowerPoint slides


Key Features:

  • Focuses on counseling as a specific professional identity
  • Covers everything students need to know as they enter and progress though the practicum/internship process
  • Mentors students in a supportive, user-friendly style
  • Includes abundant case examples
  • A concluding chapter on preparing for the job search, resumes, cover letters, and negotiating salary



Chapter 1. Introduction to the Counseling Profession and the Practicum/Internship Experience • Introduction • Identity • Professional Counseling Organizations • Counselor Licensure • Occupational Outlook for Counselors • Practicum Versus Internship • Practicum/Internship Requirements • Conclusion • References

Chapter 2. Selecting and Applying for a Practicum/Internship • Introduction • Selecting a Practicum/Internship • The Informational Interview • Applying for the Practicum/Internship • The Practicum/Internship Contract • Final Issues to Consider • Conclusion • References

Chapter 3. Ethical and Legal Issues • Introduction • Competent Ethical Practice for Counselors • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) • Informed Consent • Confidentiality and Privileged Communication • Technology and Client Records • Boundary Issues: Dual Relationships in Counseling • Sexual Intimacy With Clients • Liability Insurance • Conclusion • References

Chapter 4. Clinical Issues in Practicum/Internship • Introduction • Building the Therapeutic Alliance • Initial Intake Form • Initial Assessment • Counseling Techniques • The Clinical Record • Closing the Session • Final Suggestions • Conclusion • References

Chapter 5. Clinical Writing and Documentation in Counseling Records • Introduction • Client Records and the Standard of Care • Documenting Complicated End-of-Life Issues • Case Notes • Recommendations for Record Keeping • General Recommendations for Writing Case Notes • SOAP Format • Conclusion • Recommended Resources • References

Chapter 6. Models of Supervision: Classroom and Site Supervision • Introduction • Practicum/Internship Class • Models of Supervision and Critique • Written Feedback • Offering Feedback to Peers • Conclusion • References

Chapter 7. Multicultural Issues and Considerations • Introduction • Self-Awareness: The First Step • Multicultural Competencies • Developing Culturally Appropriate Skills • Ethics and Multicultural Counseling • Final Thoughts • Conclusion • Recommended Resources • References

Chapter 8. Managing Stress During Your Practicum/Internship • Introduction • Developing and Maintaining a Healthy and Mindful Lifestyle • Conflict Management Skills • The Counseling Student as Client • Final Suggestions for Self-Care • Conclusion • Recommended Resources • References

Chapter 9. Crisis Intervention in Practicum/Internship • Introduction • What Defines a Crisis? • The Duty to Warn • Suicidal Clients • Assessing Danger to Others • Child Abuse and Neglect • Conclusion • Recommended Resources for Suicide Prevention • References

Chapter 10. Ensuring Safety on Practicum and Internship • Introduction • Predictors of Client Violence • Dealing With Aggressive Behaviors • Defusing Violence • Self-Defense Training • Workplace Violence Prevention Plan • What to Do After an Assault • Conclusion • Recommended Resources • References

Chapter 11. Addressing Trauma in Counseling: Interventions for Victims, Survivors, and Practicum and Internship Students • Introduction • Trauma Defined • Acute Stress Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder • Factors of Trauma • Assessing Trauma • Self-Medicating Trauma • Healing Rituals for Trauma Treatment • Conclusion • Recommended Resources • References

Chapter 12. Termination in Counseling: How to Say Goodbye • Introduction • When to Terminate a Counseling Relationship • Discussing Termination With the Client • The Termination Plan • Client Resistance to Termination • Counselor Resistance to Termination • Referrals and Follow-Up • Abandonment • Conclusion • References

Chapter 13. Completing the Practicum/Internship and Preparing for the Future as a Professional Counselor • Introduction • Terminating the Field Supervisor–Intern Relationship • Preparing for the Job Search • The Visioning Process: Creating Your Dream Career • The Career Center • Professional Networking Sites • Requesting References • Developing a Résumé or Curriculum Vitae • Writing a Cover Letter • The Job Interview • Dealing With Rejection • Evaluating a Job Offer • Final Thoughts on Concluding Your Practicum/Internship and Beginning • Your Career • Conclusion • Recommended Resources • References

Appendix A: List of Professional Counseling Organizations

Appendix B: State Licensure Boards and Requirements

Appendix C: Documents for Practicum and Internship


About the Author:

Shannon Hodges, PhD, LMHC, NCC, ACS, is a professor of clinical mental health counseling at Niagara University. He has over 20 years of experience providing counseling in community agencies, university counseling centers, and overseas. He is a former director of a university counseling center and clinical director of a county mental health clinic and has 10 years of experience supervising collegiate living groups. He has 29 years of experience in training school counselors, mental health counselors, and undergraduate psychology students. He has authored numerous professional publications, including books, book chapters, journal articles, and essays. He has also served on the editorial review boards of several journals including the Journal of Counseling and Development, Journal of Counseling and Values, Journal of Mental Health Counseling, Journal of Professional Counseling, and Journal of College Counseling. He has received awards both for his teaching and for his writing. Dr. Hodges is a long-time member of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and several ACA-affiliate divisions. His book 101 Careers in Counseling is a popular text for counselors and those considering the counseling profession. His most recent mystery novel with a counselor as protagonist is The Lonely Void: A Bob Gifford Counselor Mystery. Shannon has taught and counseled overseas and makes annual service and volunteering trips overseas in South African orphanages and in remote Australian aboriginal schools and communities.

Target Audience:

The book helps graduate students and new counselors develop their own approach to counseling and supervision, maintaining beneficial working relationships, self-care and developing good writing skills and record keeping.

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