Title Nature Rx
Subtitle Improving College-Student Mental Health
Author Donald A. Rakow, Gregory T. Eells
ISBN 9781501715280
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Publishing year 2019
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Nature Rx is an incredibly valuable resource for those involved in campus mental health, faculty and staff, as well as stakeholders more holistically involved in the campus community.”

Sarah Beck, American Public Gardens Association


Nature Rx is an enjoyable, convincing read. This book should inspire universities to take pride in the work of maintaining campus wilderness areas for the development of faculty, staff and student mental health.”

Will Meek PhD, Brown University


The Nature Rx movement is changing campus life. Offering alternative ways to deal with the stress that students are under, these programs are redefining how to provide students with the best possible environment in which to be healthy, productive members of the academic community.

In Nature Rx, Donald A. Rakow and Gregory T. Eells summarize the value of nature prescription programs designed to encourage college students to spend time in nature and to develop a greater appreciation for the natural world. Because these programs are relatively new, there are many lessons for practitioners to learn; but clinical studies demonstrate that students who regularly spend time in nature have reduced stress and anxiety levels and improved mood and outlook.

In addition to the latest research, the authors present a step-by-step formula for constructing, sustaining, and evaluating Nature Rx programs, and they profile four such programs at American colleges. The practical guidance in Nature Rx alongside the authors’ vigorous argument for the benefits of these programs for both students and institutions places Rakow and Eells at the forefront of this burgeoning movement.




Chapter 1. The Mental Health Crisis on US Campuses

Chapter 2. The Proven Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

Chapter 3. Developing a Nature Rx Program on a College Campus

Chapter 4. Nature Rx Programs on Four University Campuses

Chapter 5. The Role of Nature Rx Programs in the Future of Higher Education

Appendix A: UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden Nature Rx Course Syllabus

Appendix B: Cornell Nature Rx Club: Spring Activities




About the Authors:

Donald A. Rakow is Associate Professor in the Section of Horticulture, School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University.

Gregory T. Eells is Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Cornell University.

Target Audience:

This book should be of interest to practioners in campus counselling centres, staff in student life centres, faculty instructors in disciplines as diverse as psychology, landscape architecture and environmental sciences.

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