Title Viva Colours & Craft - B
Author Kamal Jain
ISBN 9789389401615
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 48
Book size 222 X 267 mm
Publishing year 2020
Original publisher Viva Education
Published in India by Viva Education
Exclusive distributors Viva Books Private Limited
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About the book



Colours & Craft is a set of eight books for children of preprimary and primary levels. It contains both art and craft activities in a well-graded manner. The series aims at enhancing creativity and building self–esteem in children through projects designed just for them.


Features of the Series

  • A perfect blend of art and craft
  • Appropriately graded
  • Factoids included wherever possible
  • Original art and craft ideas using waste material also given
  • A list of readily available materials given with every craft activity
  • Concise and clear instructions
  • Directions presented in a step-by-step format
  • Sample illustrations given where necessary
  • Ample variety of art and craft activities included using various drawing and colouring tools like, pencils, felt tip pens, glitter pens, water colours, pencil colours, different kinds of paints, crayons, oil pastels and many more


Keep in mind the following suggestions when using Colours & Craft:

  • Encourage the child to participate fully, both during the activity and when preparing for it.
  • Let the child touch, smell and look at the art materials.
  • Allow the child to use his/her imagination and create his/her own work.
  • Keep the material handy before beginning the task.


Access tutorial videos and practice worksheets from www.vivadigital.in

An edition with material kit is also available.


1. Colours We See

2. Easy Shapes

3. Tasty Grapes (Thumb Impression)

4. Curves and Loops

5. Beautiful Butterfly (Sticker Pasting)

6. Yummy Fruits

7. Tree and Sparrow

8. Find and Path

9. Teddy Bear

10. Christmas Tree (Thermocol Balls)

11. Colourful Fish

12. Grid Fun (Drawing in a Grid)

13. Beautiful Butterflies

14. Smiley Octopus (Join the Dots)

15. Pretty Flowers (Tea Leaves Pasting)

16. Sail in the Ship

17. Big Fat Elephant (Join the Numbers)

18. Sea Animals (Lady’s Finger Impression)

19. Colourful Capsicums (Paper Tearing)

20. Little Hut (Trace and Draw)

21. Lonely Fish (Join the Dots)

22. Friendly Snake (Finger Impression)

23. Fruits with Leaves

24. Save Tress (Dry Leaves Pasting)

25. Night Sky (Sparkle Pasting)

26. Talking Parrot

27. School Van

28. Dancing Peacock (Sequins Pasting)

29. Lazy Snail (Thermocol Pasting)

30. Draw Animals

31. Hidden Animals (Colour Using Colour Code)

32. Fluffy Rabbit (Cotton Pasting)

33. Crafty Mouse (Paper Craft)

34. Colourful Hut

35. Happy Bee (Finger and Thumb Impression)

36. Colourful Gorilla with a Ball

37. Fun with a Ball (Paper Tearing)

38. Dancing Duck

39. Baby Tortoise (Sand Pasting)

40. Blue Whale (Paper Craft)

41. Monkey Mask

About the Author:

Late Mr Kamal Jain was a versatile, talented and naturally blessed artist. He won the National Award for painting and art thrice. He completed his IGD training from Mumbai at the age of eleven. Thereafter, he started a prestigious advertising and designing company in Delhi where he created and designed numerous art books for school and college children.

Target Audience:

Students of Preprimary.


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