Title E-agriculture in Action: Blockchain for Agriculture
Subtitle Challenges and Opportunities
Author Food and Agriculture Organization
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The growth of ICT in the last decade has provided opportunities to overcome some of the challenges faced by the agriculture sector. Recent developments such as the increase in the use of mobile-broadband access devices, the Internet of things (IoT), drones, smart networks, capacity for big data analytics, and artificial intelligence have given stakeholders some key tools and technologies to improve production and marketing processes, for example, in agriculture and associated fields.

One of the most discussed technologies of late is Distributed Ledger Technology; with blockchain as one example. This publication aims to demystify the technology, provide insight into the opportunities and challenges of implementing blockchain-based systems, and document some case studies on the use of blockchain for agriculture.




Blockchain demystified

Agriculture: opportunities for blockchain technology

Blockchain: understanding the implementation risks

FARMS: financial and agricultural risk management for smallholders

AgriDigital: blockchain for agri-supply chains

Building blocks: using blockchain for cash-based transfers

AgUnity: blockchain for the greater good

Annex 1: Selections from a list of blockchain initiatives for social good

Target Audience:

People who are interested in use of sustainable information and communication (ICTS) in agriculture and rural developing.


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