Title Developing Gender-Sensitive Value Chains
Subtitle Guidelines for Practitioners
Author Food and Agriculture Organization
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The publication is intended to assist practitioners in integrating gender equality dimensions more effectively in the design and implementation of value chain interventions in the agricultural sector. It offers practical tools and examples of successful approaches to address the gender-based contraints that affect both value chain performance and women’s opportunities for economic empowerment.



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Part 1. Gender-sensitive analysis of the value chain

1. Assessing the broader context

2. Selecting a value chain based on its potential to promote gender equality

3. Gender-sensitive value chain mapping

4. Analysis of gender-based constraints


Part 2. Actions for addressing GBCs in value chain interventions

1. Limited access to information, knowledge and training

2. Unequal participation and decision-making power

3. Limited access to financial services

4. Limited access and adoption of inputs and technology

5. Work burden and time poverty



Target Audience:

The guidelines are targeted to practitioners in a wide range of organizations and institutions, including national governments, international and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), research institutes and the private sector. Useful for people interested in labour & employment, business & economics and gender equity.


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