Title Social Media Strategy
Subtitle A Practical Guide to Social Media Marketing and Customer Engagement
Author Julie Atherton
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Social Media Strategy provides a simple, structured way to create integrated customer engagement and social media campaigns that work. Organizations often talk of digital planning but struggle to know which channels to invest in, how to integrate them with content marketing activity, or fail to develop measurable outputs that align with business objectives. This book provides a clear road map for efficient planning, deliverance and financial accountability of social media’s contribution to the business.

Social Media Strategy delivers practical guidance such as identifying and targeting audience segments, methods of two-way community engagement, reputation management, being present on the right channels, and driving action through influencers. It also identifies the relevant tools and platforms to audit, track and measure business impact and customer engagement. With example templates, interviews and global case studies including National Geographic, Lush, South West Airlines, Dreams, Mumsnet and more, this professional guide delivers a long-term solution for maximizing social media led business development.


Key Features:

  • Create a long term customer engagement strategy rather than short term activity with minimal ROI, using interviews with global practitioners, template examples and case studies from National Geographic, Lush, South West Airlines, Dreams Beds and Mumsnet
  • Measure and interpret social media activity into actionable data insights for the business
  • Maximize community engagement, integrated content marketing, reputation, audience segmentation and channel investment with speed and clarity
  • Online resources: comprehensive social media strategy template, practical spreadsheets and example worksheets to build on for real-world business
  • Focuses on big-picture strategy rather than micro-level social media management, so the frameworks and methods discussed remain relevant over time


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Introduction: How to use this book • Who the book is for • Why I wrote this book • What the book contains • How the book is structured


Chapter 1: Understand how social media is utilized in business, marketing and interpreting customer expectations • Our social lives • Social accountability • Social futures today • Interview: Nisa Bayindir, consumer psychologist and digital strategy director • References

Chapter 2: Integrated customer engagement: How to ensure your social media strategy is integrated into your wider marketing and business development • The traditional marketing funnel • The digital marketing customer journey • The win-win purchase • The emotional connection between customers and brands • Customer engagement and social media • What level of engagement should you expect? • Using social media to meet your wider marketing objectives • Putting customer engagement into action • Interview: Sam Beament, content strategist and social media creative • References

Chapter 3: Getting started: Aligning social media goals and KPIs with your wider business objectives • Business models in the digital age • Business strategy in the digital age • Strategic planning frameworks • Creating SMART objectives • Introducing social media measurement and KPIs • References

Chapter 4: Audience: Using social listening to profile your audience and generate customer insights for a global social media strategy so Understanding your audiences • Customer, consumer, follower? • Case study: National Geographic • Understanding segmentation variables • Research: Generation Z research 2016-19 – Key insights • Interview: Louise Newton, Head of Sales and Marketing, Balkan Holidays, UK • What is social listening? • Interview: Christophe Folschette, Partner and founder, Talkwalker • Dark social • Creating profiles • B2B profiles • Global social media audiences • Interview: Ludovicia Fioravanti, content editor and copywriter • References

Chapter 5: Brand presence: How to drive action and engagement through integrated content marketing on social media • Why it is important to create a brand presence in social media • How to demonstrate your brand purpose • What is content marketing? • How to use integrated content marketing to represent your brand in social media • Case study: Sylvia Plath AI – Hero, hub, help content in action • Using content marketing to drive action and engagement • Interview: Ian Atkinson, Marketing Director, SunLife • Using behavioural economics to drive action and engagement • Increasing customer loyalty through social media • Brand communities and loyalty • Interview: Sophie Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Social Life • References

Chapter 6: Campaigns: A quick step guide to channel selection for your objective and audience • Getting started with channel planning • The ABC approach • Case study: Tiny Giant – New international business launch • Understanding your audience • Setting the brand stage • Delivering campaigns • Interview: Nick Barthram, Strategy Director • Channel selection criteria • Case study: Using Twitter polls – AIDA, an Al guest curator, Cheltenham Science Festival • Case study: University of Gloucestershire clearing campaign • Using the social media channel selection templates • Interview: Lynsey Sweales, CEO, SocialB • References

Chapter 7: Measuring and benchmarking success: How and when do you know your social media strategy is working? • Why measure social media campaigns? • The measurement levels • The key social media metrics at a tactics level • Assessing the importance of different metrics • The most important measurement calculations at a strategy and business level • Interview: Christophe Folschette, Partner and founder, Talkwalker • References

Chapter 8: Customer or celebrity? Identifying and attracting the right influencers to advocate for your brand • The importance of influencer marketing • What is an influencer? • Interview: Amie Shearer, Head of Influencer Marketing, Mumsnet • Customers as influencers • Core influencer goals • Case study: Dreams – Using influencers and Mumsnet users to co-create new products – the Mumsnet Kindred and Spirit mattresses • Using influencers to build a brand presence • Interview: Sophie Radcliffe, adventure athlete, influencer • Using influencers in campaign delivery • Choosing influencers to meet your strategy • Reviewing influencer profiles • Measuring influence • Fake or real followers? • Interview: Caroline Duong, Chief Executive Officer, Zine.co • References

Chapter 9: Crisis and reputation management for social media: A clear guide for the unpredictable • How social media has changed reputation management • Understanding reputation management • Putting reputation management into practice • When it all goes wrong: Crises and reputation • Interview: Amanda Wood, founder and consultant, AJW Corporate Communications • How good crisis management can make a real difference • Crisis planning for your business • The crisis communications plan • Crisis proofing: Leadership, culture and authenticity • Interview: Kate Hartley, co-founder, Polpeo, and author of Communicate in a Crisis • References

Chapter 10: Thoughts on the future of social: What will happen next? • The integration of social • Interview: Toby Horry, Brand and Content Director, TUI UK • AI, hots and voice • Interview: Kerry Harrison and Richard Norton, co-founders, Tiny Giant • Social ecosystems • Interview: Rachel Clay, Head of Influencer Marketing, Matter of Form • Organizational agility • Interview: James Ainsworth, Head of Content, Prophecy Unlimited; Chair, DMA Social Media Council • Facebook for now (outside China) • Interview: Will Francis, co-founder and Creative Director, Vandal London • Conclusion • References


Appendix 1: Useful information

Appendix 2: Social channels



About the Author:

Julie Atherton is a business leader, public speaker, consultant and strategist with 30 years’ experience gained working with global brands including Nissan, ITV, Deloitte Digital, Asos and St John Ambulance. Awarded IDM Educator of the Year in 2018, she trains marketing professionals and business leaders in digital, brand, social media and content marketing. She is also an experienced trustee and non-executive director for a range of organizations including the IDM Qualifications Advisory Board and Union of Brunel Students.

Target Audience:

Useful for people interested in marketing, especially social media marketing and customer engagement.

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