Title Create Uniqueness
Subtitle How to Turn a Passion Into a Business
Author Riccardo Pozzoli
ISBN 9780749497385
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“In this book Riccardo Pozzoli has managed to dilute in a very simple and practical way all the principles of how to begin a company in these modern times. I recommend it to anyone who aspires to be a first-time entrepreneur. This is the perfect start to building a startup!”

Simon Beckerman, founder, Depop


“Packed with witty anecdotes and practical wisdom, Create Uniqueness is filled with actionable recommendations that aspiring entrepreneurs will find greatly instructive. 
Riccardo Pozzoli recounts his entrepreneurial journey from Bocconi student to becoming one of Italy’s most admired entrepreneurs and shares all the lessons he learned along the way.”

Sandrine Crener-Ricard, co-author, The Blonde Salad case study


“Riccardo Pozzoli is a creative thinker who inspires those who meet and learn from him to find new ways of engaging with the world. His genuine belief and passion for turning new ideas into successful businesses is rooted in his commitment to being modern in his outlook on life: he can predict trends and monetize ideas but realizes that the path to success is inextricably linked to understanding that resonating with others on a human and compassionate level is more important than anything.”

Nana Sarian, General Counsel, fashion industry


Create your dream job by turning your passion into a profitable business.

The business world has completely changed. The old routes to building a successful organization have been entirely revolutionized. In a world which is being transformed with a speed that was unthinkable barely a generation ago, the doors have been thrown wide open to serial entrepreneurs, digital innovators and career reinventors.

In Create Uniqueness, Riccardo Pozzoli, one of Italy’s most successful entrepreneurs, and co-founder of the fashion phenomena The Blonde Salad, shares his story about creating a thriving business and building rewarding work environments.

Create Uniqueness is a passionate yet practical guide to identifying a business idea, embracing new ways of working, thinking unusually and building a great company without losing sense of your original idea..


Key Features:

  • Helps transform your passion into a successful and profitable business project without losing the essence of your original idea
  • Demonstrates how to create your own unique business perspective and develop your individual commercial DNA
  • Explains why it’s important to constantly innovate, shift strategy and use the latest tools so your business can evolve
  • Demonstrates how one of Italy’s most exciting entrepreneurs helped launched the world’s leading fashion brand


About the author




Introduction: How to explain what you do for a living to your neighbour


Chapter 1. Instructions on how to get outside the box • There is a huge crisis • Freeing oneself from beliefs, attitudes and positions • Having the courage to think big • Perseverance, patience and passion • Studying is not about filling a bucket, it is about lighting a fire

Chapter 2. Start...up! Start and start again • Don’t shoot the startupper • One in a thousand makes it • The sky above Roncade • Where to start? • Eyes fixed on the same goal • Settling accounts • Commentary by Lorenzo Guidotti

Chapter 3. Have a vision (even) without being a seer • Dreaming with your eyes wide open • When you least expect it • Join the dots • The idea is not enough • Commentary by Simon Beckerman

Chapter 4. A camp bed in the office in order to go from zero to one • Agent 00...1 • A goal is a dream with a project • But how does the entrepreneur do all this? • (I can’t get no) Satisfaction • Small steps • Commentary by Massimiliano Benedetti • Note

Chapter 5. Together we will go far... and also faster • All for one • Friends, never... or maybe? • Union makes strength • Guiding others to do great things • Til death us do part (or almost) • Commentary by Matteo Sarzana

Chapter 6 Italians do it better? • It’s a small world! • Think globally • Different is beautiful • The true Italian (but without a guitar in hand) • Follow me • Put your face on it • Commentary by Emanuela Prandelli

Chapter 7. The no’s (and yes’s) that help you to grow • Are you going to keep letting yourself be chosen or are you finally going to do the choosing? • Become desirable • An overwhelming supremacy • The brand’s prestige • The retail apocalypse • What awaits us at the end of the catwalk • Embracing change

Chapter 8. Tell a story and spill the beans • To be present or not to be present? • Not lost in translation • In some cases numbers do not count • Use what you have • Great transparency... and a hint of cynicism! • Striking, or rather epic, failures • The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be • Are you going to keep being influenced, or are you finally going to influence? • Commentary by Chiara Magnaghi

Chapter 9. A fire that does not go out • Long live evolution • Manoeuvring in port and sailing in open seas • Strategy and tactics • Learning to say goodbye • Self-confidence is not arrogance • Commentary by Luciano Bernardini De Pace

Chapter 10. So have you made it now? • In bankruptcy school • What is success? What is failure? • Tear down the walls... even those covered in chiffon • Faster than light • A promised land, a different world • Taking the podium • Commentary by Pierre-Yves Wecxsteen


Conclusion: From zero to infinity



About the Author:

Riccardo Pozzoli is an Italian entrepreneur. He has a Masters degree in Management and Marketing from the Bocconi Business School.

He began working in Chicago, where, at 23, he co-founded The Blonde Salad (TBS) the fashionblogosphere’s most influential brand. He is an ambassador for luxury brands Acqua di Parma and Fratelli Rossetti and is the Influencer and Creative Director for Conde Nast’s social media.

Target Audience:

This book is a practical guide to identifying a business idea, embracing new ways of working, thinking unusually and building a great company without losing sense of your original idea. It is a recommend reading to anyone who aspires to be a first-time entrepreneur.


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