Title Supply Chains in Action
Subtitle A Case Study Collection in Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement and Operations Management
Author Richard Wilding
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Volume 2 of Logistics, Supply Chain and Procurement Case Study Collection contains new case studies tackling Supply Chain and Procurement issues, aiming to provide solutions affecting a range of different businesses. Comprehensive in scope and scrupulous in detail, this collection includes actual events experienced by businesses of every size, from SMB’s to some of the most successful corporations in manufacturing, transportation, maritime and other industries. Readers will discover proven tactics and innovative solutions for handling uncertainties, solving problems and circumventing risk, plus a wealth of information to guide strategy and decision making.

Readers involved in logistics and supply chain management will find the Logistics, Supply Chain and Procurement Case Study Collection full of: immediate application of strategies and tactics to situations and challenges; valuable tools for testing management proficiency in crisis mitigation and resolution; independent learning modules and professional training programmes; expanded question-and-answer sections designed to measure knowledge transfer and lessons learned; engaging, topical situations highly relevant to the fields of logistics, supply chain management and operations. Students and prospective managers will learn crucial skills to meet current challenges, qualify for professional advancement and achieve success.


Key Features:

  • Learn from in-depth case studies which deliver insights and perspectives on current and emerging issues, trends and significant new areas of research
  • Gain insights into a variety of topics including technology-related issues, setting and reviewing budgets, managing economic performance and managing costs
  • Learn from first-hand experiences from subject matter experts in industry and academia regarding how to reach business objectives and overcome considerable obstacles
  • Understand unique perspectives that demonstrate how leading organisations stay competitive across the globe in a variety of geographical contexts
  • New to this edition: Covers hot new topics and vital new areas of research which will guide future strategies, as well as being edited by industry expert and highly respected academic, Richard Wilding







Case studies


Chapter 1: Efficient integration of shipping into intra-regional supply chains (Anastasia Christodoulou, Zeeshan Raza and Johan Woxenius)

Chapter 2: Overcrowding in a hospital emergency department: a supply chain management referral pathway to reduce overcrowding Is (Ingrid Hunt and Noreen Spillane)

Chapter 3: Company X’s OTD (on-time delivery) performance improvement: the application of lean six sigma methodology (Gendao Li, Alireza Shokri and Kyrill Nussbaum)

Chapter 4: Developing best practice in operational workforce planning (Peter Hilton)

Chapter 5: Why procurement should want to pay for performance: a case study of how buyer and sellers aligned to create the most profit for both (Todd C Snelgrove)

Chapter 6: Closing the cycle from tree to product: Company X’s sustainability journey (Gendao Li, Alireza Shokri and Jie Ma)

Chapter 7: Environmentally responsible packaging in global supply chains (Henrik Palsson)

Chapter 8: Organizational conformance and recognition systems (Graeme Heron and Erica Ballentyne)

Chapter 9: Protecting supply chains from counterfeit products (Mark Manning and Daniel Stanton)

Chapter 10: The same but different: a comparative analysis of common reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chain issues in the UK multiple retail sector (Graham Heron and Erica Ballentine)

Chapter 11: Supply chain disruption: ad omnia paratus: prepared for anything (Steve O’Sullivan)

Chapter 12: Defence support chain performance dashboard development (Allen Woods)


Action insights: Short cases for discussion

Action insight 1: Innovation and competition in last-mile delivery (Emel Aktas and Richard Wilding)

Action insight 2: The KFC crisis — a lesson in relational risk management? (Richard Wilding)

Action insight 3: Institute for supply management: ‘KPI alignment’ feature (Richard Wilding)

Action insight 4: Harnessing social media to improve logistics and supply chain performance (Richard Wilding and Malcolm Wheatley)

Action insight 5: The 3 Ts of highly effective supply chains (Richard Wilding)

Action insight 6: The future of home delivery and understanding the entire parcel delivery journey (Richard Wilding)


Answers to case studies



About the Editor:

Professor Richard Wilding OBE, BSc, PhD, CEng, Eur Ing, FIET, FCILT, FCIPS, PFHEA is recognised globally for his thought leadership in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Richard is a highly acclaimed presenter and regularly speaks at Industrial Conferences and has undertaken lecture tours of Europe and Asia at the invitation of local Universities; Confederations of Industry. He is passionate about taking and creating academic knowledge that creates ACTION in business. He has published widely in the area of supply chain management and is Editorial Advisor to a number of top journals in the area. Richard was appointed in 2005 as the first ever Full Professor and Chair of “Supply Chain Risk Management” in the World in recognition of his significant contribution to this subject area.

Target Audience:

People interested in logistics, supply chain management, procurement and operations management.


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