Title The Implicated Subject
Subtitle Beyond Victims and Perpetrators
Author Michael Rothberg
ISBN 9781503609594
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Publishing year 2019
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“My students and I have been waiting for this book. Offering a fresh vocabulary to confront our personal and collective responsibility in the face of massive political violence, past and present,
The Implicated Subject is sure to advance the conversation. Its stakes are as high as its thinking is subtle, clear, and persuasive.”

Marianne Hirsch, Columbia University


“A pathbreaking meditation on the politics and ethics of remembrance in our time,
The Implicated Subject shifts the discussion in a variety of disciplines from the dated notions of guilt and innocence to the complexities of responsibility and accountability. This is imperative reading for our age of muddled categories and retreat from personal and scholarly engagement.”

Amir Eshel, Stanford University


“A significant work by a major scholar with a well-deserved international reputation,
The Implicated Subject develops a new and necessary conceptual vocabulary for the conflicting histories of our world. While drawing on a global range of histories and texts, the book never loses focus on the contemporary moment.”

Robert Eaglestone, Royal Holloway, University of London


When it comes to historical violence and contemporary inequality, none of us are completely innocent. We may not be direct agents of harm, but we may still contribute to, inhabit, or benefit from regimes of domination that we neither set up nor control. Arguing that the familiar categories of victim, perpetrator, and bystander do not adequately account for our connection to injustices past and present, Michael Rothberg offers a new theory of political responsibility through the figure of the implicated subject.
The Implicated Subject builds on the comparative, transnational framework of Rothberg’s influential work on memory to engage in reflection and analysis of cultural texts, archives, and activist movements from such contested zones as transitional South Africa, contemporary Israel/Palestine, post-Holocaust Europe, and a transatlantic realm marked by the afterlives of slavery. As these diverse sites of inquiry indicate, the processes and histories illuminated by implicated subjectivity are legion in our interconnected world. An array of globally prominent artists, writers, and thinkers—from William Kentridge, Hito Steyerl, and Jamaica Kincaid, to Hannah Arendt, Primo Levi, Judith Butler, and the Combahee River Collective—speak to this interconnection and show how confronting our own implication in difficult histories can lead to new forms of internationalism and long-distance solidarity.


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Introduction: From Victims and Perpetrators to Implicated Subjects


Part I: Long-Distance Legacies

Chapter 1. The Transmission Belt of Domination: Theorizing the Implicated Subject

Chapter 2. On (Not) Being a Descendant: Implicated Subjects and the Legacies of Slavery


Part II: Complex Implication

Chapter 3. Progress, Progression, Procession: William Kentridge’s Implicated Aesthetic

Chapter 4. From Gaza to Warsaw: Multidirectional Memory and the Perpetuator


Part III: Long-Distance Solidarity

Chapter 5. Under the Sign of Suitcases: The Holocaust Internationalism of Marceline Loridan-Ivens

Chapter 6 ”Germany is in Kurdistan”: Hito Steyerl’s Images of Implication

Conclusion: Transfiguring Implication



About the Author:

Michael Rothberg is Professor of English and Comparative Literature and 1939 Society Samuel Goetz Chair in Holocaust Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Target Audience:

This book offers a fresh vocabulary to confront our personal and collective responsibility in the face of massive political violence, past and present. This book is useful for people interested in history and politics.


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