Title Political Legitimacy
Subtitle NOMOS LXI
Author Jack Knight, Melissa Schwartzberg
ISBN 9781479888696
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Essays on the political, legal, and philosophical dimensions of political legitimacy.

Scholars, journalists, and politicians today worry that the world’s democracies are facing a crisis of legitimacy. Although there are key challenges facing democracy—including concerns about electoral interference, adherence to the rule of law, and the freedom of the press—it is not clear that these difficulties threaten political legitimacy. Such ambiguity derives in part from the contested nature of the concept of legitimacy, and from disagreements over how to measure it.

This volume reflects the cutting edge of responses to these perennial questions, drawing, in the distinctive NOMOS fashion, from political science, philosophy, and law. Contributors address fundamental philosophical questions such as the nature of public reasons of authority, as well as urgent concerns about contemporary democracy, including whether “animus” matters for the legitimacy of President Trump’s travel ban, barring entry for nationals from six Muslim-majority nations, and the effect of fundamental transitions within the moral economy, such as the decline of labor unions. Featuring twelve essays from leading scholars, Political Legitimacy is an important and timely addition to the NOMOS series.


Preface (Jack Knight and Melissa Schwartzberg)


Introduction (Melissa Schwartzberg)

Part I. Foundations of Legitimacy: Autonomy, Assent, and Obligation

Chapter 1. Legitimacy and Self-Determination (Anna Stilz)

Chapter 2. In Defense of Functionalism (Jonathan Quong)

Chapter 3. Is Political Legitimacy Worth Promoting? (Amanda R. Greene)

Chapter 4. The Sovereign and the Republic: A Republican View of Political Obligation (Ekow N. Yankah)

Part II. The Justification of Institutional Authority

Chapter 5. Political Legitimacy under Epistemic Constraints: Why Public Reasons Matter (Fabienne Peter)

Chapter 6. Legitimacy as a Right to Err (Daniel Viehoff)

Chapter 7. Official Intentions and Political Legitimacy: The Case of the Travel Ban (Micah Schwartzman)

Chapter 8. The Political Legitimacy of International NGOs (Jennifer C. Rubenstein)

Part III. Beliefs About Legitimacy and Compliance

Chapter 9. Evaluating Consensual Models of Governance: Legitimacy-Based Law (Tom R. Tyler)

Chapter 10. On the Empirical Measurement of Legitimacy (Jeffrey A. Lenowitz)

Chapter 11. The Empirical Study of Legitimate Authority: Normative Guidance for Positive Analysis
(Sanford C. Gordon and Gregory A. Huber)

Chapter 12. Trustworthy Government and Legitimating Beliefs (Margaret Levi)


About the Editors:

Jack Knight is the Frederic Cleaveland Professor of Law and Political Science at Duke University. His primary areas of interest lie at the intersection of law and politics. His major research focuses on issues in modern social and political theory, law and legal theory, and the political economy of institutions. His publications include Institutions and Social Conflict, The Choices Justices Make (with Lee Epstein), and The Priority of Democracy (with James Johnson).

Melissa Schwartzberg is Silver Professor of Politics at New York University. She is the author of Counting the Many: The Origins and Limits of Supermajority Rule and Democracy and Legal Change, as well as numerous articles on ancient political institutions, the history of political thought, and democratic theory.

Target Audience:

Useful for scholars, politicians and journalists. Also helpful for people interested in law, philosophy and political science.

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