Title Finding Einstein’s Brain
Author Frederick E. Lepore
ISBN 9780813580395
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Publishing year 2018
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“Revisiting Einstein’s Brain, Six Decades Later” by Kevin Coyne feature with Fred Lepore

New Jersey Monthly

“With this original book, [Lepore] gives Einstein’s brain a second life and offers the reader a rare opportunity to discover the distinctive features of a genius’s brain, while insisting on the explanatory gap that still exists between brain and mind.”

Science Magazine

Finding Einstein’s Brain isn’t just about neuroanatomy....It also contains wonderful discussions about relativity, other aspects of physics, and the personalities of the physicists Einstein hung out with. Lepore’s writing combines erudition, unexpected asides to the reader and occasional interjections of humour.” 

Brain Journal

“However often you may lose your way on this expedition across planet Einstein, it’s good to have [Lepore], a man ‘of most excellent fancy’ as your guide.”

Town Topics

“An extraordinary, informed and informative study that reads with the gripping attention of a riveting novel, Finding Einstein’s Brain is an impressive work of seminal scholarship that is enhanced for academia with the inclusion of thirty-eight pages of Notes and a seventeen page Index. While strongly and unreservedly recommended for both community and academic library collections, it should be noted for the personal reading lists of academia and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject.”

Midwest Book Review

“Princetonians New Releases” roundup

—Princeton Alumni Weekly



“Does Einstein’s brain (and his mind) have anything to teach us?” by Frederick E. Lepore, MD

—The Ladders

“Einstein’s Brain has a history all its own,” by Melissa Drift


“Happy Pi Day! What do you give a genius on his 140th birthday?” by Frederick E. Lepore

—The Ladders

“Breezin’ with Bierman” interview with Dr. Frederick Lepore

—”Breezin’ with Bierman”

“Who Stole Einstein’s Brain,” by Simon Murray, MD

MD Magazine

“Very extensively referenced, chapter by chapter, inviting the interested read to delve deeper into the background on this subject. Einstein’s Brain literally is a “page turner,” which, for a book based on scientific material, is fairly unique.”

Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology



Albert Einstein remains the quintessential icon of modern genius. Like Newton and many others, his seminal work in physics includes the General Theory of Relativity, the Absolute Nature of Light, and perhaps the most famous equation of all time: E=mc2.

Following his death in 1955, Einstein’s brain was removed and preserved, but has never been fully or systematically studied. In fact, the sections are not even all in one place, and some are mysteriously unaccounted for! In this compelling tale, Frederick E. Lepore delves into the strange, elusive afterlife of Einstein’s brain, the controversy surrounding its use, and what its study represents for brain and/or intelligence studies. 

Carefully reacting to the skepticism of 21st century neuroscience, Lepore more broadly examines the philosophical, medical, and scientific implications of brain-examination. Is the brain simply a computer? If so, how close are we to artificially creating a human brain? Could scientists create a second Einstein? This “biography of a brain” attempts to answer these questions, exploring what made Einstein’s brain anatomy exceptional, and how “found” photographs–discovered more than a half a century after his death–may begin to uncover the nature of genius.



Chapter 1: A Neurologist Walks in Princeton

Chapter 2: April 18, 1955

Chapter 3: What the Neuropathologist Knew … and Didn’t Know

Chapter 4: The Lost Decades (1955-1985), the Cider Box, and the Microscope

Chapter 5: The Exceptional Brain(s) of Albert Einstein

Chapter 6: How Does a Genius Think?

Chapter 7: The Pursuit of Genius

Chapter 8: Where Do We Go From Here? (And Where Have We Been?)



About the Author:

Frederick E. Lepore is a professor of neurology and ophthalmology at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey. He is a clinical neuro-ophthalmologist, designer of the Optic Nerve Test Card, and has written over 125 scientific publications including “Dissecting Genius–Einstein’s Brain and the Search for the Neural Basis of Intellect.”

Target Audience:

While strongly and unreservedly recommended for both community and academic library collections, it should be noted for the personal reading lists of academia and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject. Also useful for people interested in physics and neuroscience/neuroanatomy.

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