Title Introduction to Sociology
Author Sebahattin Ziyanak
ISBN 9781516596232
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Introduction to Sociology provides students with a carefully curated selection of readings that demonstrate how everyday human interactions construct our global social world. The collection offers students an array of unique perspectives on foundational sociological concepts and an engaging look into real-world issues and the global impacts of social life.

The text is divided into 13 chapters. The opening chapter provides students with a general introduction to sociology and describes three basic types of sociological traditions. Additional chapters introduce readers to sociological research methods, concepts related to culture, the idea of socialization, and perceptions of deviance and crime. They explore readings on social stratification, race as a social construct, contemporary constructions of gender and sexuality, and the role and function of marriage and family in modern times. Education, politics, globalization, population, and urbanization are discussed within the context of sociology. The book closes with a chapter dedicated to social change and social movements.

Written to help students understand how sociological theories can support their understanding of our social world, Introduction to Sociology is an ideal resource for foundational courses in discipline.


Editor’s Introduction

Chapter One. An Introduction to Sociology • The Legacy of the Discipline (Steven M. Buechler)

Chapter Two. Social Research • Sociological Methods (Jeffrey C. Alexander and Kenneth Thompson)

Chapter Three. Culture • Culture is Everything, Everything is Culture (Mark Plume)

Chapter Four. Socialization • How We Become Who We Are (Steven M. Buechler)

Chapter Five. Deviance and Crime • Staying Within the Lines: Social Control, Deviance, and Crime (Mark Plume)

Chapter Six. Social Stratification • How Inequality Wrecks Everything We Care About (Chuck Collins)

Chapter Seven. Race and Ethnicity • The Social Construction of Race (Steven M. Buechler)

Chapter Eight. Gender and Sexuality • Gender (Lonnie Hannon)

Chapter Nine. Marriages and Families • Marriages and Families (Mark Plume)

Chapter Ten. Education • Education (Jeffrey C. Alexander and Kenneth Thompson)

Chapter Eleven. Politics and Globalization The Challenge of Globalization (Steven M. Buechler)

Chapter Twelve. Population and Urbanization • Urban Society (Lonnie Hannon)

Chapter Thirteen. Social Change and Social Movements • Social Change, Collective Action, and Social Movements (Jeffrey C. Alexander and Kenneth Thompson)

About the Editor:

Sebahattin Ziyanak is an assistant professor of sociology in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. His research has been published in European Review of Applied SociologyInternational Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences, and The Qualitative Report, and he has contributed books, book chapters and articles to a variety of publications. Outside of academia, he serves as the president of the Peace Academy of West Texas and a board member for Odessa Links, an organization that provides a continuum of care services to homeless individuals.

Target Audience:

Written to help students understand how sociological theories can support their understanding of our social world, it is an ideal resource for foundational courses in sociology and useful for people interested in education, politics, globalization, population, and urbanization.


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