Title Inspiring Curiosity
Subtitle The Librarian’s Guide to Inquiry-Based Learning
Author Colette Cassinelli
ISBN 9781564846723
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Publishing year 2018
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Inspiring Curiosity is a practical guide for secondary school librarians as they collaborate with teachers and students to develop inquiry-based research projects. With success stories from librarians all over the U.S. illustrating how they’ve guided teachers and students through the research process, this book provides strategies for using memorable events to activate students’ natural curiosity and activities for generating essential questions for exploration.


The book includes:

  • Ideas and resources to help librarians be more effective in research and inquiry.
  • Tips for developing search strategies, locating and curating resources, evaluating sources and celebrating students’ inquiry beyond the traditional research paper.
  • Lessons and assessment ideas to keep librarians current on information literacy topics.


Written for librarians by a librarian, this book will help librarians collaborate with classroom teachers on inquiry projects and offers new ideas and insights to inspire them in the process.




Chapter 1. Creating A Schoolwide Culture of Inquiry • Inquiry-Based Learning • Librarian’s Role • Digital Age Pedagogy • National School Library Standards • Culture of Empowerment • Culture of Risk Taking • Culture of Sharing • Culture of Openness • Culture of Literacy • Our Task

Chapter 2. Librarian’s Role with Inquiry-Based Learning • Developing Collaborative Partnerships • Build Relationships • Be of Value • Show Empathy • Get Involved • Types of Inquiry • Curriculum Planning

Chapter 3. Inspiring Curiosity • Curiosity Comes First • Librarian’s Role • Powerful Openers • Problem-Based Learning • Design Thinking • Project-Based Learning • Geography Tools

Chapter 4. Developing Effective Questions • Question Formulation Technique • Students Ask the Questions • Develop a Culture of Thinking Using Visible Thinking • Genius Hour • Librarian’s Role • Mentor Groups

Chapter 5. Diving Into The Research Process • Imagine the Perfect Source • Teaching Search • Curating Sources • Helpful Hints • Student Curation Tools • Developing a Researcher’s Mindset • Credibility Source Investigators • Interrogate Your Source • Plagiarism • Note-Taking Strategies • Google Forms • Ebooks for Beginner Researchers • Differentiation • Sentence Frames • Paragraph Summary with Source Integration

Chapter 6. Publishing and Performance Tasks • Authentic Audience • Online Communities • Publishing Options • Standards • Inspiring Stories of Publishing and Sharing

Chapter 7. Assessment and Inquiry Tools • Formative Assessment • Peer and Self-Assessment • Inquiry Circle • Rubrics • Summative Assessments • Performance Tasks • Librarian’s Role

Chapter 8. Reflection for Deeper Learning • Reflecting on Content and Process • Benefits of Reflection • Reflection Techniques • Reflection Questions • Librarian Involvement with Reflection • Reflective Practices for the Inquiry Teachers

Chapter 9. Librarian’s Call to Action • Get Started on Your Journey! • References

Appendix A • ISTE Standards • ISTE Standards for Students

Appendix B • Recommended Reading

Appendix C • Discussion Questions

About the Author:

Colette Cassinelli is a library instructional technology teacher at Sunset High School in Beaverton, Oregon, with over 25 years of teaching experience in grades K-16. A passionate learner, she’s always on the lookout for great information literacy or technology integration lessons to share with faculty. Cassinelli is a Google Certified Innovator and has presented at local and national library and technology conferences including the Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE), the ISTE Conference & Expo, EdTechTeam Google Summits and the Oregon Association of School Libraries (OASL).

Target Audience:

Written for librarians by a librarian, this book will help secondary school librarians collaborate with classroom teachers & students on inquiry projects and offers new ideas and insights to inspire them in the process.


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