Title Who Stole My Child?
Subtitle Parenting through the Four Stages of Adolescence
Author Carl Pickhardt
ISBN 9781942094838
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“A straightforward road map for the bumpy journey from adolescence to adulthood. Of particular interest is the frank discussion on the five Cs of the last stage of adolescence (eighteen to twenty-three) where parents have the least input and control. I also found the section on what to do and what to watch for when signs of substance use begin to be extremely helpful. While most youth have been taught prevention tactics in school, for many the temptation and availability is hard to resist. Parents will learn the signals of a deeper problem and be able to intervene early.”

—Gloria Souhami, Director, Travis County Attorney’s Underage Drinking Prevention Program


“Masterfully wrapped with personal and clinical wisdom embedded in the relational aspect, Pickhardt does a phenomenal job in providing parents with both conceptual and practical understandings of the joy and angst of parenting adolescents. Who Stole My Child provides practicable ways to strengthen the crucial parent-child relationship. It’s straightforward, relatable, and rooted in insight, equipping parents to navigate the adolescent years from a place of hope and confidence.”

—Laura C. Edwards, EdD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Taylor University


“Dr. Pickhardt’s insights into the components of adolescence, how it affects families, and his guidance on how to maneuver through this often-confusing time is essential reading for every family.”

—Charles J. Sophy, DO, FACN, Medical Director, Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services


“An excellent, helpful book. For any parent navigating the bewildering, turbulent, and often uncharted territory of parenting a teenager, this book is like holding hands with a warm and reassuring friend who has been there, done that, and always knows exactly what to do next. Dr. Pickhardt gives practical guidelines to address the everyday situations parents encounter, as well as effective strategies for handling the really difficult situations that sometimes develop with older teens. With gentle, clear, and calming advice, Dr. Pickhardt helps parents understand the why of adolescent behavior while also providing the words to use in real-life examples.”

—Jane Guenther Parent, Senior Editor, Your Teen Magazine


“Carl Pickhardt is a brilliant writer and thinker with so much to offer parents, families, educators, and professionals in a variety of fields. He speaks to and writes for those concerned with the well-being and health of emerging adolescents. Pickhardt has a way with reality and hopefulness that is needed in interactions that can feel tumultuous. His work became the cornerstone of a successful program, All Behaviors Count, developed to help educators deal with social cruelty, described by Pickhardt as teasing, bullying, rumoring, ganging up, or exclusion from the group.

Putting caring ideas into the hands, minds, and hearts of those who work with young people is a gift that Carl Pickhardt shares widely and so well.”

—Dr. Mary Lee Webeck, Director of Education, Holocaust Museum Houston


Psychologist Carl Pickhardt offers insight from his thirty years of experience counseling caregivers on how to navigate the adolescent development process—from eight to eighteen. For most parents, the onset of puberty brings an unexpected, even unwelcome change in their child’s behavior, which can cause bewilderment, confusion, and sadness. Dr. Pickhardt’s comforting and knowledgeable voice points out that not only can growth change many beloved characteristics of their child, but also it can alter dynamics in the relationship. Parents, teachers, and caretakers will find comfort with effective practices to help kids achieve responsible independence from the end of childhood through young adulthood and beyond.



Introduction: Why This Book?


Part One: Adolescence Marks the End of Childhood (Up to Ages Eight to Nine)

Changes Underway

Chapter 1. Changes in the Child

Chapter 2. Changes in the Parenting

Chapter 3. Changes in the Relationship


Part Two: Issues in Early Adolescence (Ages Nine to Thirteen)

The Separation from Childhood

Chapter 4. Disorganization and Distractibility

Chapter 5. Fear of Trying and Boredom

Chapter 6. Resistance and Conflict

Chapter 7. Reluctance to Work and to Study


Part Three: Issues in Mid-Adolescence (Ages Thirteen to Fifteen)

Forming a Family of Friends

Chapter 8. Puberty and Vulnerability

Chapter 9. Peers and Popularity

Chapter 10. Higher Intensity Friendships

Chapter 11. Social Cruelty at School


Part Four: Issues in Late Adolescence (Ages Fifteen to Eighteen)

Acting More Grown-Up

Chapter 12. Risk-Taking and Readiness

Chapter 13. Dating and Romance

Chapter 14. Social Substance Use

Chapter 15. The Internet


Part Five: Issues in Trial Independence (Ages Eighteen to Twenty-Three)

Stepping Off More on One’s Own

Chapter 16. Graduation Separations

Chapter 17. Over-Demand and Stress

Chapter 18. The Need for Self-Discipline

Chapter 19. The Struggle for Independence


Part Six: Special Cases

Factors That Can Intensify Adolescence

Chapter 20. Parental Divorce

Chapter 21. Rate of Growth

Chapter 22. The Strong-Willed Adolescent

Chapter 23. The Adolescent Only Child

Epilogue: Parenting Your Adult Child

About the Author:

Carl Pickhardt, PhD, is a psychologist in private counseling and public lecturing practice in Austin, Texas. He received his BA in English from Harvard, his MEd in Counseling from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and his PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and is the author of fifteen parenting books. He writes the popular blog for Psychology Today, “Surviving (your child’s) Adolescence,” with over 8.5 million reads.

Target Audience:

The book provides practicable ways to strengthen the crucial parent-child relationship. This book is for people interested in adolescents psychology and useful for parents, families, teachers and caretakers who deal with adolescents.


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