Title Super Simple Anatomy & Physiology
Subtitle The Ultimate Learning Tool (Making Learning Fun & Easy)
Author Nelson H Kraus
ISBN 9781516533381
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Publishing year 2019
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SS A&P is impressive! This book could be a good resource, especially as a review of basic topics for busy clinicians.”

James J. Brokaw, Ph.D., M.P.H., Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Indiana University School of Medicine—Indianapolis


Super Simple was an amazing study tool for me! I felt that it truly focused on the foundations of anatomy and allowed me to think my way through problems. I’m extremely happy that I didn’t have to use the McKinley textbook because I feel that a reference book with that much information would’ve overwhelmed me. Super Simple, on the other hand, gave me the information I needed to be successful while not burying me in details. Thanks so much for making anatomy “Super Simple!” I think it will be a great resource for many students because I know it helped me a lot!”

Samantha Gossett, University of Indianapolis Nursing Student


“I think the book SS A&P is easy to follow. No unnecessary information, and you can google or use the other textbook for additional info.”

Hanna Volikova, Senior Dual Major, University of Indianapolis


“Coming into BIOL 103, I was extremely anxious about how overwhelming the content would be; however, once I dove into SS A&P and worked to understand the material, it became easier to learn. SS A&P is concise, yet it focuses on the most important things and everything is explained in a way that makes it easy. I am a big note taker and all the extra space in the book and note sections helped me write, visualize and learn through repetition.”

Sarah Vanek, Exercise Science Major, University of Indianapolis


“I looked through the digital review copy and found it to be an easy read. It is very straightforward and not bogged down with overly detailed explanations. The graphs and diagrams are very helpful. I would find this book much more attractive to (utilize) for certain information then my gargantuan A&P text from freshmen year.”

Kacie Johnson, President of the University of Indianapolis Student Nursing Association


“I’ve spent the last two days with your new book. I like how you use the check marks to point out the important concepts. The reading is very easy and everything is in layman’s terms, which helps a lot for students who aren’t experienced with medical terminology yet. I also liked how you simplified the body systems (RS, ES, NS) and used mnemonics wherever you saw fit and necessary. From my short review, I think the book would be a great addition to any A&P class because of how simple and easy your book makes it. Well done Dr. Kraus!”

Jake Perreira, student


“I had the privilege of previewing the book before publication and now have a copy of the first edition. This book is AMAZING!!! It is a great review/refresher for Physicians, Clinicians, RNs, Educators and Students. The possibilities are limitless!!! Please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy!! You will not regret it! This book appeals to all styles of learners. It makes Anatomy and Physiology make sense.”

Amanda Hardin-Mortin, RN and former student


“This book actually has helped a lot because the simple ideas make them stick easier so you can always pull them up quicker. Other people have wasted so much time memorizing random BS in their A/P courses that will never be used clinically. Huge waste of time and time is money!”

Nicholas Combs, University of Indianapolis Nursing Student


Super Simple Anatomy and Physiology: The Ultimate Learning Tool introduces students to the foundational principles of anatomy and physiology in a highly accessible, conceptual, and fun manner. Avoiding hefty page counts and detailed examinations of every aspect of anatomy and physiology, this volume is sleek, focused, and designed to help new students attain a solid understanding of the essentials of anatomy and physiology. A focus on conceptual learning makes it easier for students to gain an understanding of anatomy and physiology rather than just memorizing details without insight.

Part One describes the unique structure of Super Simple Anatomy and Physiology, its origin, the keys to learning, and summarizes the innovative learning tools found only in this text. In Part Two, students study the basic structure of the human body. Chapters cover cellular biology, tissue organization, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. This section helps students build a solid working knowledge of the basic structure of the human body.

Part Three focuses on physiology, integrating function with structure. The text explains how bodily systems work together providing a holistic understanding of major processes. Students learn about protein synthesis, cellular membrane transport, the endocrine system, nutrition and metabolism, gas exchange, fluid compartments, acid/base balance, and more.

Written in an informal and conversational tone, Super Simple Anatomy and Physiology is full of exercises and activities which will solidify learning. It is ideal for introductory anatomy and physiology courses at the high school and undergraduate level. It is also an effective review tool for graduate and professional students as well as practicing healthcare professionals.




Part One—Basics—Forming the Foundation

Chapter 1. Excavating for Our A&P Foundation

Chapter 2. A&P Simplified/Conceptualized/Integrated

Chapter 3. How to Effectively Utilize the “H2O” Sheet


Part Two—Anatomy—Human Form or Structure

Chapter 4. Essential “Stuff” Needed for Our Foundation

Chapter 5. Cellular Biology Simplified

Chapter 6. Histology and Tissue Organization

Chapter 7. Integumentary System—Skin

Chapter 8. Skeletal System—“Dem” Bones!

Chapter 9. Skeletal Muscles—It’s All about Movement

Chapter 10. Nervous System—Body’s Means of Communication

Chapter 11. CVS Cardiovascular System— The Heart of the Body!

Chapter 12. Respiratory System—Take a Deep Breath and Let’s Churn On!

Chapter 13. Digestive System—Let’s Eat!

Chapter 14. Urinary System—Waste and Balance!

Chapter 15. Reproductive System—Reproduction PLUS


Part Three—Physiology—Human Function— Integration with Anatomy

Chapter 16. Basic Chemical Knowledge

Chapter 17. Utilizing Physiology on a Single Sheet (POSS) and Cellular Respiration

Chapter 18. Easily Explain Protein Synthesis

Chapter 19. Understanding Cellular Membrane Transport

Chapter 20. Bone Physiology and the Homeostasis of Calcium

Chapter 21. Muscle Physiology and the Sliding Filament “Theory” of Contraction

Chapter 22. Nervous System Physiology— Electrical Communication

Chapter 23. Sensory Nervous System and Special Senses— Eye and Ear

Chapter 24. Endocrine System—Chemical Communication

Chapter 25. Cardiovascular System (CVS)—The Heart of A&P

Chapter 26. Lymphatic and Immune System— It’s All about the D-Fence!

Chapter 27. Respiratory System—Gas Exchange

Chapter 28. Digestive System—Nutrition = Energy!

Chapter 29. Urinary System—Waste and Balance

Chapter 30. Reproductive Systems— Continuation of the Human Race

Chapter 31. Fluids and Electrolytes—Acid/Base Balance

Chapter 32. Nutrition and Metabolism—Who Doesn’t Luv to Eat!



About the Author:

Nelson H. Kraus, M.Sc., M.D., M.B.A. is an associate adjunct professor of biology at the University of Indianapolis, where he teaches courses in anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Indianapolis in 2004, he served as a clinical practitioner, an on-air personality in radio and television broadcasting, and an instructor at The Ohio State University, Indiana University, and Butler University. Dr. Kraus earned his master’s degree in anatomy from Ohio State, his medical degree from the Ohio State University College of Medicine, and his business administration degree from Xavier University Cincinnati.

Target Audience:

It is an ideal textbook for introductory anatomy and physiology courses at the high school and undergraduate level. It is also an effective review tool for graduate and professional students as well as practicing healthcare professionals. It is a great review/refresher for physicians, clinicians, RNs, educators and students of anatomy and physiology.


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