Title The Return to Study Handbook
Subtitle Study Skills for Mature, Distance, and Workplace Learners
Author Chloe Burroughs
ISBN 9780749496906
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Have you learned how to learn? Written especially for professional or distance learners, part-time or mature students, and formal CPD qualification candidates, The Return to Study Handbook will teach you how to study effectively, ace your ongoing education, and get the grades you need to advance in your career. Whether you need to balance your learning with full or part-time work, or overcome the ‘mindset gremlins’ stemming from a negative school experience, this book will empower you to effectively manage your own learning and provide you with the full range of mental and practical skills you need to succeed.

Packed with practical tools, tips, exercises, case studies and strategies, plus the author’s own inspirational story, The Return to Study Handbook not only covers the study skills necessary for any student to be successful - such as effective note-taking; exam technique; and essay writing - but it specifically addresses relevant topics for non-traditional students. With advice on recommended technology aids; handling procrastination and distractions; dealing with overwhelm and avoiding burnout; managing distance learning; and overcoming the mental and emotional barriers of past experiences, this book will guide you through everything you need to achieve the grades and career you want.


Key Features:

  • Is a one-stop, comprehensive guide for candidates on professional qualifications, mature students, distance or part-time learners, adults returning to study, and other non-traditional students, providing the full range of mental and practical skills you need to succeed
  • Will help you effectively manage your learning alongside the diverse and often conflicting priorities of adult life, including full-time work or family responsibilities
  • Features recommended technology tools, practical exercises, useful templates and inspirational and aspirational case studies from a range of non-traditional, real-life students and graduates


About the author

Foreword by Dr Liz Marr





Part One. Getting ready for further study

Chapter 1. Independent learning • Sink or swim • Independent learning skills

Chapter 2. Embrace your non-traditionalism as a student • Mature students • Distance learners • Workplace learners

Chapter 3. How to prepare for higher education • How to prepare for your first (or next) module • How to start each module with a bang • Advice for new students • The importance of your support network

Chapter 4. Goal setting • Why set study goals? • What study goals should I set myself? • Seven steps for setting epic study goals • Make it happen


Part Two. Mindset and motivation

Chapter 5. Mindset • Talent vs hard work • Fixed vs growth mindset • Mindset gremlins • The power of positivity

Chapter 6. Motivation • One-day motivation • Everyday motivation • The big motivation myth • What to do when you don’t feel like studying


Part Three. Organization and productivity

Chapter 7. Organization • Physical studying organization • Digital studying organization • The importance of backups • How to prepare yourself and your space • How to create an awesome study plan • How to actually stick to your study plan • Work-life balance

Chapter 8. Productivity • Best study self • How to plan for a productive week • Study session planner • Study breaks • The Pomodoro Technique • The dangers of multitasking • How to study effectively when you have a job • How to study with a family • How to create a kick-’butt study routine

Chapter 9 The dark side of productivity • The five-step anti-procrastination method • How to deal with overwhelm • How to study when you’re tired • How to catch up when you’ve fallen behind • Self-care over burnout


Part Four. Classes, note taking and assignment skills

Chapter 10. Classes • The importance of attending classes • How to get the most out of your classes • Class troubleshooting

Chapter 11. Note taking • Common note-taking mistakes • Taking great notes • Note-taking location clues • Note-taking content clues • How to take notes

Chapter 12. Essay writing • Planning • Writing • Editing


Part Five. Exam preparation

Chapter 13. Exam revision • Exam investigation • Key exam principles • Active revision techniques • Specific techniques for different exam types • Advice for multiple exams • The three core revision activities • Create a revision plan • How to develop a positive revision mindset

Chapter 14. Exam performance • How to develop a positive exam mindset • How to prepare for your upcoming exam • How to kick butt in your exam • What to do after your exam


Part Six. Personal development

Chapter 15. Continuous improvement • Three ways you can shake up your studying to achieve the grades you really want • You are a good student




About the Author:

Chloe Burroughs is a Graduate Ambassador for the Open University. Study coach, blogger, entrepreneur, and contributing writer for We Are The City; she specializes in using her own experience as a full-time professional and part-time distance learner, to help people overcome barriers to learning and achieve the grades they need to advance in their careers.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for professional or distance learners, part-time or mature students, and formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) qualification candidates.


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