Title Brains and Behavior
Subtitle Order and Disorder in the Nervous System
Author David Stewart, Bruce Stillman
ISBN 9781621823360
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The 2018 Symposium on Brains & Behavior: Order & Disorder in the Nervous System explores the tremendous recent progress in neuroscience and technologies and how these advances may be used to improve brain health and address psychiatric and neurological disorders.


Symposium Participants



Psychiatric Neuroscience

Challenges and Opportunities in Psychiatric Neuroscience (Joshua A. Gordon, Julie A. Frost Bellgowan, Collene Lawhorn, and Rachel B. Scheinert)

The Neurobiology of Confidence: From Beliefs to Neurons (Torben Ott, Paul Masset, and Adam Kepecs)

Causal Inference on Pathophysiological Mediators in Psychiatry (Ho Namkung, Brian J. Lee, and Akira Sawa)


Neurodevelopment and Synapses

Parvalbumin Interneuron Plasticity for Consolidation of Reinforced Learning (Matteo Tripodi, Komal Bhandari, Ananya Chowdhury, Arghya Mukherjee, and Pico Caroni)

Adolescence and “Late Blooming” Synapses of the Prefrontal Cortex (Kristen Delevich, A. Wren Thomas, and Linda Wilbrecht)

The Synaptomic Theory of Behavior and Brain Disease (Seth G.N. Grant)


Sleep and Neuromodulation

Genetic Mechanisms Underlying Sleep (Hirofumi Toda, Mi Shi, Julie A. Williams, and Amita Sehgal)

Brain Circuitry for Arousal from Apnea (Clifford B. Saper and Satvinder Kaur)

Computational Underpinnings of Neuromodulation in Humans (P. Read Montague and Kenneth T. Kishida)

Multiple Dopamine Systems: Weal and Woe of Dopamine (Mitsuko Watabe-Uchida and Naoshige Uchida)


Social Behavior

Neuropeptidergic Control of an Internal Brain State Produced by Prolonged Social Isolation Stress (Moriel Zelikowsky, Keke Ding, and David J. Anderson)

The Hippocampus and Social Impairment in Psychiatric Disorders (Matthew Schafer and Daniela Schiller)

Nucleus Accumbens Modulation in Reward and Aversion (Anna M. Klawonn and Robert C. Malenka)


Neurological Health

Epigenetic Priming in Drug Addiction (Philipp Mews, Deena M. Walker, and Eric J. Nestler)

Decoding Depression: Insights from Glial and Ketamine Regulation of Neuronal Burst Firing in Lateral Habenula (Yihui Cui, Yan Yang, Yiyan Dong, and Hailan Hu)

Improving Mouse Models for Dementia. Are All the Effects in Tau Mouse Models Due to Overexpression? (Zelah Joel, Pablo Izquierdo, Dervis A. Salih, Jill C. Richardson, Damian M. Cummings, and Frances A. Edwards)

Distinct Conformers of Assembled Tau in Alzheimer’s and Pick’s Diseases (Michel Goedert, Benjamin Falcon, Wenjuan Zhang, Bernardino Ghetti, and Sjors H.W. Scheres)



Rewiring the Addicted Brain: Circuits-Based Treatment for Addiction (Graziella Madeo and Antonello Bonci)

Investigating the Therapeutic Mechanism of Cannabidiol in a Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC)-Based Model of Dravet Syndrome (Yishan Sun and Ricardo E. Dolmetsch)

A Network Explanation of Alzheimer’s Regional Vulnerability (Scott A. Small and Larry W. Swanson)

Current Status of Deep Brain Stimulation for Alzheimer’s Disease: From Chance Observation to Clinical Trials (Darrin J. Lee and Andres M. Lozano)

Benefits of Enhancing Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Levels in Damaged or Diseased Nerve Cells (Andrew A. Pieper and Steven L. McKnight)



Order and Disorder in Brains and Behavior (Adam Kepecs)


Dorcas Cummings Lecture

P. Read Montague


Conversations at the Symposium

Edward Boyden

Yang Dan

Ricardo Dolmetsch

Paul Glimcher

Michel Goedert

Joshua A. Gordon

Adam Kepecs

Robert C. Malenka

Helen Mayberg

P. Read Montague

Michael Platt

Daniela Schiller

Scott Small

Beth Stevens

Li-Huei Tsai

Kay Tye

Mehmet Faith Yanik

Huda Zoghbi


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Target Audience:

This book is relevant for people interested in neuroscience and technologies and how these advances may be used to improve brain health and address psychiatric and neurological disorders.


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