Title Essential Knowledge for CNL® and APRN Nurse Leaders
Author Cynthia R. King, Carla Gene Rapp, Sally Gerard
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This is the first text to address the CNL/APRN roles within the wider scope of nursing leadership

This is the first text to address not only the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) role but also the Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) role within the wider scope of nursing leadership. Written for CNL and APRN programs in the US and beyond. By virtue of its expansive coverage of nursing leadership beyond the CNL role—case managers, clinical educators, quality improvement specialists, and many other arenas—the text will also be a valuable addition to other graduate nursing leadership programs.

The text examines APRN/CNL leadership trends, types of leadership, health care advocacy, role implementation and integration, lateral integration of care services, and ethical nurse leadership. It broadly addresses patient assessment and clinical outcomes management, while covering the many facets of the care environment, from organizational structure to risk management to health care informatics and technology. Chapter objectives, clinical examples, exemplars, and other resources facilitate information retention.


Key Features:

  • Serves as the only text specifically designed to address the CNL and APRN roles
  • Encompasses the wide scope of graduate nursing leadership
  • The content should assist graduate nurse leaders to prepare for certification preparation
  • Facilitates in-depth understanding of material with chapter objectives, exemplars, and clinical examples


Foreword James L. Harris, PhD, APRN-BC, MBA, CNL, FAAN and Grace D. Sotomayor, DNP, NEA-BC, MBA, CNL, FACHE



Introduction: The Evolution of Advanced Nursing Leader Roles Teri M. Woo

Share Essential Knowledge For CNL® and APRN Nurse Leaders



Chapter 1. Trends in Leadership (Linda L. Cook and Joslin B. Leasca)

Chapter 2. Types of Leadership (Bridget F. Moore)

Chapter 3. Healthcare Advocacy (Andrea Bottorff)

Chapter 4. Implementation of a CNL®/Professional Practice Nurse Leader Role (Michelle L. Barnhart, Gayle Murphy, and Deanna Eichler)

Chapter 5. The Lateral Integration of Care Services (September T. Nelson)

Chapter 6. Integrating the CNL®/APRN Skill Set as Master’s-Prepared Nurse Leaders (Jessica Vaughn, Valerie Counts, Harjeet Kaur, and Christine Raby)

Chapter 7. Ethical Nurse Leadership (Donna S. Bowman)


Chapter 8. Advanced Patient Assessment (Heather H. Brown)

Chapter 9. Illness/Disease Management (Heather H. Brown)

Chapter 10. Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Injury Reduction (Kathleen Lovanio)

Chapter 11. Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration Skills (Erin Wilson)

Chapter 12. Health Policy, Laws, and Regulatory Issues (Karen H. Burrows)



Chapter 13. Healthcare Systems and Organizational Structure (Elena Capella)

Chapter 14. Change is All Around Us (Emily M. Mize)

Chapter 15. Healthcare Economics Essentials for the Nursing Professional (Bridget F. Moore)

Chapter 16. Financial Principles for Nurse Leaders (Dana L. Zaichkin)

Chapter 17. Budget Principles for Nurse Leaders (Dana L. Zaichkin)

Chapter 18. Knowledge and Outcomes Management (Belen Camacho)

Chapter 19. Evidence-Based Practice (Hilary B. Sullivan, Sharon M. Mathai, Cristina M. Nuila, and Kristen Morse)

Chapter 20. Essentials of Research for Nurse Leaders (Kristin Bott)

Chapter 21. Evaluating Statistical Approaches in Nursing (Robin J. Miller)

Chapter 22. Building and Coordinating Teams (Bonnie Haupt)

Chapter 23. Risk Management and Legal Issues in Professional Nursing Practice (Donna Copeland)

Chapter 24. Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (Laura Blackhurst and Christopher Blackhurst)

Chapter 25. Healthcare Informatics and Technology (Sharon Wallace)

Chapter 26. Conclusion (Cynthia R. King, Sally O. Gerard, and Carla G. Rapp)


Appendix A AACN—The Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing

Appendix B CNL®—2016 Job Analysis Summary and Certification Examination Blueprint

Appendix C AACN—Competencies and Curricular Expectations for Clinical Nurse Leader® Education and Practice

Appendix D AACN—CNL® Recommended Practice Experiences




About the Editors:

Cynthia R. King, PhD, NP, MSN, RN, CNL, FAAN, is the owner and consultant of Special Care Consultants. She specializes in consulting in healthcare, nursing, and nonprofit organizations. Dr. King has held a myriad of leadership positions including dean of a school of nursing and full professor for years. While serving as a Professor at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina, she led a team (including Dr. Rapp) to develop a Clinical Nurse Leader® (CNL) program. During this period, Dr. King developed a unique review course and strategies for studying for the CNL certification exam. From this experience, Dr. King has worked with Springer Publishing, as well as Drs. Gerard and Rapp, to develop two editions of the Clinical Nurse Leader Certifi cation Review book, a CNL app, and flash cards. Dr. King has worked as a clinician (staff nurse, clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner), educator, administrator, leader, and researcher. She presents locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Dr. King has published extensively, including books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, and has served as editor-in-chief for two nursing journals.


Sally O. Gerard, DNP, CDE, RN, CNL, is Associate Professor, and Track Coordinator, Nurse Leadership graduate program, Fairfield University. She has been in nursing for over 25 years, with a strong background in critical care nursing and hospital education. Dr. Gerard specializes in diabetes and is a Certified Diabetes Educator. Her publications and research focus on diabetes and improvement of patient-related outcomes. She is passionate about the professional role of nurses and nursing students in health promotion and quality care. She completed a national partnership of healthcare improvement practices with the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. She has a doctoral degree in Education Leadership from Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Gerard has been involved in the Clinical Nurse Leader initiative for 10 years. She has led the Masters of Nursing Leadership/CNL program at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Her redesign of the program in 2013 earned an American Association of Colleges of Nursing Innovations in Professional Nursing Education Award. In 2016, she was awarded the CNL Educator of the Year by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Dr. Gerard has published and presented on leadership initiatives and pedagogy nationally and internationally.


Carla Gene Rapp, PhD, MNSc, RN, is an Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist, and consultant. She has Specialist knowledge and skills in rehabilitation nursing and has completed a postdoctoral fellowship in geriatric mental health services research. Dr. Rapp has been on faculty at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Duke University, and Queens University of Charlotte (where she assisted Dr. King in the development of the CNL program). Most recently, she coordinated/conducted industry-sponsored clinical trials and investigator-initiated research for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Neurology’s Memory Disorders Program. She has published extensively in books and in the peer-reviewed literature, and has presented nationally and internationally on a variety of topics. Dr. Rapp collaborated previously with Drs. King and Gerard on the second edition of their Clinical Nurse Leader Certification Review book.

Target Audience:

The text specifically designed to address Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) and the Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) roles.

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