Title Social Work and Mental Health
Subtitle Evidence-Based Policy and Practice
Author Sylvia I. Mignon
ISBN 9780826164421
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Clear, comprehensive, and accessible, this textbook presents an overview of the contemporary American mental health system and its impact on clients and social workers. The failure of the system to provide quality care for the mentally ill is explored, including issues and policies that social workers face in accessing mental health care for their clients, while also discussing the ways in which social workers can improve the overall functioning of the system and promote the development and expansion of policy and practice innovations.

This is the first textbook to examine the lack of understanding of the roots of mental illness, the challenges in classification of mental disorders for social workers, and difficult behavioral manifestations of mental illness. By looking at the flaws and disparities in the provision of mental health services, especially in relation to the criminal justice system and homelessness and mental illness, social work students will be able to apply policy and practice to improve mental health care in their everyday work. A focus on the lived experiences of the mentally ill and their families, along with the experiences of social workers, adds a unique, real-world perspective.


Key Features:

  • Delivers a clear and accessible overview and critique of social work in the broader context of mental health care in the US
  • Reviews historical and current mental health policies, laws, and treatments, and assesses their impact on social services for the mentally ill
  • Investigates racial and ethnic disparities in mental health provision
  • Incorporates the experiences of people with mental illness as well as those of social workers
  • Offers recommendations for future social work development of mental health policies and services
  • Includes Instructors Manual with PowerPoint slides, chapter summaries and objectives, and discussion questions
  • Addresses CSWE core competency requirements



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Chapter 1. Social Work and the Mental Health System

Chapter 2. A Short History of Mental Health Policy and Treatment in the United States

Chapter 3. Views from the Inside: Mental Health Clients and Their Families

Chapter 4. Mental Illness Across the Life Cycle: Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Older Adults

Chapter 5. Social Work and Mental Illness: Labels and Diagnoses

Chapter 6. Social Work and Psychiatry: Psychotropic Medications and Brain Stimulation Techniques

Chapter 7. Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and the Mental Health System

Chapter 8. Social Work, Mental Illness, and the Criminal Justice System

Chapter 9. No Place to Go: Homelessness and Mental Illness

Chapter 10. Views From the Field: Challenges in Mental Health Social Work

Chapter 11. Innovations in Mental Healthcare

Chapter 12. Prevention and Future Issues in Mental Health Social Work


About the Editor:

Sylvia I. Mignon, PhD, MSW,
is professor of sociology and criminal justice at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Boston and director of the Forensic Services Graduate Certificate Program. She is the former director of the MS and BA in human services programs at UMass Boston. As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts, Professor Mignon has worked in mental health, substance abuse, and medical treatment programs. In addition to mental health, her research areas include substance abuse, family violence, child welfare, criminal justice, and the death penalty. She is the author of numerous journal articles and four previous books: Family Abuse: Consequences, Theories, and Responses, with Calvin J. Larson and William M. Holmes (Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon, 2002); Substance Use and Abuse: Exploring Alcohol and Drug Issues, with Marjorie Marcoux Faiia, Peter L. Myers, and Earl Rubington (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2009); Substance Abuse Treatment: Options, Challenges, and Effectiveness (New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, 2015); and Child Welfare in the United States: Challenges, Policy, and Practice (New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, 2017).

Target Audience:

This book is essential for students and professionals of social work and psychiatry.


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