Title Leadership and Systems Improvement for the DNP
Author Gail E. Armstrong, Sharon Sables-Baus
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Develop the necessary skills to serve as a leader in systems improvement

This unique, practical text will help DNP students develop the leadership skills needed to effectively implement and sustain meaningful change in the healthcare system. Presenting improvement methods within the framework of leadership, the book helps students to understand the practical applications of their education. Beyond orienting students to the work of the DNP, the text helps them to understand the scope of practice and how it is related to larger issues and challenges within healthcare.

A significant portion of the text is devoted to leadership, particularly from a systems perspective. Using cases and examples, it addresses different ways DNPs can lead in healthcare and elaborates on the types of improvement processes that are initiated by DNPs: translation of EBP and research into practice, process improvement, and program evaluation. The book discusses how improvement is measured and offers several chapters on the DNP project, including its financial implications. PowerPoint slides accompany the text along with an Instructor’s Guide, which provides tips on how instructors can help students assimilate the large body of knowledge required in the DNP program.


Key Features:

  • Frames content within the context of leadership
  • Prepares DNPs to serve as leaders of innovation in healthcare
  • Offers an innovative approach to understanding the DNP leader and the DNP project
  • Delivers up-to-date information about improvement work in healthcare systems specific to the needs of DNP students and graduates
  • Includes practical cases and examples
  • Distills resources that faculty and students will return to again and again




Foreword Gwen Sherwood, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF


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Part I. Improvement and Leadership on Nursing

Chapter 1. The History and Future of the DNP in Nursing (Gail E. Armstrong and Deborah Lindell)

Chapter 2. Effective Leadership (Peggy Jenkins)

Chapter 3. Leadership and Systems Thinking (Mary A. Dolansky)

Chapter 4. Quality Improvement: The Essentials (Sharon Sables-Baus and Gail E. Armstrong)

Chapter 5. Leading Process Improvement (Sarah J. Caffrey)

Chapter 6. Improvement, Evidence-Based Practice, and Research (Mary Beth Flynn Makic)

Chapter 7. Leading With Quality Metrics (Gail E. Armstrong, Jennifer Disabato, Scott Harpin, Kim Paxton, and Laura Rosenthal)

Chapter 8. Leadership and Team Science (Rebecca S. Miltner, Cori Johnson, and Kathleen E. Miltner)

Chapter 9. Leading Program Evaluation (Sharon Sables-Baus)

Chapter 10. Improvement and Big Data (John M. Welton, Sharon Sables-Baus, and Catherine Kleiner)

Chapter 11. Value-Based Payment Models in Healthcare (Barbara J. Martin)


Part II. The DNP Project

Chapter 12. The DNP Project—The Essentials (Tammy Spencer)

Chapter 13. Using an Evidence-Based Approach to Develop a DNP Project (Jennifer Disabato)

Chapter 14. Finding Evidence to Improve Processes (Rebecca S. Graves)

Chapter 15. Cost Analysis in DNP Projects (Amy J. Barton and Pamela Jones)

Chapter 16. The DNP Project Deliverables: Sustainability and Spread (Noreen Heer Nicol and Sharon Sables-Baus)

Chapter 17. Answers to Case Study Questions




About the Editors:

Gail E. Armstrong, PhD, DNP, ACNS-BC, CNE, is a professor at Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing, where she is the assistant dean of the DNP program. Dr. Armstrong holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in literature, a master’s degree in nursing (with an adult clinical nurse specialist focus), a doctor of nursing practice degree, and a PhD in nursing science.

                Dr. Armstrong was an early graduate of the Nursing Doctorate Program at the University of Colorado, which later transitioned into the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. Dr. Armstrong’s long-term nursing practice was in medical/surgical nursing before she became an advanced practice nurse. Dr. Armstrong’s recent practice was with the Institute of Healthcare Quality, Safety and Efficiency (IHQSE) in Denver. This regional institute offers a 12-month training program for interprofessional teams of clinicians. This program trains teams in the areas of systems leadership, process improvement, and patient safety. Dr. Armstrong’s teaching in IHQSE focuses on content specific to systems leadership interprofessional teams, teamwork, culture, creating a just culture, and change fatigue. Dr. Armstrong also worked on a 4-year, $11 million grant by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services to help prepare primary care and specialty care practices in Colorado for value-based payment models. This grant focused on clinical transformation and Dr. Armstrong worked with practices and practice facilitators to improve teamwork within a practice.

                Dr. Armstrong’s scholarship focuses on the integration of updated quality and safety content in nursing curricula; effective, interprofessional collaboration on healthcare teams; and preparing DNP graduates for systems leadership


Sharon Sables-Baus, PhD, MPA, RN, PCNS-BC, CPPS, FAAN, is an associate professor with the University of Colorado and has appointments at both the College of Nursing and the School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics. At the College of Nursing, Dr. Sables-Baus teaches in the DNP program. She has experience in healthcare systems leadership positions supported by an earned MPA. A fellowship in the American Academy of Nursing acknowledges her cumulative impact on the nursing profession. Dr. Sables-Baus is a certified pediatric clinical nurse specialist with a clinical background in acute care. Dr. Sables-Baus has earned an endorsement as a certified professional in patient safety (CPPS) by the Certification Board for Professionals in Patient Safety (CBPPS), recognizing professional competency in patient safety science and application. Her leadership on patient safety was recognized with an invitational book chapter on high-reliability organizations (HROs).

                Dr. Sables-Baus has vast experience leading research, program evaluations, as well as quality-improvement projects. Her research has been translated into practice across disciplines, and has received international, national, and local recognition, including funding, recognition from the National Heart Institute, and the Colorado 2012 Nightingale Luminary Award. Dr. Sables-Baus’s quality-improvement projects have been timely; the most recent improved outcomes for infants exposed to substances while in utero. She was also funded with a grant to lead a quality-improvement project examining outcomes of a safety coaching program. Dr. Sables-Baus’s aptitude to form effective interdisciplinary partnerships is the hallmark of her work as both a clinical and academic leader. She has worked to break down silos and shift paradigms using a participatory leadership process to redesign health systems to focus on safe care and patient-centered outcomes.

Target Audience:

This book helps DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) students to understand the practical applications of their education.


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