Title Developing Online Courses in Nursing Education, 4/e
Author Carol O’Neil, Cheryl Fisher, Matthew Rietschel
ISBN 9780826140395
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Publishing year 2020
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Addresses importance of new technology and changing structures of online learning

This authoritative text shows nurse educators and students how to teach in the online environment, using best practices and the latest technology. The fourth edition discusses the importance of lifelong learning and the relationship to flexible online learning environments, which are changing the dynamics of education. This valuable resource provides updated strategies for organizing and disseminating course content and examines such topics as massive open online courses (MOOCs), certificates, badges, and stackable degrees.

The fourth edition also provides the latest evidence-based research examining student–teacher interactions, course management, web-based resources, and best practices. Chapters include real-world examples and applications of these concepts.


New to the Fourth Edition:

  • Delivers four new chapters on the changing role of the nurse educator, changing faculty roles, designing flexible learning environments, and using technology to meet the needs of students
  • Addresses the interaction between nurse educators and instructional designers
  • Provides enhanced understanding of design, design strategies, and technology
  • Includes updated best practices for pedagogy, interaction, reconceptualizing course content, student assessment, course evaluation, and more
  • Underscores the importance of lifelong learning and flexible, creative learning environments


Key Features:
  • Demonstrates foundational concepts for using technology to teach online
  • Delineates pathways for using online modalities to engineer learning
  • Delivers theories and frameworks guiding the development and use of a flexible environment
  • Identifies guiding structures for maximizing learning in online environments
  • Defines the distinct role of the online educator
  • Promotes best use of technology according to the needs of the learner
  • Includes abundant examples and reflective questions
  • Supplemental instructor’s manual included





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Chapter 1. Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Online Environments (Carol A. O’Nei)

Chapter 2. The Impact of New Directions on Teaching and Learning (Carol A. O’Neil and Cheryl A. Fisher) 

Chapter 3. Reflections on Pedagogy in Online Instruction (William A. Sadera and Kathleen A. Gould)

Chapter 4. Flexible Learning Environments (Shannon Tucker and Matthew J. Rietschel) 

Chapter 5. Guiding Structures for New Learning Environments (Cheryl A. Fisher and Carol A. O’Neil)

Chapter 6. Reconceptualizing the Online Learning Environment (Carol A. O’Neil) 

Chapter 7. Practical Applications in Academic Online Learning Environments (Kathleen M. Buckley)

Chapter 8. Practical Applications in Professional Online Learning Environments (Susan L. Bindon) 

Chapter 9. Theoretical Applications of Continuing Education (William A. Sadera and Kathleen A. Gould)

Chapter 10. Technical Considerations to Support Learning Environments (Matthew J. Rietschel)

Chapter 11. Course Management Methods (Cheryl A. Fisher)

Chapter 12. Assessment and Evaluation of Online Learning (Carol A. O’Neil and Cheryl A. Fisher)

Chapter 13. The Changing Role of the Nurse Educator (Carol A. O’Neil and Cheryl A. Fisher)


About the Authors:

Carol A. O’Neil, PhD, RN, CNE, is an associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Nursing. She teaches online courses in nursing education and teaching online. Dr. O’Neil is a Web Initiative in Teaching (WIT) Fellow, an initiative supported by the University System of Maryland. In addition to three previous editions of this book, she has to her credit a journal article, a book chapter, and many national and international presentations related to teaching in online environments.

Cheryl A. Fisher, EdD, RN-BC, is the senior nurse consultant for extramural collaborations within the nursing department at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Her primary areas of research are in course development, program evaluation, and administrative areas of clinical research nursing. Prior to her current position, Dr. Fisher worked as the program director for professional development, working to enhance educational opportunities through the use of technology. She received her doctorate in instructional technology from Towson University and has a postgraduate certificate in nursing informatics from the University of Maryland and a postgraduate certificate in nursing education from George Mason University. She is responsible for outreach to the extramural National Institutes of Health sites and internationally to provide education and resources for nurses.

Matthew J. Rietschel, MS, is the assistant dean, information and learning technology, and an assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Nursing. He received his bachelor’s degree in education from Salisbury University and his master’s degree in instructional technology from Towson University, where he is currently working on his doctorate in instructional technology. He currently supervises the development and deployment of all web-based and blended courses, manages the information technology infrastructure, supports a multitude of grant projects involving technology, and teaches in the Teaching in Nursing and Health Professions Certificate program.

Target Audience:

This authoritative text shows nurse educators and students how to teach in the online environment, using best practices and the latest technology.

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