Title Empowerment Strategies for Nurses, 2/e
Subtitle Developing Resilience in Practice
Author Margaret McAllister, Donna Lee Brien
ISBN 9780826167897
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Publishing year 2020
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Praise for the First Edition:

“This is a very practical and easy to read book with many strategies to help new nurses adapt to the stressors of the workplace. It is filled with thought-provoking stories and activities that can foster confidence in tackling workplace issues as well as self-care activities to enhance wholeness and well-being….There is something in this book for everyone.” Score: 96, 4 stars.



This unique resource will help nurses overcome stressors and challenges when—and even before— they arise. Featuring seven new chapters and a multitude of new authors, the second edition reflects the latest research on resilience and well-being and applies it specifically to nursing professionals.

The book describes a diverse range of proactive and preventive approaches nurses can harness in a variety of healthcare contexts. These strategies help develop strength, flexibility, and the determination to adapt to professional challenges that may at first seem daunting. Strategies are presented to conquer self-defeating thoughts, connect with positive peers, and emulate positive leadership attributes. Chapters present first-hand accounts of “resilience in action” and extensive examples that showcase evidence-based resilience strategies, along with discussion questions, creative thinking exercises, and application activities.


New to the Second Edition:

  • Strategies for adapting to constant change
  • Managing moral and ethical distress
  • Developing effective and creative solutions for global health challenges
  • Restoring resilience, health, and well-being after adversity
  • New leadership dynamics
  • Moving out of one’s comfort zone for personal and professional growth


Key Features:

  • Includes activities that encourage readers to develop resilience capabilities as team leaders, team members, and change agents
  • Highlights psychological and social resilience strategies
  • Includes discussion questions and creative thinking exercises
  • Supplemental instructor’s manual and PowerPoints included





Foreword Kim Ryan




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Chapter 1. Resilience in Nursing (Margaret McAllister and Donna Lee Brien)


Chapter 2. Historical Models of Resilience (Teddie Potter and Donna Lee Brien)


Chapter 3. The “Wicked” Global Problems Facing Nursing (Ben Hannigan and Margaret McAllister)


Chapter 4. The Resilience Standpoint in Nursing (Margaret McAllister and Donna Lee Brien)


Chapter 5. Practicing Ethical Decision-Making (Adam Burston, Andrew Estefan, and Anthony Tuckett)


Chapter 6. Appraising and Moderating Stressful Situations (Rachael R. Sharman, Julie Hanson, and Mary Katsikitis)


Chapter 7. Building Resilience in Challenging Healthcare Situations (Kim Foster and Andrew Estefan)


Chapter 8. Developing Resilience in Individuals, Services, and Systems (Edward Aquin and Katherine Pachkowski)


Chapter 9. Activating Resilience Under Stress (Sherry S. Chesak and Susanne Cutshall)


Chapter 10. Fostering Resilience in Others (Sandra Sharp)


Chapter 11. Maintaining Your Resilience (Jane Brannan, Mary de Chesnay, Patricia L. Hart, and Margaret McAllister)


Chapter 12. Leading a Resilient Nursing Workforce (Linda Shields)


Chapter 13. Using Resilience as a Tool for Systemic Change (Margaret McAllister and Donna Lee Brien)




About the Editors:

Margaret McAllister, EdD, RN, is professor of nursing at Central Queensland University, Australia. A fellow of the Australian College of Mental Health Nursing and of the College of Nursing, Australia, she is widely published internationally in nursing. With a long background in mental health nursing, Dr. McAllister became conscious of the importance of empathy, acceptance, optimism, and compassionate action early in her career and has continued to teach and develop these concepts for nurses directly in classroom and online teaching as well as in research. Her 2009 paper on teaching and learning resilience continues to be highly cited. In 2010, Dr. McAllister was honored with an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for the development of the practical theoretical concept, Solution Focused Nursing, as an effective way of developing high-level caring skills in nurses. As well as teaching within a Master of Mental Health Nursing program, Dr. McAllister leads a vibrant research network on Narratives of Health and Wellbeing at Central Queensland University and is a strategic leader in the Arts Health Network, Queensland. She has coauthored several books: The Clinical Helper, Stories in Mental Health, and Solution-Focused Nursing. She has published over 150 refereed journal articles and her work has been cited by others more than 2,000 times. She has supervised diverse nursing research projects, including nursing history, stress and shame in nursing, narratives of practice, and innovative arts-based interventions for empathy and well-being.


Donna Lee Brien, PhD, is professor of creative industries at Central Queensland University, Australia. She is an award-winning educator in creative writing and publishing. A member of the multidisciplinary research group on Narratives of Health and Wellbeing at Central Queensland University, she has authored over 20 books and exhibition catalogues and has published over 200 journal articles and scholarly book chapters. Dr. Brien is also a highly experienced editor and is currently the coeditor of The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture. Her most recent books are Recovering History Through Fact and Fiction: Forgotten Lives (with Dallas John Baker and Nike Sulway), Offshoot: Contemporary Life Writing Methodologies and Practice (with Quinn Eades), and The Routledge Companion to Literature and Food (with Lorna Piatti-Farnell). Dr. Brien has been collaborating with Professor Margaret McAllister on interdisciplinary research projects in the Health Humanities and Arts and Health areas since 2012.

Target Audience:

Ideal for nurses who can proactive and preventive approaches to harness in a variety of healthcare contexts.

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