Title Cambridge IGCSE™ Spanish Vocabulary Workbook
Author Simon Barefoot
ISBN 9781510448094
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This resource is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Strengthen vocabulary skills with hours of ready-made activities that follow the order of the Student’s Book.

  • Ensure thorough understanding of the vocabulary for each topic before moving on.
  • Target vocabulary learning according to specific needs with activities for each level of difficulty in the Student’s Book
  • Inspire the creative use of language with varied and fun exercises such as crosswords, codewords and anagrams
  • Save valuable preparation time and expense with self-contained exercises that do not need photocopying and have full answers provided online


Chapter 1: I introduce myself

My home • My school • My eating habits • My body and my health

Chapter 2: My family and my friends, at home and abroad

Self, family, pets, personal relationships • Life at home • Leisure, entertainments, invitations • Eating out • Special occasions • Going on holiday • Family and friends abroad

Chapter 3: Where I live and what it’s like

Home town and geographical surroundings • Shopping • Public services • Natural environment • Weather • Finding the way • Travel and transport

Chapter 4: Studying and working

Spanish schools • Further education and training • Future career plans • Employment • Communication and technology at work

Chapter 5: The international perspective

International travel • Weather on holiday • Festivals and faiths • International menus • Environmental problems


Target Audience:

Students and teachers of Cambridge IGCSE and IGCSE (9–1) Spanish.


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