Title Cambridge IGCSE™ German Grammar Workbook, 2/e
Author Helen Kent
ISBN 9781510448056
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About the book


This resource is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Progress the ability to use German effectively with comprehensive advice and hours of ready-made activities, all focused on the grammar that is essential for competent, independent linguists.

  • Create an end-to-end learning resource for Cambridge IGCSETM German alongside the Student’s Book and Vocabulary Workbook.
  • Support throughout the course with clear explanations of key grammar points and a wide range of activities for classwork and homework
  • Save valuable preparation time and expense with self-contained exercises that do not need photocopying and have full answers provided online
  • Stretch and challenge students to achieve their best while ensuring the progression required for further study


Chapter A: Nouns

Nouns and gender • Singular and plural forms • Definite article • Indefinite article • Negative article • German case system • Weak nouns • Adjectives used as nouns • Masculine and feminine job titles

Chapter B: Adjectives

Adjectives before and after nouns • Adjectives after definite articles • Adjectives after indefinite articles • Demonstrative adjectives: dieser and jener; jeder and solche • Possessive adjectives • Interrogative adjectives • Adjectival endings after etwas, nichts, viel, wenig, alles • Comparative adjectives • Superlative adjectives • Quantifiers and qualifiers

Chapter C: Adverbs

Adjectives used as adverbs • Gern • Interrogative adverbs • Adverbs and adverbial phrases of time • Adverbs of place • Adverbs and adverbial phrases for degrees of certainty • Comparative and superlative adverbs

Chapter D: Pronouns

Personal pronouns • Modes of address • Reflexive pronouns • Relative pronouns • Independent possessive pronouns • Indefinite pronouns • Emphatic pronouns • Demonstrative pronouns

Chapter E: Prepositions

Single-case prepositions + accusative • Single-case prepositions + dative • Dual-case prepositions + either accusative or dative • prepositions + genitive • prepositions and article combined • Da(r)- with prepositions

Chapter F: Verb tenses

Present tense • Imperative • Perfect tense • Imperfect tense • Pluperfect tense • Future tense • Conditional

Chapter G: Verb usage

Impersonal verbs • Infinitive constructions • Seit and schon • Negative constructions • Passive voice and how to avoid it

Chapter H: Sentence construction

Main clauses • Time, manner, place • Coordinating conjunctions • Subordinating conjunctions • Forming questions

Chapter I: Numbers, dates, times and quantities

Cardinal numbers • Ordinal numbers • Dates • Telling the time • Days of the week • Quantities, weights and measures

Chapter J: Points of the compass

Target Audience:

Students and teachers of Cambridge IGCSE and IGCSE (9–1) German.


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