Title Cambridge IGCSE™ Mathematics Core and Extended Study and Revision Guide, 3/e
Author John Jeskins, Jean Matthews, Mike Handbury, Eddie Wilde
ISBN 9781510421714
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Binding Paperback
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Publishing year 2019
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About the book


Enter the exam with the confidence to achieve your maximum potential using step-by-step guidance, helping you to practise skills learned and improve exam technique.

  • Core and extended material clearly differentiated by easy-to-use colour coding.
  • Build skills constructing and writing answers with a range of practice and exam-style questions.
  • Easily identify areas for improvement with the answers in the back of the book.
  • Target your revision and focus on important concepts and skills with key objectives at the beginning of every chapter.
  • Maximise your time in the exam with tips and suggestions on how to approach questions.

This Study and Revision Guide has been updated for the revised syllabus for examination from 2020.




TOPIC 1: Number • Number and language • Accuracy • Calculations and order • Integers, fractions, decimals and percentages • Further percentages • Ratio and proportion • Indices and standard form • Money and finance • Time • Set notation and Venn diagrams

TOPIC 2: Algebra and graphs • Algebraic representation and manipulation • Algebraic indices • Equations and inequalities • Linear programming • Sequences • Proportion • Graphs in practical situations • Graphs of functions • Differentiation and the gradient function • Functions

TOPIC 3: Coordinate geometry • Straight line graphs

TOPIC 4: Geometry • Geometrical vocabulary and construction • Similarity and congruence • Symmetry • Angle properties

TOPIC 5: Mensuration • Measures • Perimeter, area and volume

TOPIC 6: Trigonometry • Bearings • Trigonometry • Further trigonometry

TOPIC 7: Vectors and transformations • Vectors • Transformations

TOPIC 8: Probability • Probability • Further probability

TOPIC 9: Statistics • Mean, median, mode and range • Collecting, displaying and interpreting data • Cumulative frequency




Target Audience:

This textbook is written for the latest Cambridge IGCSETM Mathematics syllabus.


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