Title Kuznets beyond Kuznets
Subtitle Structural Transformation and Income Inequality in the Era of Globalization in Asia
Author Saumik Paul
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Simon Kuznets’ views about the inverted-U relationship between inequality and development and the process of structural transformation have long been under the lens of researchers. Over the last 20 years, immense potential for growth in Asia has been facilitated by structural transformation. However, it remains undecided whether the contribution of structural transformation will stay as a crucial factor in determining potential productivity growth and income distribution. This book brings together novel conceptual frameworks and empirical evidence from country case studies on topics related to structural transformation, globalization, and income inequality.


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Chapter 1. Introduction (Saumik Paul)

Chapter 2. Structural Transformation, Growth, and Inequality in Asia since the 1990s (Saumik Paul)


PART I. Conceptual Frameworks

Chapter 3. Structural Transformation, Growth Incidence, and Inequality: A Framework (Saumik Paul)

Chapter 4. A Framework to Study the Role of Structural Transformation in Productivity Growth and Regional Convergence (Kyoji Fukao and Saumik Paul)

Chapter 5. Accounting for Structural Change Patterns in Small Open Economies: A Comparison of Paraguay and the Republic of Korea (Cesar Blanco)

Chapter 6. Trade Liberalization, Productivity Growth, and Structural Transformation: A Synthetic Control Approach (Cesar Blanco, Rasyad Parinduri, and Saumik Paul)


Part II. Structural Transformation, Globalization, and Inclusive Growth: Empirics

Chapter 7. Structural Change, Trade, and Inequality: Cross-country Evidence (Rudra Prosad Roy and Saikat Sinha Roy)

Chapter 8. Structural Change and Urban Inequality in the People’s Republic of China (Yuan Zhang and Guanghua Wan)

Chapter 9. Growth Empirics: Structural Transformation and Sectoral Interdependencies of Sri Lanka (S. P. Jayasooriya)

Chapter 10. Structural Transformation and the Dynamics of Income Equality in Indonesia: 1996-2014 (Teguh Dartanto, Edith Zheng Wen Yuan, and Yusuf Sofiyandi)

Chapter 11. Structural Transformation, Growth, and Inequality: Evidence from Viet Nam (Vengadeshvaran Sarma and Saumik Paul)

About the Editor:

Saumik Paul is a research economist at the Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo, Japan.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in globalization, income equality and economic development.


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