Title Critical Theory, Democracy, and the Challenge of Neoliberalism
Author Brian Caterino, Phillip Hansen
ISBN 9781487505462
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“Timely, well-written, and interesting, Critical Theory, Democracy, and the Challenge of Neoliberalism provides insightful critiques of modern capitalism, culture, and scholarship. This is an important work for those familiar with the Frankfurt school and looking to situate it within the context of present politics.”

Patrick McGovern, Political Science Department, SUNY-Buffalo State


With a few exceptions, critical theorists have been late to provide a comprehensive diagnosis of neoliberalism comparable in scope to their extensive analyses of advanced welfare state capitalism. Instead, the main lines of critical theory have focused on questions of international justice which, while no doubt significant, restrict the scope of critical theory by deemphasizing linkages to larger political and economic conditions.

Providing a critique of the Frankfurt School, Brian Caterino and Phillip Hansen move beyond its foundations, and call for a rethinking of the bases of critical theory as a practical, freedom-creating project. Outlining a resurgence of neoliberalism, the authors encourage a fresh, nuanced analysis that elucidates its political and economic structures and demonstrates the threats to freedom and democracy that neoliberalism poses; the reformulation of a radical democratic alternative to neoliberalism, one that critically addresses its limitations while promoting an enhancement of communicative and social freedom.




Chapter 1. Macpherson, Habermas, and the Demands of Democratic Theory

Chapter 2. Reason, Truth, and Power: The Challenges of Contemporary Critical Theory

Chapter 3. Critical Theory and Neoliberalism

Chapter 4. Towards a Critical Theory of Democracy: Deliberation, Self-interest, and Solidarity

Chapter 5. Towards a Critical Theory of Democracy: The Frankfurt School and Democratic Theory

Chapter 6. Towards a Critical Theory of Democracy: Participatory Democracy and Social Freedom

Conclusion: Critical Theory and Radical Reform



About the Authors:

Brian Caterino is an independent scholar living in Rochester, NY.

Phillip Hansen is professor emeritus in the Department of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Regina. He is the author of Reconsidering C.B. Macpherson: From Possessive Individualism to Democratic Theory and Beyond (UTP).

Target Audience:

People interested in philosophy, political science, sociology and economics.


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