Title Imagining Religious Toleration
Subtitle A Literary History of an Idea, 1600–1830
Author Alison Conway, David Alvarez
ISBN 9781487501792
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Publishing year 2019
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“With scholarly voices working across several literary historical periods, Imagining Religious Toleration helps readers rethink stories of toleration. If societies are not becoming more secular as they become more modern, then we need to think again about toleration and religious pluralism, and the essays in Imagining Religious Toleration do just that, providing readers a set of insightful, initial investigations into what we might learn from older, imaginative writing about toleration today and about the role literature might play in sustaining such toleration.”

Kevin Seidel, Department of English, Eastern Mennonite University


Imagining Religious Toleration is a stimulating and provocative project, one which charts a series of writers and their perceptions of toleration. Its intellectual net has been widely cast so that it will undoubtedly attract all types of readers.”

Andrew Hadfield, Department of English, University of Sussex


Formerly a site of study reserved for intellectual historians and political philosophers, scholarship on religious toleration, from the perspective of literary scholars, is fairly limited. Largely ignored and understudied techniques employed by writers to influence cultural understandings of tolerance are rich for exploration. In investigating texts ranging from early modern to Romantic, Alison Conway, David Alvarez, and their contributors shed light on what literature can say about toleration, and how it can produce and manage feelings of tolerance and intolerance.

Beginning with an overview of the historical debates surrounding the terms “toleration” and “tolerance,” this book moves on to discuss the specific contributions that literature and literary modes have made to cultural history, studying the literary techniques that philosophers, theologians, and political theorists used to frame the questions central to the idea and practice of religious toleration. Tracing the rhetoric employed by a wide range of authors, the contributors delve into topics such as conversion as an instrument of power in Shakespeare; the relationship between religious toleration and the rise of Enlightenment satire; and the ways in which writing can act as a call for tolerance.



Introduction: Imagining Religious Toleration (Alison Conway)

Chapter 1. Shylock, Conversion, Toleration (Paul Yachnin)

Chapter 2. New World Behn: Toleration, Geography, and the Question of Humanity (Sharon Achinstein)

Chapter 3. Blind or Blindfolded? Disability, Religious Difference, and Milton’s Samson Agonistes
(Andrew Mckendry)

Chapter 4. Imagining Worlds and Figuring Toleration: Freedom, Diversity, and Violence in A Description of a New World, Called The Blazing-World (Corrinne Harol)

Chapter 5. How to Handle the Intolerant: The Education of Pierre Bayle (Elena Russo)

Chapter 6. The Difference Enlightenment Satire Makes to Religion: Hudibras to Hebdo (David Alvarez)

Chapter 7. Daniel Defoe and the Geopolitics of Islamic Toleration (Humberto Garcia)

Chapter 8. The Toleration of Enthusiasts (Joanna Picciotto)

Chapter 9. Joseph Priestley’s Romantic Progressivism (Mark Canuel)

Chapter 10. Translating Love in Prometheus Unbound (Colin Jager)



About the Editors:

Alison Conway is Professor of English and Cultural Studies, and of Gender and Women’s Studies, at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan.

David Alvarez is Associate Professor and Chair of English at DePauw University.

Target Audience:

People interested in history, philosophy, literature and religious studies.


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