Title Language A Concept-Based Learning for the IB Diploma
Subtitle Teaching for Success
Author Kathleen Clare Waller
ISBN 9781510463233
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No of pages 216
Book size 210 X 298 mm
Publishing year 2019
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About the book


Confidently teach the two new Language A courses with a variety of teaching resources to help you plan engaging syllabi, timelines and lessons that are aligned to the concept-based learning approach.

  • Confidently navigate the new syllabi with a clear overview of concept-based learning and inquiry and how these can be aligned to the assessment objectives and learning outcomes
  • Effectively plan your teaching with a variety of templates, timelines and suggested texts for each area of exploration
  • Develop a concept-based learning course with specific advice and lessons that help students understand the texts and topics more deeply
  • Encourage students to engage with texts and write convincingly and passionately through active reading, making notes, asking questions and developing a personal response to the text (helping the student find their voice)
  • Help guide students through the assessment process – including developing topics, methods of structuring the work and attitudes toward exams – for each assessment: the Learner Portfolio, the Individual Oral, the HL Essay, Paper 1 and Paper 2


Chapter 1: Concept-based learning (CBL) in language A

Chapter 2: Organizing your language A Diploma course

Chapter 3: Developing a concept-based learning course

Chapter 4: Using critical theory

Chapter 5: Developing student writing and speaking

Chapter 6: Approaching assessments

Chapter 7: Beyond the classroom

Appendices • Abbreviations • Bibliography



About the Author:

Dr Kathleen Clare Waller is the English Department Leader at Vienna International School. Kathleen has worked at schools in Boston, Paris, Milan and Hong Kong. She is an IB DP examiner, has written exams for the MYP e-assessment and delivers a variety of workshops.

Target Audience:

For IB Diploma students and teachers.


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