Title Services for Trade Competitiveness (International Development in Focus)
Subtitle Country and Regional Assessments of Services Trade
Author Claire H. Hollweg, Sebastián Sáez
ISBN 9781464814068
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“This valuable volume brings together a set of country and regional studies assessing how services-related policies affect competitiveness of firms and industries in developing and transition economies. The focus is on countries that are under-researched; the analysis is based on publicly available toolkits and datasets that have been developed by the World Bank. Hopefully, this compilation will motivate others to apply and extend the approaches used in this book to additional countries and expand our knowledge of the role that trade in services can play in economic development.”

—Bernard Hoekman, Professor and Director, Global Economics at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence, Italy


“Services trade has a direct impact on countries’ opportunities to participate in the global economy and on their development aspirations. This book examines how public policies impact the performance of services in developing countries and how governments, in partnership with private sector, can increase their role in competitiveness and trade diversification. This book is a valuable contribution to policy makers, academics, and development experts interested in understanding how their countries can seize these new opportunities and enhance services contribution to development.”

—Ann E. Harrison, Dean, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley


“Services are an increasingly important feature of the economic landscape for countries at all levels of development. Their role in the global economy has also evolved substantially in recent decades, as the emergence of cross-border supply chains rests on logistics, transport, communications, finance, and technical services. While the importance of services for productivity and the organization of production in high-income countries is well studied, there is a clear need to better understand their role in helping low- and middle-income countries shift to higher value-added niches in global supply chains. This book, which brings together recent research on services and development, confronts these questions directly. It offers valuable insight into the dependence of competitiveness on the strength of the service sector, providing a needed overview across developing countries and regions.”

—Joseph Francois, Professor of International Economics, University of Bern, and Managing Director, World Trade Institute


Recognizing that services affect the ability of countries and their firms to compete on international markets, the World Bank’s Trade and Regional Integration Unit has developed an extensive work program to promote the performance of countries’ domestic services sectors, including services trade. Services for Trade Competitiveness presents selected applications of new methodologies that were developed to assess the competitiveness of countries’ services sectors, discern the types of barriers to services that exist in the regulatory environment, and identify the resulting policy implications. Its assessments are designed for a wide audience, including policy makers in developing countries and development practitioners in international organizations, policy-making institutions, and academia. The purpose of this book is to help policy makers in developing countries make informed policy choices to increase their chances of benefiting from the increasing prominence of services in international trade.




About the Editors


Executive Summary


Overview • Importance of services for trade • Importance of services for diversification • Importance of services for regional integration • Importance of services linkages for trade performance • Importance of services for productivity • Importance of foreign services providers • Importance of services policies • Importance of governance and institutions • Importance of human capital and other enablers • Conclusion • References


Part 1: East Asia And Pacific

Chapter 1: Linkages between Services and Manufacturing: An Empirical Analysis of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Claire H. Hollweg, Laura Gomez-Mera, and Gonzalo Varela) • Services-manufacturing linkages • Economywide effects of services performance • Subjective and objective measures of the performance of the services sector • Effects of services on firm performance • Policy implications • Notes • References

Chapter 2: The Services Trade Policy and Regulatory Framework in Myanmar (Martín Molinuevo, Sjamsu Rahardja, and Sebastián Sáez) • The policy and regulatory framework for services trade and investment • Policy-making framework and institutions • Horizontal policies on services trade and investment • Subsectoral policies and practices • Conclusion • Notes • References


Part 2: Europe And Central Asia

Chapter 3: The Contribution of Services to Competitiveness in the Russian Federation (Birgit Hansl, Sebastián Sáez, and Erik van der Marel) • Services in the domestic economy • Valuing trade in services • Services and regional development • Trade diagnostics for the Russian Federation • Policy recommendations • Notes • References


Part 3: Latin America And The Caribbean

Chapter 4: Performance and Productivity of Services Trade in Peru: A Competitiveness Analysis (Sebastián Sáez and Erik van der Marel) • Peru’s trade in services • Productivity and trade in services • Contribution of services to economic performance • Effect of regulation, the rule of law, human capital, and use of information and communications technology on exports of services • Conclusion • Notes • References


Part 4: Middle East And North Africa

Chapter 5: Economic Complementarities in Services in the Mashreq and Turkey (Claire H. Hollweg and Daria Taglioni) • The role of services in the domestic economy • Services trade with the world • Bilateral services exports • Indicators of services exports • Value added of services • Conclusion • Notes • References


Part 5: South Asia

Chapter 6: Diversifying Nepal’s Economy by Creating a Dynamic Services Sector (Claire H. Hollweg) • Assessing the potential of services exports • Linkages between services and manufacturing • The regulatory environment for services • Challenges in specific services subsectors • Policy implications • Notes • References

Chapter 7: Services Trade Performance in Pakistan (Erik van der Marel and Sebastián Sáez) • Value added of services in the domestic economy • Valuing services in trade • Determinants of services trade • Policy recommendations • References


Part 6: Sub-Saharan Africa

Chapter 8: Valuing Services Trade within Africa (Barak Hoffman, Miles McKenna, and Sebastián Sáez) • Services go global • Assessing the value added of services in trade • Exports of services from Africa • Conclusion • Notes • References

Chapter 9: Integration of Services and Manufacturing in Ethiopia (Claire H. Hollweg, Esteban Rojas, and Gonzalo Varela) • Contribution of services to changes in GDP, employment, and poverty reduction • Services exports • Linkages between services and manufacturing • Services inputs and the productivity of manufacturing • Concluding remarks • Notes • References

Chapter 10: The Regulatory Environment for Trade in Services in Liberia (Claire H. Hollweg, Martín Molinuevo, and Sebastián Sáez) • Performance of services trade: Constraints and determinants • Horizontal measures affecting services • Governance and institutional setting • Sectoral services policies and governance • Conclusion and recommendations • Notes • References

Appendix A: Definitions and Methodology

Appendix B: Sectoral Classification of Services Trade

About the Editors:

Claire H. Hollweg is a senior economist with the Macroeconomics, Trade, and Investment Global Practice of the World Bank. Before studying economics, she worked as a journalist. She has worked with the government of South Australia and the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council in Singapore. Her research interests include development economics, with a focus on the nexus between trade, labor markets, servicification of manufacturing, and upgrading in global value chains. She holds a PhD and an MA in economics from the University of Adelaide.

Sebastian Saez is a Lead Economist and Coordinator of The Trade and Competitiveness World Bank Program in India. Mr. Saez joined the World Bank Group in January, 2009. Before joining the WBG, he served as advisor to the Minister of Finance of Chile, and was involved in the GATT´s Uruguay Round negotiations. Subsequently, between 1994 and 1997 he was a member of the Chilean Mission to the World Trade Organization (WTO) where he served as Deputy Permanent Representative.  In 1998, as an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile he was Head of the Department FTAA - North America, where he was responsible for the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas negotiations. From August 2001 and July 2003 he was Head of the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economy of Chile. In this capacity, he participated in trade negotiations with European Union, Korea and the United States. In 2005, he joined the International Trade and Integration Division at UN-ECLAC. Since 2009 at the World Bank Group his work was focused on Trade in Services, regulatory matters and competitiveness. He is the co-author of Regulatory Assessment Toolkit: A Practical Methodology to Assess Services Trade and Investment Regulations, 2014 and Valuing Services in Trade: A Competitiveness Diagnostic Toolkit, 2014.

Target Audience:

This book will be useful to people interested in services trade, exports and trade policy.

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