Title Belt and Road Economics
Subtitle Opportunities and Risks of Transport Corridors
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The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an effort to improve regional cooperation and connectivity on a trans-continental scale. The initiative aims to strengthen infrastructure, trade, and investment links between China and some 70 other countries that account collectively for over 30 percent of global GDP, 62 percent of population, and 75 percent of known energy reserves. The BRI consists primarily of the Silk Road Economic Belt, linking China to Central and South Asia and onward to Europe, and the New Maritime Silk Road, linking China to the nations of South East Asia, the Gulf Countries, North Africa, and on to Europe. Regional cooperation on the new and improved transport infrastructure and policy reforms could reduce trade costs and improve connectivity, leading to higher cross-border trade and investment and improved growth in the region. This study analyzes the economics of the Belt and Road Initiative with a particular focus on connectivity. It covers three main areas of analysis. First, it assesses the connectivity (e.g. transport, trade, investment) gaps in the BRI region. Second, it examines the economic effects of the proposed BRI infrastructure improvements, including the impact on international trade, cross-border investment, allocation of economic activity, and inclusive growth in the BRI countries. Third, it identifies complementary policy reforms and institutions that will support welfare maximization and mitigation of risks for all BRI economies.


Overview: Opportunities and risks of Belt and Road transport corridors

Chapter 1. Connectivity, trade, and debt in the Belt and Road corridor economies • Current trade and foreign direct investment landscape • Trade in goods • Foreign direct investment • Participation in global value chains • Missing trade and FDI • Infrastructure and policy gaps • Transport and digital connectivity • Policies and institutions • The BRI’s cost and financing • What is the cost of BRI? • BRI financing

Chapter 2. Economic effects of BRI transport infrastructure • How much will BRI transport infrastructure projects reduce trade costs? • Quantifying the BRI’s impact on shipment times and trade costs • Considering a subset of BRI projects • Impact on trade and foreign investment • Trade • Foreign investment • Impact on income, welfare, and poverty • Trade effects on aggregate income and welfare • Effects through foreign investment • Spatially differentiated effects of the BRI

Chapter 3. Complementary policies and institutions • Promoting integration • Trade and real income impact of lowering border delays • Spatial impact of lowering border delays • Tariffs and trade agreements • Policies and institutions to promote corridor development • Project development • Institutional arrangements • Promoting private sector participation • Strengthening legal protection of investments • Supporting private sector development • Promoting inclusiveness • Labor displacement and policies to speed adjustment • Territorial inequality and labor mobility • Other territorial policies

Chapter 4. Managing the risks • Managing fiscal risks • Fiscal risks • Policies and institutions to manage the risks • Managing governance risks • Public procurement • Corruption • Managing environmental and social risks • Direct and indirect environmental risks • Social risks associated with transport sector operations

Chapter 5. Shaping the Belt and Road Initiative: Policies and institutions • Policy matrix of BRI reform actions • Belt And Road Economics


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This book will be useful to people interested in transport, trade logistics, roads, railways and infrastructure economics.

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