Title No Manual? No Problem!
Subtitle Strategies & Interventions to Help Your Child Thrive in Today’s World
Author Monica Reinhard-Gorney, Perk Musacchio
ISBN 9781516534180
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Publishing year 2019
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No Manual, No Problem is a one-stop shop to help children and their parents thrive in our supercharged, hyperactive, faster-than-the-speed-of-light world. Spanning a range of topics from the developing brain to parenting styles to how to best read a book with your kid, Monica Reinhard-Gorney and
Perk Musacchio help us manage the torrent of information on child rearing and provide a clear path to parenting that offers sound advice nurtured through years of experience.”

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D., Stanley and Debra Lefkowitz Faculty Fellow, Department of Psychology, Temple University, Author of Einstein Never Used Flash Cards and Becoming Brilliant


“Monica and Perk have done a wonderful job of touching on a vast number of topics that impact children, their health and their ability to learn. I am impressed that they covered topics as diverse as methylation, nutrigenomics, and the need for zinc and other nutrients to the power of positive affirmations. I think this book will be a comprehensive guide to parents on a wide range of topics to help support healthier children, both in mind as well as body!”

Dr. Amy Yasko, Ph.D., NHD, AMD, HHP, FAAIM, Author of AUTISM: Pathways to Recovery, Feel Good Nutrigenomics: Your Roadmap to Health, and Feel Good Nucleotides.


“Parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. But unlike professional educators, parents, as a rule, receive little training. Most of us rely on what our parents did for us and what our friends with children our children’s ages think and do. Most of the time, for most of us, things seem to work out. But some of us most of the time and all of us some of the time, are not sure what to do or to whom to turn when we need advice. In No Manual? No Problem! two experienced educator/parents -- Monica Reinhard-Gorney and Perk Musacchio—help bridge the gap between parent and educator with some strategies for helping our children thrive in today’s challenging world. They identify a number of “culprits” which may be inhibiting our children’s success and present a number of options we may consider for arresting those culprits.

No Manual? No Problem! is written in straightforward language without reliance on the esoteric language of educators. It’s written by parents for parents in language parents will find “no problem.” The book offers no guarantees. But it does offer some hope in the form of new approaches to old problems and some resources for those who may need them. In reading this book I was encouraged to think about old things in new ways and to consider things I’d never considered before. Now that’s a book worth reading.”

Joseph E. Haviland, Professor at Temple University


No Manual? No Problem! is a ‘must read’ manual which identifies current trends and profiles multiple barriers to optimizing child development and learning, and is for anyone who has or works with children e.g. parents, teachers, school admin, clinicians, counsellors, psychologists and physicians.”

Cris Rowan, BScOT, BScBi, SIPT, CEO Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Inc. and Zone’in Programs Inc., Author of Virtual Child: The terrifying truth about what technology is doing to children


“The school setting has changed drastically and we see many children being treated for social, emotional, physical, and mental issues. No Manual? No Problem! Strategies and Interventions to Help Your Child Thrive in Today’s World by Monica Reinhard-Gorney and Perk Musacchio is an insightful tool for all parents in handling the challenges their kids face today. The book sheds light on child development at all stages and also has tips to improve symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and other learning disabilities. The strategies and techniques in this book will help parents to play an active role in their child’s development at all phases of their life so that they can reach their full potential. It is also helpful when it comes to developing a parenting style that works best for each parent and their child.

The authors use their experience and handle a relevant topic with expertise, along with personal stories and examples that make it easy for parents to understand cumulative problems. The information is useful to all those parents who want to make changes in the lives of their children, especially children who are facing physical, emotional, or learning challenges. The book also introduces readers to therapies and involved interventions that can be implemented with the help of professionals to tackle the symptoms associated with behavior and learning disabilities. It is a good book that will help parents, tutors, educators, therapists, and counselors deal better with children who are facing physical, emotional, or learning challenges.”

Mamta Madhavan, Book Reviewer for Readers’ Favorite


No Manual? No Problem! Strategies and Interventions to Help Your Child Thrive in Today’s World is an essential book for parents who are looking for proven solutions for the many challenges that kids face today.

With over 60 years of combined experience in education, teaching and parenting, Monica Reinhard-Gorney and Perk Musacchio offer a comprehensive resource for parents that explains how children develop at all stages and provides progressive research on child and brain development.

The authors identify common “culprits,” such as poor diet, too much screen time and lack of play, which can inhibit healthy social, behavioral and physical growth and development. To combat these culprits, they reveal over 100 safe, drug-free interventions and strategies backed by science to encourage the body and brain to perform optimally, and even show the potential to improve symptoms of ADD/ADHD, fine and gross motor deficits, and other learning disabilities. Shared alongside this information are personal accounts of successful implementation of the various strategies and interventions.

In addition, the book brings to light why some parenting styles are effective while others fall short, helping you to cultivate and nurture a parenting style that works best for you and your child.

No Manual? No Problem! empowers you to take an active role in your child’s development at all stages so that your child can reach his or her full potential.




Section I: The Foundation

Chapter 1. Alarming Statistics

Chapter 2. How the Brain Works

Chapter 3. Milestones from Infancy through Late Adolescence

Section II: The Culprits

Chapter 4. Food and Nutrition: What You Need to Know

Chapter 5. What Happened to Play?

Chapter 6. The Hidden Dangers of Screen Time

Chapter 7. Achieving Balance in a Busy World

Section III: The Options

Chapter 8. Parenting Styles

Chapter 9. Strategies That Build a Strong Foundation

Chapter 10. Interventions and Therapies for When You Need More


Appendix: Further Resources



About The Authors

About the Authors:

Monica Reinhard-Gorney, M.S.Ed. is a wife, mother of two girls, and a proprietor of a private educational counseling practice. Her counseling encompasses helping local students, as well as those around the globe, prepare for undergraduate and graduate school visits, interviews, and the overall higher education application process. Monica also helps to connect students and parents with educational resources and interventions to increase school success in grades K-12. She has worked in top private and public schools and holds a master’s degree in school counseling from the University of Pennsylvania.

Perk Musacchio, M.Ed. is a wife, a mother of three, grandmother of four, and the owner of Skills2Soar, LLC, an educational consulting company. She has over 40 years of experience working with students of varying cognitive abilities, emotional needs, learning styles and disabilities, mastery of the English language, and levels of autism. Working with diverse populations has provided Perk with extensive experience in the areas of curriculum and program development, instructional techniques, behavior management strategies, crisis prevention and intervention, leadership, and professional development and consultation. She earned her master’s degree in education from Temple University.

Target Audience:

The book is for anyone who has or works with children e.g. parents, teachers, school admin, clinicians, counsellors, psychologists and physicians.


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