Title From Complex to Simple
Subtitle Interdisciplinary Stochastic Models
Author Dan A. Mazilu, Irina Mazilu, H. Thomas Williams
ISBN 9781643271170
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This book presents simple interdisciplinary stochastic models meant as a gentle introduction to the field of non-equilibrium statistical physics. It focuses on the analysis of two-state models with cooperative effects, which are versatile enough to be applied to many physical and social systems. The book also explores a variety of mathematical techniques to solve the master equations that govern these models: matrix theory, empty-interval methods, mean field theory, a quantum approach, and mapping onto classical Ising models. The models discussed are at the confluence of nanophysics, biology, mathematics, and the social sciences and provide a pedagogical path toward understanding the complex dynamics of particle self-assembly with the tools of statistical physics.




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Chapter 1. From complex to simple: lattice models, agents, rules • References

Chapter 2. Stochastic cellular highways, random walks and the master equation • References

Chapter 3. Nanoparticle self assembly on Cayley trees: a simple model of drug encapsulation in nanomedicine • References

Chapter 4. Nanoscience: a simple model for ionic self assembly of nanoparticles • References

Chapter 5. Cooperative sequential adsorption models and the Ising model • References

Chapter 6. Two dimensional growth models • References

Chapter 7. A quantum mechanical approach to a stochastic epidemic type model • References

Chapter 8. Exact solutions for general two state stochastic models using matrix theory • References

Chapter 9. Multi temperature kinetic Ising models and special matrices • References

Chapter 10. Conclusions

About the Authors:

Dan A. Mazilu earned his B.S. in physics Al. I. Cuza University in Romania and his Ph.D. in physics from Virginia Tech. After several years as a visiting professor at Virginia Tech, he joined Washington and Lee University in 2008, where he is currently an associate professor of physics. Dan’s research interests include theoretical and experimental studies of self-assembled nanoparticle monolayers and their applications to the fabrication of optical coatings, as well as interdisciplinary projects in the field of complex systems.

Irina Mazilu graduated in 1996 from Al. I. Cuza University in Romania, with a B. S. in theoretical physics. She earned her Ph. D. in physics in 2002 from Virginia Tech. Dr. Mazilu is a professor of physics at Washington and Lee University, which she joined in 2004. She is interested in interdisciplinary projects that use statistical physics methods and computer simulation techniques. Current projects include nanoparticle self-assembly and applications of statistical physics to social sciences.

H. Thomas Williams earned his B.S. and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Virginia. He spent time at the National Bureau of Standards, the Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany, and Kaman Sciences. Following this, he spent the majority of his career at Washington and Lee University. Currently, his primary research interests are quantum information theory and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for researchers interested in using statistical physics methods. Undergraduate and graduate students will find this book useful as a gentle introduction to some models and techniques used in non-equilibrium statistical physics.


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