Title Duty and Choice
Subtitle The Evolution of the Study of Voting and Voters
Author Peter John Loewen, Daniel Rubenson
ISBN 9781442626645
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“Why do citizens turn out to vote, and what difference does it make if they do? How do electoral institutions shape what voters do and what they make of what they have done? A stellar group of scholars weighs in on these critical questions.”

Richard Johnston, Canada Research Chair in Public Opinion, Elections, and Representation, Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia


Duty and Choice is a collection of the highest quality and will be eagerly received by the field. The contributions breathe new life into the role of altruism and instrumentality in political participation, particularly the turnout decision.”

Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, Department of Political Studies, Queen’s University


“This volume contains thoughtful contributions from many of the most distinguished scholars working in the fields of voter turnout, vote choice, and electoral systems. It is a pleasure to follow their thinking as they assess what we know and what we need to do next.”

Christopher H. Achen, Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences, Center for the Study of Democratic Politics, Princeton University


Devoted to exploring elections as the central act in a democracy, Duty and Choice: The Evolution of the Study of Voting and Voters is animated by a set of three overarching questions: Why do some citizens vote while others do not? How do voters decide to cast their ballots for one candidate and not another? How does the context in which citizens live influence the choices they make? Organized into three sections focused on turnout, vote choice, and electoral systems, the volume seeks to provide novel insights into the most pressing questions for scholars of vote choice and voting behaviour. In addition to featuring several prominent Canadian scholars, the collection includes chapters by leading scholars from the United States and Europe.


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Chapter 1: Duty and Choice: The Evolution of the Study of Voting and Voters (Peter John Loewen,
Daniel Rubenson, and Maxime Héroux-Legault)

Part I: Voter Turnout

Chapter 2: Altruism, Participation, and Political Context (Cindy D. Kam, Skyler J. Cranmer, and James H. Fowler)

Chapter 3: Behavioural Anomalies Explain Variation in Voter Turnout (Christopher Dawes, Peter John Loewen, and Gabriel Arsenault)

Chapter 4: Civic Duty and Social Pressure as Causes of Voter Turnout (Donald P. Green)

Chapter 5: The Preferences of Voters and Non-Voters in Canada (1988-2008) (Jean-Francois Godbout and Mathieu Turgeon)

Part II: Vote Choice

Chapter 6: The Economy and Federal Election Outcomes in Canada: Taking Provincial Economic Conditions into Account (Richard Nadeau, Éric Bélanger, and Bruno Jérôme)

Chapter 7: Who Responds to Election Campaigns? The Two-Moderator Model Revisited (Patrick Fournier, Fred Cutler, and Stuart Soroka)

Chapter 8: Bureaucrats, Policy Attitudes, and Political Behaviour: A Reappraisal (James C. Garand And Ping Xu)

Part III: Electoral Systems

Chapter 9: How Electoral Systems Shape What Voters Think about Democracy (Christopher J. Anderson)

Chapter 10: Party Strategies, Institutions, and Electoral System Effects (Romain Lachat)

Chapter 11: When Do Voters Act Strategically? Institutional and Individual Variation in the Incidence of Strategic Voting in Democracies (John Aldrich and Laura B. Stephenson)

Chapter 12: The Future of Election Studies and the Study of Elections (Peter John Loewen, Daniel Rubenson, and André Blais)



About the Editors:

Peter John Loewen is a professor in the Department of Political Science and the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto.

Daniel Rubenson is an associate professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University.

Target Audience:

People interested in political science and electoral politics.


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