Title Educationalization and Its Complexities
Subtitle Religion, Politics, and Technology
Author Rosa Bruno-Jofré
ISBN 9781487505349
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Educationalization and Its Complexities is a wonderful example of the pairing of academic rigour and artistic construction. The book makes a well-grounded and sophisticated contribution to not only the potential interpretative power of the concept of educationalization, but also to the consideration of its potential socio-political limitations.”

Gonzalo Jover, Dean, Faculty of Education, Universidad Complutense de Madrid


“This book is an outstanding exposition on the ways in which responsibility for social problems that originate in other social spheres are assigned to formal schooling. It should be read with profit by those who are actors on today’s political and educational stage and by those who, as historians of education, wish to gain insights on how their work may contribute to contemporary debates.”

Tom O’Donoghue, Graduate School of Education, The University of Western Australia


“Educationalization is often used as a critical concept, denoting the tendencies of modern societies to assign responsibilities to public schools that are not being adequately addressed by other institutions. However, the same concept can be read in a more positive way, denoting the growing recognition that many vexed social problems have an unavoidably educational dimension. This impressive collection of authors largely takes the latter view and the result is a conversation about the meaning and purpose of education from both historical and contemporary perspectives, ranging from Capuchin missionaries in Chile in the nineteenth century to the impact of modern digital technologies.”

Nicholas C. Burbules, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


This edited collection brings together scholars from Canadian and international institutions to discuss educationalization, a trend in modern societies that involves transferring social responsibilities onto the school system.

This book brings a new dimension to the literature on educationalization by examining the concept in relation to Catholicism, Indigenous issues, the right to education, and historical studies grounded in both Canada and Chile. In these contributions, the book represents an attempt to both deepen the current discussion on the construction and use of educationalization as a concept as well as invite further exploration of this subject in relation to the increasing digitalization of life in the twenty-first century.


Artist’s Statement

Introduction: Problematizing “Educationalization” (Rosa Bruno-Jofré)


Part I: Contesting Views of Processes of Educationalization at the Intersection with Christianity

Chapter 1. The Dignity of Protestant Souls: Protestant Trajectories in the Educationalization of the World (Daniel Tröhler)

Chapter 2. Multiple Early Modernities and “Educationalization”: Reframing the Confessional Debate on Education, Politics, and Religion in Early Modern Europe (Carlos Martínez Valle)

Chapter 3. Catholicism and Educationalization (Rosa Bruno-Jofré)

Chapter 4. Antigonish, or an “Education That Is Not Educationalization” (Josh Cole)


Part II: Catholicism, Spirituality, and Educationalization

Chapter 5. Educationalization of the Modern World: The Case of the Loretto Sisters in British North America (Elizabeth M. Smyth)

Chapter 6. New Educational Approaches of Women Religious in the Global South, 1968-1980 (Heidi MacDonald)

Chapter 7. The Educationalization Process and the Roman Catholic Church in North America during the Long Nineteenth Century (Joseph Stafford)

Chapter 8. Educationalization in the Spanish Second Republic and the Expulsion of the Jesuits from Spain (Jon Igelmo Zaldívar)

Chapter 9. Waldorf Education and the Educationalization of Spirituality in the Plural Context in Late Twentieth-Century Spain (Patricia Quiroga Uceda)


Part III: Educationalization and the Right to Education/Schooling

Chapter 10. Educationalization, Schooling, and the Right to Education (Felicitas Acosta)


Part IV: Educationalization and Democratic Spaces in the Digital Era

Chapter 11. Educationalization as Technologization (William F. Pinar)

Chapter 12. Countering Patterns of Educationalization: Creating Digital Tools for Critical Evidence-Based Thinking (Ana Jofre)


Part V: Educationalization as a Tool of Colonization and Its Counter-Dimension in Indigenous Educational Agendas: Limits and Possibilities

Chapter 13. Educationalization in Canada: The Use of Native Teacher Education as a Tool of Decoloniality (Bonita Uzoruo)

Chapter 14. Indigeneity and Educationalization (Chris Beeman)

Chapter 15. Capuchin Missions in Mapuche Territory: The Education of an Original People in Chile from 1880 to 1930 (Sol Serrano and Macarena Ponce de León)

Concluding Analysis: Turning the Problem on Its Head – Looking to New Critical Directions (Josh Cole and Ian McKay)

List of Contributors


About the Editor:

Rosa Bruno-Jofré is professor and former dean (2000-2010) of the Faculty of Education, cross-appointed to the Department of History, Faculty of Arts and Science, at Queen’s University.

Target Audience:

People interested in social aspects of education, sociology, religious studies and philosophy.



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