Title Personal and Professional Skills for the IB CP
Subtitle Skills for Success
Author Paul Gallagher
ISBN 9781510446601
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No of pages 128
Book size 210 X 298 mm
Publishing year 2018
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“This is an uplifting text. It is a text that made me want to read more and run back into a school and teach. The possibilities are endless. Paul has hit upon a style, content and pacing that will engage teachers and students alike. The language is accessible and avoids the pretentious cliches we see so often these days. Activities are lively, engaging and demand inquiry, curiosity and creativity. The lives of students will be forever different after experiencing this text, the lessons learned will stand them in good stead wherever they go after school. The themes are relevant, well-explained, often humorous, and reinforced with varied activities. Will students develop all of the attributes of the IB learner profile through engaging with this text? Maybe, maybe not. But they will certainly be able to dissect the profile and explore its relevance to their lives.”

—Submitted by Malcolm Nicolson - Director of Erimus Education; former Head of MYP Development and Head of DP Development at the IB


Support development of personal and professional skills and their relationship to the reflective project, with emphasis on critical skills development for the workplace and ongoing career development.

  • Break down and evaluate the five main areas of Personal Development, Intercultural Understanding, Effective Communication, Thinking Processes and Applied Ethics, in both business and personal contexts.
  • Ensure understanding of how the five main areas and the personal and professional skills link to the reflective project.
  • Engage students with action-based chapters with activities divided into three categories: thinking, doing and reflecting.
  • Develop attitudes, skills and strategies to be applied to personal and professional situations and contexts, now and in the future.
  • Support visual learners with an infographic at the start of each chapter relating to the themes of the chapter.
  • Feel supported with detailed introductory advice on how to approach the Personal and Professional Skills course.



Chapter 1: Personal Development

Chapter 2: Intercultural Understanding

Chapter 3: Effective Communication

Chapter 4: Thinking Processes

Chapter 5: Applied Ethics

Chapter 6: Reflective Project


Target Audience:

For IB Career-related Programme students.


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