Title Supply Chain Disruption
Subtitle Aligning Business Strategy and Supply Chain Tactics
Author Steve O’Sullivan
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“Steve provides an insightful means for viewing disruption of supply chains from a number of different perspectives. Those of us that deal with supply chains can also learn from Steve’s ideas on building organizational resilience to be able to effectively manage the effects of the inevitability of disruption. Supply chain specialists will need a full quiver to deal with disruption in an uncertain world.”

Robert B. Pojasek PhD, Adjunct Professor Organizational Risk Management and Sustainability, Harvard University, US


“Steve has combined astute insight with extensive global experience to produce a most timely, erudite and well-crafted book, which is essential reading for supply chain professionals. He delves wide and deep, often into uncharted waters, and provides strong evidence to show how the roots of supply chain disruption can be identified, its impact ameliorated, and what tactics and strategy to employ.”

Professor D John Mangan PhD, School of Engineering, Newcastle University, UK


Supply Chain Disruption adds value by providing fresh insights in three ways. First, Steve’s background allows him to explore academic and practical perspectives in an integrated way. Second, the illustrative examples used are from a very wide range of business and geographical settings. This is important given the potential role of contemporary supply chain thinking as a competitive advantage in firms of all kinds which operate in global networks. Third, the volatility and complexity of markets and the wider business environment mean that insights in alignment are now needed more than ever. Supply Chain Disruption does this and more.”

Edward Sweeney PhD, Professor of Logistics, Aston University, UK


“Today’s supply chains are often global, they are also highly inter-connected, and as a result of out-sourcing, external dependencies have increased dramatically. Consequently, the potential for supply chain disruption is now significant. In this timely and readable book, Steve O’Sullivan highlights the challenges facing organisations as they seek to manage risk across their supply chains and suggests ways to navigate through uncertain times.”

Martin Christopher, Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Logistics, Cranfield University School of Management, UK


“As companies become more interconnected in the global economy, our supply chains become more vulnerable to disruption. Steve O’Sullivan’s book gives us a detailed look at the role of supply chain management in the success - and failure - of companies, military campaigns, and nations. But, more importantly, O’Sullivan’s book provides research-based insights into strategies and tactics that today’s business leaders can use to align their supply chains and turn disruptions into opportunities’.”

Daniel Stanton, Author of ‘Supply Chain Management for Dummies’


“Steve’s accomplished background offers a unique perspective on supply chain disruption including how he describes the tension between strategy, risk, humanism, and politics. His point of view clearly articulates the strategic and tactical why-what-how with strong explanation of the essential features of strategy, and the importance of regulatory systems. If you’re looking for thought leadership in the field that is grounded in leading research, practical experience, and lessons learned from a leader in Supply Chain, look no further. I highly recommend.”

Sheri Hinish, ‘Supply Chain Queen’, MsSCM, PMP, LSSGB, Executive Advisor and Change Leader, IBM Futurist, 2019 Pro to Know


Disruptive technologies have the power to upend supply chains, adding uncertainty, cost, and complexity to any business. These technologies can also create competitive advantage, but only if organizations strategically build them into their supply chains. Supply Chain Disruption, with a foreword by John Gattorna, provides the vital knowledge that supply chain managers need in order to implement disruptive technologies strategically. This essential book avoids a one-size-fits-all approach and encourages the reader to consider customer needs first before aligning appropriate technologies with each supply chain application.

Supply Chain Disruption focuses on information systems, analysing how companies currently integrate and implement potentially disruptive technologies into their supply chain roadmaps. It presents new ways of planning more effectively and efficiently through the use of new tools and techniques, creating improvements in agility, customer service and cost. Online supporting resources include templates for metric-based process models focusing on the key enablers and inhibitors.


Key Features:

  • Presents disruptive technologies as the enablers or drivers of new business models, products, services and overall solutions
  • Maps how to create and implement superior process improvement solutions across the entire supply chain
  • Features case studies of organizations that have successfully integrated new technologies into their existing business models and supply chains, such as BT, Morrisons and Aramex
  • Features a foreword by world-leading thought leader, John Gattorna
  • Online resources: templates for metric-based process models focusing on the key enablers and inhibitors





List of participants

Chapter 1: An introduction to supply chain disruption • Corporate supply chain disruption • Exponential supply chain disruption • Insurgent supply chain disruption • Humanitarian supply chain disruption • Supply chain disruption and ecology • References

Chapter 2: Supply chain strategic friction • Historical context • Carl Von Clausewitz: friction • Strategy: an evolution • Strategic management as a process • Strategic management and the top management team • Strategic alignment • Globalization • References

Chapter 3: Ad omnia paratus - prepared for anything • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and the Irish Defence Forces • Nordic Battle Group: Irish Defence Forces rotation • United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon • Supply chain disruption: Irish Defence Forces • References

Chapter 4: The art of responding to disruption through the physical supply chain • Lean inventory strategies and organizational failure to prepare for annual events • Cyber security, Government of China factory closures, dangerous goods policy implications • Super ocean carriers and seaport congestion, and the threat of ecommerce on the 3PL sector • Protectionism and trade wars, and non-tariff policy measures • Loss of containers at sea, and the Calais refugee crisis impacting road haulage • Mitigating disruption through change-adaption, and policy controlling oil prices • Conclusion • References

Chapter 5: The challenges of humanitarian logistics • LogAid Humanitarian Logistics Consultancy - Supply chain disruption in Afghanistan and East Africa: a military and humanitarian perspective • Emergency Logistics Team: Responding to the ISIS crisis in the Republic of Iraq • The Irish Emergency Logistics Team in Yemen • Conclusion • References

Chapter 6: Corporate supply chain disruption • Aligning business strategy and supply chain tactics • Demonstration of the Gattorna Dynamic AligmentTM model in action: Schneider Electric • Justification for borrowing dynamic business to information systems strategic alignment academic literature: Zoop Mobility Network Inc • Thoughts on evolving corporate supply chain disruption • Conclusion • References

Chapter 7: China: supply chain disruption in the geographical heart of globalization • The challenges of globalization • Supply chain relational risk (SCAR) • Contemporary China • Collective understanding of the intricacies of Chinese Customs practices as a means of mitigating disruption • The power of sudden government environmental regulations to disrupt industries • China initiatives to reduce transit times to Europe, minimizing the demand challenge of globalization, and location as a critical factor in risk mitigation • The enforcement of ‘mother-ship’ control over subsidiaries disrupting cultural integration, and the challenge of the localization of globalization • Conclusion • References

Chapter 8: Engaging in the process of business to supply chain strategic alignment • Categorizing supply chain management through the philosophy of determinism • The historically cyclical nature of supply chain disruption • Policy: historical source of supply chain disruption • Policy: empirical source of supply chain disruption • Supply chain category of determinism: External policy, beyond supply chain management • Supply chain category of determinism: Supply chain industry policy • Supply chain category of determinism: organizational policy, the TMT strategic renewal process • The autonomous supply chain category, impeded by strategic friction • Dynamic business to information systems strategic alignment: interchangeable with supply chain management • Supply Chain Disruption: research • Conclusion • References


About the Author:

For the past 20 years, Steve O’Sullivan has held SCM positions in complex business-critical environments for global firms, and within diverse industries, including aviation and consumer electronics, where he has consistently created and implemented superior process improvement solutions across the entire supply chain process, while supporting international management teams in meeting and exceeding established targets. Great mentors in companies, such as, SIFCO Turbine Components, instilled a deep-rooted appreciation for customer support, and Logitech (Ireland Services) provided a powerful full-spectrum foundation in the art of SCM. As a former Irish national champion, a background in Tennis provided the tools to negotiate the daily strategic friction of an SCM program manager and the passion to pursue customer accolades, such as reaching Platinum Supplier Status at American Airlines, Texas, USA, or achieving the ‘Exceeding Expectations’ category on numerous occasions in the business reviews of Hewlett Packard EMEA, Czech Republic. The sporting theme continued with the more recent attainment of a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

During his time in Logitech, Steve was awarded a Master of Science degree in Supply Chain Management through the Technological University Dublin, and in so doing achieved the highest grade nationally of his graduating cohorts. This program led to the present pursuit of a Doctor of Philosophy degree, also through Technological University Dublin, influenced by experience in practice that observed SCM to be a discipline of execution rather than of strategic formulation, despite its critical importance in the success of business firms, militaries and humanitarian agencies. This manifests in a gap of pain in response to crises, disasters and breakdowns, and in his first book, Supply Chain Disruption: Aligning Business Strategy and Supply Chain Tactics aims to contribute to the bridging of that gap so that not only are profits protected, but so too are human lives. Steve is a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, and the Logistics Research Network (LRN) conference in the United Kingdom is now a regular annual event for Steve, where his doctoral studies and presentations benefit from the most prolific SCM academics. Steve resides in Cork, Ireland, but now aims to complete his SCM journey in Canada as a Logistics Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for students and professionals in supply chain and logistics management. It provides research-based insights into strategies and tactics that today’s business leaders can use to align their supply chains and turn disruptions into opportunities.


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