Title The Robot-Proof Recruiter
Subtitle A Survival Guide for Recruitment and Sourcing Professionals
Author Katrina Collier
ISBN 9780749493226
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No of pages 272
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Publishing year 2019
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“The Robot-Proof Recruiter is a well-researched argument against the technology-first craze of the 21st century. Katrina Collier makes a compelling case for human-powered leadership at the front and centre of the hiring process, ensuring applicants and candidates are neither forgotten nor marginalized.”

Laurie Ruettimann, HR Writer, Speaker & Entrepreneur and Podcast Host of Let’s Fix Work


“This book is a ‘friendly’ reminder that no amount of technology and data can take the place of human interaction. In The Robot-Proof Recruiter, Katrina Collier details the skills needed by today’s full-life-cycle talent acquisition teams need to stay relevant and not become obsolete. This book contains great practical advice, tested examples, and recommendations even the most seasoned recruiter will find valuable.”

Jackye Clayton, TA Speaker & Trainer and Director of Customer Success at HiringSolved


“Wow! This is gold. Katrina Collier has managed to produce a resource that should be mandatory reading for every recruiting organization in the world. If, like me, you think you are so experienced that there is nothing new to be learned about optimizing the recruitment experience then I dare you to pick up this book. And if you are new to the field of recruiting, consider this the manual you were supposed to read on day one. It will set you on the right recruitment course now and in perpetuity.”

Jim Stroud, Talent Acquisition Innovator, Author, and Vlogger & Podcaster at JimStroud.com


“Recruitment was, is and always has been about human interactions, yet more than ever is affected by tools and AI. The Robot-Proof Recruiter shares a ton of practical tips for recruiters and hiring managers on how to improve the candidate experience, communicate better, and use technology better. It is a great guide that is worth reading and re-reading - every time you will discover something new.”

Jan Tegze, Senior Recruiting Manager, Author of Full Stack Recruiter, and Founder of Sourcing.Games.


“Katrina Collier has written a must-read book for the modern recruitment professional. Highly practical, thoroughly enjoyable and engaging; this is a real page turner - read this book - and become a recruiter worth talking to.”

Louise Triance, Managing Director of UK Recruiter


“I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t enjoy most books on recruitment, as the industry tends to idolise outdated techniques and ideologies. Though once I started reading The Robot-Proof Recruiter I couldn’t put it down. I found myself nodding and smiling the whole way through the book. I hope every recruiter reads this and re-learns the art of being ‘human’ in the ever changing technology driven recruitment landscape. A must read for all people in all facets of hiring, be it agency, internal or a hiring manager.”

Troy Hammond, Founder & CEO of Talent Army


“Human-first recruiting strategies will put you at the front of the pack, no matter what technological changes occur. At all points of the recruiting process candidates want to be treated as humans and that is exactly what this book delivers. This isn’t old school stuff, but new school twists that help you leverage technology to show you are worthy of a candidate’s time and attention. When you have over 25 years of experience, it’s easy to think you have all the answers. In this case, Katrina Collier does!”

Hannah Morgan, Job Search Strategist at Career Sherpa and ‘On Careers’ writer at US News & World Report


“The Robot-Proof Recruiter is a fantastic call-to-action for any recruiters looking to keep the edge on our AI competition. Full of insight from Katrina Collier and leading industry peers, and backed up with examples, easy-to-do-why-don’t-you-do-it-already ideas and data, as a practitioner I highly recommend this to anyone looking for ways to up their game as a rounded recruiter, in-house or agency.”

Sophie Power, Senior Talent Professional & DBR Community Admin


“Coming from the HR vendor space, I am incredibly grateful to Katrina Collier for designing the ultimate framework for a healthy cooperation between recruiters and technology. The Robot-Proof Recruiter offers a practical guide on a recruitment process from A to Z, helping to successfully navigate the online world and build a humane recruitment process. Packed with real life examples and Katrina’s brilliant humour, the book is a pleasure to read; it also gives the voice to many incredible people from the industry. Must-read for all the HR professional of the modern age.”

Yulia Kuzmane, Speaker and Director of Sales & Customer Success at Amazing Hiring


“Think of this book as the handbook an entire industry needs to use to level-up. From big ideas to ‘use this software to solve this very specific problem’ this book is like a field manual for better recruiting, helping junior recruiters see a better way forward and sparking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ moments in senior recruiters. If you make your living attracting and hiring talent, these are the instructions you need to become your best recruiter, regardless of experience and level.”

James Ellis, Employer Brand Consultant and host of The Talent Cast podcast


“Just when you thought we didn’t need another ‘how to recruit’ book, along comes Katrina Collier’s The Robot-Proof Recruiter. With her feet planted firmly on the ground, Collier’s background in experienced and targeted recruiting empowers her stance that there are just some things that technology can’t do better than a recruiter who is passionate and who more importantly, gives a damn about talent. The Robot-Proof Recruiter has a place in every recruiter’s library - especially those who believe that robots are coming for their job!”

Chris Hoyt, President & Co-Owner, CareerXroads


“The Robot-Proof Recruiter is an outstanding how-to guidebook for recruiters who want to stay ahead of the curve. Katrina Collier has pulled together a valuable and accessible resource - a great contribution to the industry.”

Hung Lee, Curator, Recruiting Brainfood


In a world of work where recruiters are constantly hearing that their role is at risk from AI, robotics and chatbots, it has never been more important to effectively attract and recruit the right people. Leveraging the power of social media and digital sourcing strategies is only part of the solution, and simply posting a job or sending a LinkedIn InMail is no longer enough. The Robot-Proof Recruiter shows you how to use the tools that reveal information that can be used to grab a potential candidate’s attention among the overwhelming volume of material online. Full of expert guidance and practical tips, this book explains what works, what doesn’t, and how you can stand out and recruit effectively in a world of technology overload.

The Robot-Proof Recruiter will enable you to become the recruiter that candidates trust and the one they want to talk to. It contains essential guidance on overcoming obstacles - including how to recruit without an existing online presence, how to work effectively with hiring managers to improve the candidate experience, and how to use technology to support the candidate’s journey from initial outreach, to application, to employee, and through to alumnus. This is an indispensable book for all recruitment professionals and HR practitioners who want to recruit the right people for their organization.


Key Features:

  • Explains how to leverage the power of social media and digital sourcing to find the people a business needs to succeed
  • Includes advice on how to recruit without an existing social media presence and how to work effectively with hiring managers to improve the candidate experience
  • Provides guidance on how to attract the right candidates and become a recruiter that candidates trust






Chapter 1: Candidate-centric recruiters beat robots • Feeling in-demand • Robot-proof skills • Summary • Notes

Chapter 2: Show you are a recruiter worth talking to • Profile pictures • Build out your profiles • Become known, liked and trusted • Summary • Notes

Chapter 3: What about your hiring managers? • Hiring manager profiles • Transparent C-suite • Talent attraction through sharing and mentoring • In their own words; give people a voice • Talent deselection due to poor candidate experience • Interview feedback • On the bright side • Summary • Notes

Chapter 4: Show you are a company worth talking to • Disruptive Google for Jobs • Employee and interview reviews • Employee advocacy • Summary • Notes

Chapter 5: Get your intake right • Overcoming fear • You must get your hiring managers on side • Intake strategy session • Collaborate continually • Narrowing the talent pool • Summary • Notes

Chapter 6: Human-first job posts and advertisements • Job posts • Job advertisements • Summary • Notes

Chapter 7: Robot-proof messaging • Robot-proof first contact • The magic is in the follow-up • Summary • Notes

Chapter 8: Applications and pain-free interviews • The application • Telephone interviews • Face-to-face interviews • Interview feedback • Summary • Notes

Chapter 9: No more non-boarding • The offer • Pre- and onboarding • Summary • Notes

Chapter 10: Referrals depend on you • Employee referrals • Social referrals • Community referrers • Love your leavers • Summary • Notes



About the Author:

Katrina Collier is the founder of The Searchologist, where she helps companies around the world increase their candidate response rates. She is a candidate engagement author and a keynote speaker at conferences in the UK, the US, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. She is also the founder of multiple DisruptHR events across the UK and is an ambassador for Hope for Justice, to which the royalties of The Robot-Proof Recruiter are being donated.

Target Audience:

This is an indispensable book for all recruitment professionals and HR practitioners who want to recruit the right people for their organization. This book explains what works, what doesn’t, and how you can stand out and recruit effectively in a world of technology overload.



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