Title The Power of Project Leadership, 2/e
Subtitle 7 Keys to Help You Transform from Project Manager to Project Leader
Author Susanne Madsen
ISBN 9780749493240
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Publishing year 2019
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“Projects become more complex every day, not only from a technical point of view but especially from a leadership point of view. The Power of Project Leadership is provided to all participants of a leadership training programme for our senior project managers. They use it frequently during and after their leadership journey and appreciate its practical approach.”

Saskia van der Meij, Director Talent Learning & Development Royal BAM Group


The Power of Project Leadership combines the human element into project management theory, giving us an effective roadmap to find ways of managing demanding pressures, and developing the art to achieve project success.”

Sarah Jane Woods, Public Services Project Manager and Life Coach


“I loved this book the first time, and the revised edition is even better. Fully updated, this edition goes deep into strategies to help you lead yourself and your team more effectively. The book goes beyond theory – although you can tell the text is well-grounded in research – to give you practical tactics that you can use daily at work. When you combine powerful techniques and a willingness to do the work, you have a blend that will help you excel at delivering organisational strategy through projects. Susanne makes it easy by stepping you through the ‘keys’ to leadership, and you can pick and choose the approaches you think will make the most difference with your team.”

Elizabeth Harrin, FAPM, author of ‘Project Manager’, Director Otobos Consultants Ltd, award-winning blogger GirlsGuideToPM.com


“The 2nd edition of The Power of Project Leadership is bang up-to-date with the latest information needed for project leaders and retains the energy and commitment borne out of Susanne’s personal experience, which made the original such a success. This new edition is ambitious for you and for the profession and asks you to reflect on your own progression as a project leader. It recognises that internal work may be challenging, so it is written in an engaging manner, combining a practical framework with inspirational stories from practitioners, to keep you engaged.”

Carole Osterweil, author of Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience


“The new edition of this book develops from the foundation laid by the first edition and layers new models and new thinking into the leadership practices for project managers. If you read the first edition, there is plenty of new material on which to build. If this is your first entry into the topic, there is a wealth of information combined with practice with which to develop your skills.”

Ruth Pearce, ACC, JD, PMP, coach, project motivator, and author of Be a Project Motivator


“Whether you are an experienced practitioner looking to reflect and hone your skills, or setting out with a goal to become an inspirational leader of projects, this book provides the insight to do so. Highly recommended. All my team have a copy. I’m that confident of the effect it will have on my business.”

Paul Daniels, Leadership and Management Ltd (about previous edition)


“In this great and inspiring book, Susanne has gathered the core elements and key insights to bring you the essence of project leadership. It contains coaching questions that challenge you to think about yourself, assess your situation and commit to becoming the leader you wish to be. This book should be your personal development tool for this year!”

Birger Kontek, Senior Change Manager and Vice President Barclaycard Germany (about previous edition)


Projects and work environments are becoming increasingly complex, with more stakeholders, dispersed teams and an unprecedented rate of technological change. In order to adapt to this complexity and find new opportunities to innovate and build a high performing team, project managers must shift their mindset to one of project leadership. The Power of Project Leadership explains how to generate positive results for projects and clients while growing as a leader and empowering the team to fully contribute.

Now in its second edition, The Power of Project Leadership contains new interviews with successful project leaders and discusses current topics such as the psychology behind high performing teams, coaching, facilitation and conflict resolution, collaborative planning and risk management. It outlines the capabilities, attitudes and behaviours needed to become a confident, driven and focused project leader, including leading with vision, continuously improving, empowering teams, building trust with stakeholders, and using powerful techniques. With examples of the most fundamental causes of project failure and how to avoid them, The Power of Project Leadership shows how to inspire teams, add real value and deliver outstanding projects.


Key Features:

  • Explains how to generate results for the project and client while being recognized in the process
  • Explores how leaders can foster collaboration, gain buy-in from stakeholders, and motivate a team
  • Includes interviews from dozens of leading experts from a variety of organizations, including Expedia, British Gas, Standard Bank, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and the UK Government
  • New to this edition: more interviews with successful project leaders and new coverage of topics such as overcoming dysfunctional team behaviour, facilitation and conflict resolution, and collaborative planning


Foreword by Eddie Obeng

Foreword by Mary McKinlay


Introduction • The world needs your genius and it needs your leadership • What you will get from this book • The four chapters • Website and bonus material • What is new in this edition? • What motivated me to write this book? • Notes

Chapter 1: The world is changing and so must you • Management versus leadership • The more-for-less culture is upon us • We don’t need more followers; we need leaders! • The three most fundamental mistakes project managers make • The Project Leadership Matrix™ and your modus operandi • Moving towards project leadership • The importance of emotional intelligence • How to embed the new behaviour • Notes

Chapter 2: Your hidden drivers • Your biggest challenges • Why do some people on your project trigger an allergic reaction in you? • Where do your beliefs come from? • Is your mindset serving you? • The empowering mindset • Understanding your big why • The six human needs • How to embed the new behaviour • Notes

Chapter 3: The 7 keys to project leadershipKey #1 Be authentic • Authentic leaders live by their core values • Listen to your intuition and gut instinct • Understand the values that are authentic to you • The purpose of your leadership • Building self-esteem • How to embed the new behaviour • Key #2 Lead with vision • The importance of having a clear vision • Partner with your client • The importance of business acumen • The strategic measures of success • The human aspect of change • How to embed the new behaviour • Notes • Key #3 Improve and innovate • The status quo is not an option • What is holding us back? • Overcoming roadblocks • Diversity of thought powers innovation • The power of questions • How to embed the new behaviour • Notes • Key #4 Empower the team • Great leaders create space for others to grow and excel • The six styles of leadership • The yin and yang of project leadership • The different development stages of a team • The science of high-performing teams • Coaching your team to high performance • The six human needs • We need more than money to be truly fulfilled • How to embed the new behaviour • Notes • Key #5 Build trust with stakeholders • The importance of strong interpersonal relationships • The importance of trust • Communicate with clarity • The four levels of communication • Analysing your stakeholders • Walking into the lion’s den • Understanding personality types • How to embed the new behaviour • Notes • Key #6 Use powerful techniques • People deliver projects, but processes support them in doing so • Project management mistakes • Project definition • Team definition and kick-offs • Governance and communication • Status reporting • Collaborative planning • Risk management • Estimating effort and measuring value • How to embed the new behaviour • Notes • Key #7 Work with intent • The Time Management Triangle™ • Breaking the vicious circle • How to embed the new behaviour • Notes

Chapter 4: Making the transition happen • Acknowledge your achievements • Capture your vision and your leadership goals • Solicit feedback and determine your actions • Act your way into thinking • Expand your comfort zone • Manage your mind • Keeping the momentum • Summary • How to embed the new behaviour • Notes


About the Author:

Susanne Madsen is a recognised project leadership expert and one of the world’s leading project management coaches. With over fifteen years experience of managing and implementing large change programmes of up to $30 million for major corporations worldwide, she is a regular speaker for organisations including Citigroup, Alcatel Lucent, Expedia and APM among others.

A frequent lecturer with leading business schools including Warwick Business School, Cass Business School and University of Westminster, Susanne Madsen specialises in helping project, programme and change managers improve their leadership skills so that they can gain control of their projects and their career.

Target Audience:

This book is helpful for project managers and project leaders.


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