Title Your Money 2019-20
Subtitle The Beginner’s Guide to Earning, Spending, Borrowing and Saving
Author Jeannette Lichner
ISBN 9780749497286
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Publishing year 2019
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However much money you have, if you are interested in being in control of it, Your Money 2019-20 is here to help. Endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI), and written by personal finance expert and executive coach Jeannette Lichner, this handy guide answers all the questions you were afraid to ask about financial affairs in a down to earth and practical way.

Do I need to know about pensions? What’s interest, and how is it worked out? What do the numbers on my payslip mean? Where and how can I borrow money? How does an overdraft work? All these questions and more are explained in simple terms in this comprehensive handbook. Packed with top tips, up-to-date numbers on UK tax allowances and thresholds, and useful exercises to help you understand your own money motivations and apply the rules to your own life, Your Money 2019-20 is everything you need to start making great financial decisions.


Key Features:

  • Explains everything you need to know about your money (however much of it you have or don’t have) in easy to understand language
  • Features handy tips, clarifying examples, and practical practice exercises to help you understand the financial principles and apply them to your own life and situation
  • Includes information on UK tax allowances and thresholds, giving you the up-to-date knowledge you need to understand how the latest financial regulations affect you and your money
  • Is endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments





Chapter 1: You and your money • Your money situation – become more aware • One decision at a time; and sometimes they are hard • Your past influences your attitude to money today • Today’s influences on your attitude to money • Money does not make you happy • Your money personality • My reflections on money • Closing thoughts

Chapter 2: The bigger picture • The economy, politics and you • The impact of UK politics on you • The three fundamental economic principles

Chapter 3: Earning money • Your changing perspective • Why work? • Moving from education to work • What are your earning goals and dreams? • Thinking about your future • A few earning money thoughts • ‘Now’ decisions with a long-term earnings impact • Keeping pace with the changing world • Take control of your earnings destiny

Chapter 4: Spending money • Small spends add up • Immediate gratification • ‘Good’ and ‘not so good’ spending • Pause and reflect • Escape routes • Missed opportunities

Chapter 5: Keeping in control of your money • What’s a budget? • Reasons not to create a budget • Collecting your information • What a budget looks like • More about setting budget targets • Your money, your way • Keep your tracking and targeting going… forever • Banking technology is coming to the rescue • Managing your money

Chapter 6: Saving and investing money • What to do with savings – key concepts and terminology • Savings accounts • Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) • Other investment opportunities • Pensions – preparing for retirement • It’s down to you

Chapter 7: Handling a money shortage • Your money habits • Your money values matter • Where to go to borrow money • Getting into and staying out of a mess • A learning opportunity

Chapter 8: Financial basics: Pay related • Your payslip • Income tax • Important tax facts • Other earnings-related taxes • Communications with HMRC • Expect issues • A few final words on taxes

Chapter 9: Financial basics: Everything else • The time value of money and the risk/reward trade-off principles • Bank accounts, debit cards, overdrafts and interest rates • Credit cards • Store cards • Buying on credit • Borrowing money from a bank – loans • Insurance – buying protection

Chapter 10: Making big financial decisions • Where to go for guidance • Inadvertent commitments • Transport – bikes • Transport – cars, motorcycles and scooters • Gap year or gap months • University – go, no go, alternatives? • All about housing

Chapter 11: Getting and keeping a good credit score • Who decides what your credit score/rating is? • How a financial picture of you is developed • How credit scores are calculated • Keep it clean • Your personal information

Chapter 12: Top money pitfalls to avoid • Take your time when making a big money decision • Avoid the upward debt spiral • Never mix short- and long-term debt • Pay attention to details • Remain in control • Start saving early • Manage a property you rent carefully • Choose who you live with carefully • If you need to borrow money for a short time, check your options carefully and make sure you will be able to pay it back • Think before lending to, and borrowing money from, friends • Take steps to avoid identify theft and other crimes • And some good news


About the Author:

Jeannette Lichner is an executive coach. Originally from Virginia, USA, and based in London for the last 30+ years, she began her financial career as an accountant at Price Waterhouse in New York, going on to global financial services companies such as Bank of America and Morgan Stanley, and a ten-year career as a governance, risk and regulatory consultant. Currently, in addition to her Non-Executive Director and Advisory roles, she coaches young adults on career choices and financial literacy.

Target Audience:

This book is everything you need to start making great financial decisions. This book is useful for anyone who wants to be in control of their money in mind, especially young people.


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