Title Competitive People Strategy
Subtitle How to Attract, Develop and Retain the Staff You Need for Business Success
Author Kevin Green
ISBN 9780749484545
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“The importance of a forward-thinking, comprehensive people strategy to underpin our business strategies has never been more important. Kevin lends his experience and insights from many years as a business and HR leader to provide challenge as well as great practical advice on all aspects of people strategy, and the innovations needed in HR practices to help people and organisations to thrive in a fast-changing future.”

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD


“In this book, Kevin brings a unique perspective to the strategic opportunities organisations can achieve through their people. Providing insight and direction not just for people practitioners, but for anyone leading an organisation who has questions about how to better drive performance and productivity.”

Neil Morrison, Director of HR, Severn Trent


“A must-read book for all leaders, articulating the steps to creating a competitive people strategy for commercial and ultimately broader societal good. AI is changing the face of work, creating more flexibility and a greater ease of removing the mundane, but there is a heightened need for creativity, innovation and intuition, which can only come from an engaged, energised and committed workforce.”

Helen Pitcher OBE, Chairman of Advanced Boardroom Excellence, President INSEAD Directors Network, NED and Remuneration Committee Chair C&C Group PLC, Chairman Criminal Cases Review Commission


“Kevin clearly outlines the importance of driving a coherent strategy in order to compete in an increasingly difficult labour market - where a business cannot be afraid to self-disrupt and diversify their offerings if they are to thrive, attract and retain talent. People and effective use of technology are at the heart of this and Competitive People Strategy underscores the all-too-common pitfalls to avoid and the real commercial and social upside of getting this right.”

Bill Richards, UK Managing Director, Indeed


“Kevin distils, codifies and then crafts the necessary focus on the future of work’s undeniable constant: people. It’s all about the people. No longer will people say I’m not sure what to do about my people strategy because it’s all in this book. Enough guidance, enough back story and enough stimulation to just go and do it. So, if in doubt about the status of your people strategy, check in with this book and check out with Kevin’s series of tools, recommendations and tactics.”

Perry Timms, Author of Transformational HR


“The right people strategy is critical to business success. This book provides an invaluable insight into why this is the case and the thinking and approaches that are available to businesses to get the most out of their people. It is a must-read for HR Directors and CEO’s alike.”

Martin Hesketh, CEO, Brookson Ltd.


“In this book, strategy meets people in a mix of practical steps and guided learning which will supercharge your approach to leadership and talent. Kevin brings a wealth of experience to the alignment of your employee experience to enable you to achieve your business outcomes. A must-read for all people-centric leaders.”

Aaron Alburey, Founder and CEO, Lace Partners



In order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, businesses need to unlock the skills, talent and capabilities of their people, both individually and collectively. While many business and leaders recognise this, they have until now lacked a strategic approach to achieving it. Competitive People Strategy is a comprehensive roadmap showing how businesses can connect their human potential to their bottom line, and provides step-by-step guidance on how to create, test and measure a differentiated people strategy. Featuring tips and checklists throughout, it explores the core building blocks of leadership and organizational culture, as well as employee experience and engagement. It also examines the roles of effective talent attraction and management, and how to lead change and transformation. Central to the book is the importance of moving HR from a support function to becoming a creator of value and driver of business success.

Drawing upon insights from organizations including Royal Mail and Starbucks, as well as interviews with senior HR leaders, Competitive People Strategy is an essential guide to developing a people strategy which creates a purpose-driven culture, provides greater value to customers and achieves superior business results.


Key Features:

  • Provides guidance on how to identify the skills and capabilities needed to meet an organization’s strategic goals and how to recruit employees with this expertise
  • Offers practical advice and examples on how to engage staff, particularly during times of change, to improve employee retention
  • Demonstrates how the latest technological advances, including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and machine learning, can be effectively used to improve recruitment and talent management processes





About the author

Chapter 1: Why a Competitive People Strategy matters • Introduction • The world is changing • Customers • Putting the customer first • The link between customers and a Competitive People Strategy (measurement) • Purpose and meaning • Culture • Teams • Leadership • Employee engagement and experience • HR’s role • References

Chapter 2: Strategy – how to compete and win • Competitive People Strategy • This is a book for leaders • Is our job about human potential? • Your strategy toolkit • Agile and Lean • The bridge from business strategy to people • Strategy Maps • Strategy development as a learning process • Conclusion • Business strategy checklist • References

Chapter 3: Building a differentiated people strategy • The Three Key Questions • Capabilities • Developing your Competitive People Strategy • Competitive People Strategy checklist • References

Chapter 4: Leaders everywhere • Historic leadership models • The magic combination • Leaders in a VUCA world • The five things great leaders do every day • Leaders with duality • Competitive leadership • Fast learners • Problem-centred leaders • Leaders who don’t just engage, but inspire • A leadership toolkit • Conclusion • Leadership checklist • References

Chapter 5: Developing a winning culture • Different types of culture • Purpose: Start with why • Seek your people’s input every day • Real values • Embedding values • Defining your values • Values matter most when they are tested • Culture: Over-managed and under-led • Culture checklist • References

Chapter 6: Talent attraction • What is talent? • The changing environment for talent • How can organizations prepare for the talent crisis? • Talent strategy • Critical roles and performance • Talent process to talent mindset • Attracting talent: Employee Value Proposition • Getting an EVP wrong • EVP = brand • Employer brands are transparent • Rethinking recruitment • Don’t fish in the same pond • Internal talent pipelines • The recruitment process: Make it a great candidate experience • Selecting talent • Using a search firm • The cost of getting recruitment wrong • Onboarding: The forgotten part of hiring • Talent hiring checklist • References

Chapter 7: Employee experience • The employee experience journey • Why are employee engagement and experience so important? • How do employers provide a better employee experience? • The employee experience challenge • We need regular data if we are going to improve performance • The variables are high if you collect data this infrequently • What to measure • The rise of the feedback culture • Leading the way • Creating a good work experience • The expected results • The linkage between a great employee experience and improved productivity • It’s now or never • Employee experience checklist • References

Chapter 8: Change and transformation • Three reasons for transformational failure • Royal Mail: From losing £1.5 million a day to £600 million profit • Don’t forget to explain what remains the same • The metaphor for change • Purpose, meaning and culture • Designing transformation programmes • Change to transformation • The four pillars of transformation • Leading change • The change will never stop • An ongoing sense of urgency • Leadership is a team game • Leaders who communicate change • Empower the people • Adaptive culture • From here to there • Change and transformation checklist • References

Chapter 9: Great people management • Why people follow • The behaviour of managers: The magic eight • Managers and leaders are not the same • Attracting great people managers • Hire the right people managers • Appointing a first-time manager • Developing great people management • Managing teams • Fewer or no managers • Great people management checklist • References

Chapter 10: Developing the people function • Designing and executing a Competitive People Strategy • Why HR needs to up its game • Observations about HR as it is today • Technology: Help and hindrance • The Ulrich Model • Why we need to change • What’s next? • People transformation toolkit • References

Afterthought – the future


About the Author:

Kevin Green is a non-executive director and strategic advisor to six fast growth human capital businesses. Prior to this, he was the Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the HR Director at Royal Mail and founder and Managing Director of Qtab, a leading HR consultancy who advised organizations including First Choice, Unilever, Bae Systems and the UK Cabinet Office.

Target Audience:

This book is an essential guide to developing a people strategy which creates a purpose-driven culture, provides greater value to customers and achieves superior business results. Useful for HR professionals, CEOs & business leaders.



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