Title Global Contract Logistics
Subtitle Best Practice Toolkit for Planning, Negotiating and Managing a Contract
Author Steven Morgan
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“Steven Morgan has more experience and knowledge of complex acquisition than most in the profession. This shines through in his many anecdotes, lessons and guidelines in this book, enlivened by his humorous examples. A good read for aspiring procurement professionals and their internal customers.”

Les Mosco, former MoD Commercial Director and past president of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, UK


“This book, like its Author, provides both clear and practical advice. It simplifies and demystifies procurement and complex acquisition. I wish I had access to this book earlier in my career and will be recommending as a must read.”

Robert Anstee, Senior Commercial Training and Education Manager at Ministry of Defence, UK


“In a fast-changing business world, the role of the procurement professional plays a vital part in helping companies and organizations become and remain competitive. The core of this book homes in on the absolute need for procurement and acquisition professionals to be properly trained at the start of their careers and for those professionals to continue lifelong learning.”

Gerry Walsh, Director, JGW Global Consultancy, UK


“Loved it. Deserves to be required reading for procurement professionals.”

Bill Crothers, former Chief Commercial Officer of Government in the Cabinet Office, private consultant, UK.


The role of a contracting professional begins well before the award of a contract and doesn’t end until the benefits of the acquisition have been realised, long after the deliverables arrive in a box on a loading dock. Global Contract Logistics tackles the growing complexity of contracting in a technologically accelerating world. The author looks at the common errors and the ten phases of a successful acquisition.

Global Contract Logistics examines what it takes to be an intelligent client, one who employs contracting or procurement professionals to obtain goods and services on their behalf. It debunks many commonly held myths involving contracting, procurement and acquisition and outlines ten vital steps towards success for intelligent clients and their supporting acquisition professionals. The text is supported by case studies of projects that the author Steve Morgan has led, during his time with the Ministry of Defence and BAA. Online supporting resources include contract templates for procurement and acquisition projects.


Key Features:

  • Provides an overview of contracting logistics and the complexities of procurement and acquisition
  • Gives clear guidelines for successfully planning, negotiating and managing a contract
  • Features interesting examples of successful procurement projects from different industries, such as defence, aviation and ship building.
  • Includes case studies from Ministry of Defence, Heathrow Airport and Cross-Rail based on the author’s experience of leading the procurement and acquisition projects.
  • Online Resources: contract templates for procurement and acquisition projects


About the author

Foreword by Gerry Walsh


Chapter 1: Professional growth in procurement • Recruiting • Training and qualification • Peer review • Mentoring • Career management • Acquisition myths

Chapter 2: Defining the need

Chapter 3: Specifying the requirement • The performance specification • The prescriptive specification • The combination specification • Characteristics of a good specification • Summary

Chapter 4: Chunking the work (aka acquisition strategy) • Contractor complacency • Retaining the option to exercise an option • The price of supply chain layering • The virtues of a managed service provider • There is no replacement for doing the homework • Key points

Chapter 5: Competitively selecting the ideal source • Early engagement with the supply chain • Minimizing competition-killing pre-qualification • Allocating risk • The source evaluation board: conducting competitive evaluation and selection

Chapter 6: Devising an incentivized contract for alignment • Cost-sharing (target-cost) contracting • Non-financial objectives worth incentivizing • Award fee contracting • Pre-negotiation plans • Key points

Chapter 7: Supporting the contractor • The role of the contract manager

Chapter 8: Enforcing the contract • Contract management plan • The contract manager • Contract management plan content • Compliance matrix • Step-by-step enforcement pressure • Honesty, fraud and misrepresentation

Chapter 9: Integration • Role of the integrator • Birth of the acquisition profession

Chapter 10: Commissioning • Defining commissioning • Commissioning is not just a celebration ceremony • Summary 

Chapter 11: Assessing effectiveness • Assessing the effectiveness of the acquisition

Chapter 12: Conclusions • Overview • Procurement and contract management: factors to consider • Main objectives

Appendix A Sample source selection statement • Appendix B Procurement plan template • Appendix C Example of a cure notice • Appendix D Example of an award fee determination • Appendix E Examples of justifications for dispensing with competition •
Appendix F Homework for an intelligent client • Appendix G The contract manager: the most important commercial player on the pitch • Appendix H Outline for a contract management plan • Appendix I Summary of intelligent acquisition system • Appendix J Some do’s, don’ts and suggestions in contract formation • Appendix K Helpful tips for the intelligent client and the procurement professional

References and further reading


About the Author:

Steven Morgan is a retired US Navy rear admiral and a veteran of the US nuclear submarine force. He is a major systems acquisition expert who was Commercial Director of the UK Ministry of Defence, responsible for the procurement and contract management function. Prior to MOD, he was an executive director at Heathrow Airport responsible for design and build of Terminal 2, and Commercial Director of the nuclear complex at Sellafield. He is currently a non-executive director of the NHS Newcastle Trust and chairman of Calderwood House, a hostel for homeless military veterans. Steven holds an MBA in contract management, is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) and was selected as CIPS Procurement Professional of the year in 2008.

Target Audience:

This book is helpful for aspiring contract or procurement professionals, their internal customers and logistics professionals.


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