Title Human/Machine (Inspire Series)
Subtitle The Future of Our Partnership with Machines
Author Daniel Newman, Olivier Blanchard
ISBN 9780749484248
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No of pages 264
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Publishing year 2019
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About the book


“The latest pithy, socio-techno commentary from authors Daniel Newman and Olivier Blanchard incisively cleaves the controversy and daunting surroundings of how Al and greater machine automation will affect people, businesses, and societies. Through the study of how leading technology companies are working to bring about (and employ) Al, they suggest that the “A” in Al is indeed not an “S” for synthetic or substitution, but rather an “A” for assistance and augmentation. I enthusiastically encourage you to read this clever and sometimes humorous exploration to help you refine your vision of the coming AI revolution”

Herns Pierre-Jerome, Director, Global Industry Analyst Relationships, Qualcomm Incorporated


“Newman and Blanchard offer an insightful and balanced assessment of the opportunities and risks as AI becomes pervasive in our everyday lives. Despite the divided world vision on both the potential and risks, we all have common ground on the need to transform, which came through in Dell Technologies’ Realizing 2030 study. The future is bright for AI to augment, not replace, human potential, leading to a fruitful human—machine partnership”

Jason Shepherd, IOT and Edge Computing CTO, Dell Technologies


“Daniel Newman and Olivier Blanchard have a unique combination of experience, insight and strategic vision. Human/Machine combines practical experiences from senior executives of innovative organizations with deep industry insight gleaned from thoughtful research with the ability to spot new mega trends. Their work in the burgeoning field of smart automation and Al puts them in the highest echelons of opinion leaders shaping the narrative around this nascent technology field.”

Steven Dickens, Global Offering Manager, IBM Systems


“At UiPath, we are enabling a future where employees are empowered to automate tedious and time-consuming work, allowing them to focus on creative and challenging problems, and we are driven by the enormous potential for our platform to be the gateway to transform our customers’ digital business operations with AI and machine learning. I’m confident that you will find Human/Machine both informative and thought provoking and hope it inspires readers to take the time to better capture and learn from the information that runs through their organizations, customers and partners.”

Bobby Patrick, CMO, UiPath


“AI, automation and the impact they will have on the future of work has become one of the high-tech industry’s hottest topics. Human/Machine provided me with a valuable, balanced perspective on the impact that human-machine partnerships will have on both work and our society.”

Patrick Moorhead, President. Moor Insights & Strategy and Top-Ranked Global Tech Industry Analyst


Will the workplace of the future be overrun by machines and robots? Are the new frontiers of artificial intelligence (AI) on the cusp of dethroning us in efficiency, intelligence and innovative potential? Automation and AI will augment our human world and potential. The winners of the future of work are those that harness the power of machines to their advantage. Human/Machine is the only guide you need to understand the fourth industrial revolution. It sets out a road map to the challenges ahead, but also unlocks the wondrous opportunities that it offers.

Human/Machine explores how we will work symbiotically with machines, detailing how institutions, companies, individuals and education providers will evolve to integrate seamlessly with new technologies. With exclusive case studies, this book offers a glimpse into the future and details how top companies are already thriving on this very special relationship. From gamification in job training to project management teams integrated with bots and predictive technologies that fix problems in the supply chain before they happen, the authors deliver a powerful manifesto for the adoption and celebration of automation and AI. In a much more fluid, skills-based economy, we will all need to prove our worth and future-proof our skills base. This book offers a blueprint to avoid being left behind and unearth the opportunities unique to human-machine partnership ecosystems.


Key Features:

  • Exposes how the rise of automation and AI will herald a new era for organizational efficiency, operations excellence and innovation when allied with the workforce of the future
  • Shares an industry-agnostic roadmap for human-machine partnerships, adoption and planning to help prepare investors, governments, educational institutions, corporations, small businesses and workers adapt for the coming hybrid economy
  • Is part of the Inspire series, which offers insightful analyses of the new, VUCA world of business, from digital transformation to the age of artificial intelligence and beyond
  • Discusses in detail how today’s workers, students and consumers should begin preparing for a future increasingly driven by human-machine partnerships
  • Contains detailed case studies of companies at the bleeding edge of innovation who are harnessing the power of machines with the likes of Qualcomm, Amazon, Intel and many more


About the authors


Chapter 1: A short history of human-machine partnerships • From tools to enhancements to early partnerships: a recap of the last few million years • Smart automation: a new pivot • Understanding the impact of automation on employment • Reminder: real-world AI is not movie AI • An example: how might smart automation in transportation affect professional drivers? • Task automation vs job automation: a key to understanding the future of human-machine partnerships • New tools, enhancements and human-machine partnerships: what to expect next • Smart automation and job consolidation: who is most at risk? • Automation as a means of increasing human potential: which traits and skills will automation help promote in human workers? • Shifting human capital from low-value tasks to high-value tasks • Human-machine partnerships as an intuitive and balanced evolutionary response to smart automation

Chapter 2: The state of human-machine partnerships • Evaluating human-machine partnerships: the importance of finding common ground • Evaluating human-machine partnerships: from cost-benefit thinking to cause-and-effect modelling • How human-machine partnerships create disruption • What will the future look like? • How machines can help us become better at adapting to change • The value of human-machine partnerships in a nutshell

Chapter 3: Framing expectations for the next age of human-machine partnerships • What’s next for human-machine partnerships? • Beyond the next 10 years • What does this mean for businesses? • What does this mean for workers? • What does this mean for the world’s education and training infrastructure? • What does this mean for consumers? • What does this mean for technology companies?

Chapter 4: How businesses should prepare for the next age of human-machine partnerships • The 10-year digital transformation roadmap • Three steps to transforming your business • Applying change management principles to the coming shift • Finding the right balance between automation and augmentation • IT and HR: a new chapter in internal collaboration • What types of human-machine partnerships should businesses prioritize? • Hiring and training for a new class of machine-adjacent roles • How SMBs/SMEs will benefit from more synergy between humans and machines

Chapter 5: How workers should prepare for the next age of human-machine partnerships • Futureproofing careers in the age of smart automation • Awareness, initiative and resources: an adaptation playbook • Embracing technology partnerships and augmentation: none of this is about humans vs machines • Augmenting yourself towards becoming a more valuable worker • From white-collar and blue-collar jobs to next-collar jobs, and back again: what colour will the collars of tomorrow be? • Competing in a world of augmented workers and technologists: how professionals should leverage smart automation to increase their value • Building your own next-collar job toolkit • Specific advice for key job categories • In closing

Chapter 6: How educational institutions should prepare for the next age of human-machine partnerships • Leaving 20th-century education behind • Separating education and job training: practical considerations

Chapter 7: How consumers should prepare for the next age of human-machine partnerships • How human-machine partnerships will impact our daily lives • From search engines to recommendation engines • Why trust is the next killer app • Where consumer-facing human-machine partnerships go from here: welcome to the age of ‘AI inside’ • How will smart automation and AI help drive smart home automation? • How will smart automation and AI impact transportation and infrastructure? • How will smart automation and AI transform the way we shop? • How will smart automation and AI shape the future of healthcare and homecare? • What will be the impact of smart automation and AI on our lifestyles and relationships? • How will smart automation and AI impact the way consumers think about life planning? • How should we protect our personal safety and privacy in the age of smart automation and AI? • A final observation

Chapter 8: How technology companies should prepare for the next age of human-machine partnerships • Asking the right questions: do technology companies have a duty to minimize harm in the pursuit of progress? • Technology and responsibility: the duty of not creating monsters • Why technology fluency must live at the core of all technology oversight • How to ensure that your Big Butler and/or Big Mother company does not become a Big Brother company • How to apply these philosophical questions to the problem of job loss related to automation • Important questions to ask • Designing for the three primary categories of automation solutions: Big Brother, Big Mother and Big Butler • Fear and loathing in machine learning: why designing for augmentation rather than automation might make more sense, at least for now

Chapter 9: The future of human-machine partnerships: Putting it all together • Reframing the discussion: automation is not the enemy... as long as we don’t make it our enemy • A vision of the future of automation that we can all benefit from • What it may take to make automation work at scale for society • Big Brother, Big Mother, and Big Butler: why designing the future matters, and why we cannot afford to leave intent to chance • Driving towards a Big Mother- and Big Butler-inspired future of human-machine partnerships



About the Authors:

Daniel Newman is Principal Analyst of Futurum Research and the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group. Living his life at the intersection of people and technology, Newman works with large technology brands exploring digital transformation and how it influences our world. A five-times best-selling author, he is a Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post contributor.

Olivier Blanchard draws from his extensive experience managing product innovation, technology adoption, digital integration and change management for industry leaders in a variety of sectors to help decision makers and their organizations understand the many risks and opportunities of technology-driven disruption and leverage innovation.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. It explores how we will work symbiotically with machines, detailing how institutions, companies, individuals and education providers will evolve to integrate seamlessly with new technologies.


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