Title The Scope of Information Ethics
Subtitle Challenges in Education, Technology, Communications, Medicine and Other Domains
Author Robert Hauptman
ISBN 9781476675671
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Publishing year 2019
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The field of information ethics (IE)—a subdivision of ethics—was developed during the 1980s, originating and maturing in library science and slowly working its way into other disciplines and practical applications. Some years later, a secondary field emerged, emphasizing theoretical and philosophical concepts, with little focus on real-world applicability.

The first of its kind, this comprehensive overview of IE evaluates the production, dissemination, storage, accessing and retrieval of information in an ethical context in areas including the humanities, sciences, medicine and business. A leading figure in the field, the author is concerned with misconduct (falsification, fabrication, plagiary), peer review, the law, privacy, imaging and robotics, among other matters


Foreword (Johannes K. Britz)



Chapter 1: Data and Information

Chapter 2: Ethics and Law

Chapter 3: Theory

Chapter 4: Research

Chapter 5: Science

Chapter 6: Social Science

Chapter 7: Humanities

Chapter 8: Peer Review, Publication, Retraction

Chapter 9: Storage, Access, Provision

Chapter 10: Intellectual Freedom and Censorship

Chapter 11: Computer Ethics and the Internet

Chapter 12: Privacy, Security, Surveillance

Chapter 13: Law

Chapter 14: Academia and Its Discontents

Chapter 15: Business

Chapter 16: Medicine

Chapter 17: Architecture and Engineering

Chapter 18: Expert Systems, Robotics, War

Chapter 19: Images, Imaging and the Imagination


Afterword (Elizabeth A. Buchanan)



About the Author:

Robert Hauptman is professor emeritus at St. Cloud State University and editor of the Journal of Information Ethics.

Target Audience:

The book gives an ethical context in areas including the humanities, sciences, medicine, business, ethics, and moral philosophy. Useful for people interested in the moral and ethical aspects of information technology and library science.


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