Title A Casebook on Corporate Renewal
Author Harlan D. Platt, Marjorie B. Platt
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“The casebook is a delight to read, either cover to cover or by picking cases that address a particular subject from the table of contents. . . Casebook on Corporate Renewal is an invaluable tool for students and turnaround professionals or for someone interested in teaching classes on the subject. It provides interesting reading on many of the issues that turnaround managers must contend with every day.”

Journal of Corporate Renewal


A Casebook on Corporate Renewal spans a variety of business areas relevant to corporate renewal and turnaround management. Corporate renewal, as a topic taught and discussed in business schools, has surged in the past decade. The cases in this book were selected to cover the knowledge and skills needed by successful turnaround managers, including ethical and legal issues; developing a plan of reorganization; and defining problems and their solutions, including strategic, financial, and operating issues.

The cases challenge students to actively engage in the decision-making process in order to learn how corporate renewal is practiced in real business settings. The Casebook is meant to accompany the second edition of Principles of Corporate Renewal by Harlan D. Platt, but it can be adopted separately or used with other management textbooks.




Chapter 1. Turnaround Management: The Past as Prologue (Howard Brownstein)


Ethical and Legal Issues

Ethical Considerations in the Bankruptcy Decision
Chapter 2.
Harry Lewis: Ethical Manager (Harlan D. Platt and Thomas Allison)


Ethical Issues
Chapter 3. Shrink, Inc. (Suzanne Cummins)
Chapter 4. Corbesco (Suzanne Cummins)


Developing a Plan of Reorganization
Chapter 5. Toys and More, Inc. (Harlan D. Platt)
Chapter 6. Clark Automotive Parts, Inc. (Grant Newton, James F. Hart, and Paul N. Shields)
Chapter 7. The Creation of First City Financial Corporation: A Clinical Study of the Bankruptcy Process (Ramesh K. S. Rao and Susan White)


Investigation Phase

Predicting Distress
Chapter 8.
Enron Red Flags Case (Hugh Grove, Tom Cook, and Jon Goodwin)
Chapter 9. AOL Latin America (B) (David Wesley and Harlan D. Platt)


Deciding What to Do
Chapter 10.
Periwinkle Software, Inc. (Thomas Hays and Harlan D. Platt)
Operating and Leadership Issues
Chapter 11.
Manchester Wholesale Distributors (A) (David Wesley, Paul Croke, and Henry W. Lane)

Industry Analysis
Chapter 12.
Clean Harbors (David Wesley and Daniel McCarthy)
Chapter 13. NextCard (Andrew Watson and Alison Sauve)


Strategic Issues

Affecting Strategy: What Does It Take?
Chapter 14.
A Hard Turnaround for Software (Mark Blumling, Kevin A. Frick, and William F. Meehan III)
Chapter 15. Symantec’s Strategy-Based Transformation (Lawrence M. Fisher)



Chapter 16. Global Foods Inc.: A Corporate Renewal Engagement (Harlan D. Platt)


Strategic Turnaround Analysis

Chapter 17. American Motors Corporation (B) (Chuck Hofer)


Financial Issues

Chapter 18.
RCN: How to Invest in a Turnaround (Henry Garelick)
Chapter 19. Ajax Electronics (Marc Meyer and James F. Molloy, Jr.)



Chapter 20. Jet Interiors Company Inc.: Negotiating to Restructure a Convertible Note (Harlan D. Platt)
Chapter 21. We Hear a Symphony . . . Or Do We? (Miriam Rothman)


Need for Cash

Chapter 22. P. A. Bergner & Co. (Will Matthews, Chris Lane, Mark Grifiths, and Robert W. White)


Breakeven Analysis

Chapter 23. Investing in BN.com: Can Breakeven Be Achieved? (Harlan D. Platt and Marjorie B. Platt)


Operating Issues

Bank/Lender Liability
Chapter 24.
Crane Manufacturing Company (James Ebbert)


Activity-Based Costing

Chapter 25. Turning around the South Dakota Microbrewery (Marjorie B. Platt and James Weisel)


Developing a Layoff Plan

Chapter 26. Intelligent Signals, Inc. (Harlan D. Platt)


People and Incentives

Chapter 27. Berkshire Industries PLC (Kenneth Merchant and Wim A. Van der Stede)
Chapter 28. Titeflex Corporation: The Turnaround Challenge (Ravi Ramamurti)
Chapter 29. Gillette Metal Fabrication (Jack Brittain)

Products and Pricing

Chapter 30. Bouvet Springs, Inc. (John Dunkelberg and Thomas Goho)


Plant Issues and Productivity Improvement

Chapter 31. CUP Corp.: Measuring the Customer Care Center (Lawrence P. Carr)


Process Issues

Chapter 32. Lucent Technologies: Shared Financial Services— Balanced Scorecard Implementation (Lawrence P. Carr)


Special Topics

Small Business Liquidation/Fraud
Chapter 33.
Cabriole (R. M. Kinnunen and James F. Molloy, Jr.)
Chapter 34. Sidethrusters, Inc. (A) (R. M. Kinnunen, John Seeger, and Robert Goldberg)


Nonprofit Business/Fraud

Chapter 35. The National Financial Planners Association (A) (R. M. Kinnunen, James F. Molloy, Jr., and John Seeger)


Role Playing Exercise

Chapter 36. U.S. Auto Parts Inc.: Insolvency Simulation Exercise (Justin Fogerty)


Index of Cases

About the Editors:

Harlan D. Platt and Marjorie B. Platt are professors of business at Northeastern University in Boston.

Target Audience:

This book is a helpful tool for business students studying turnaround management and corporate renewal.


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