Title Promoting Democracy
Subtitle The Force of Political Settlements in Uncertain Times
Author Manal A. Jamal
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“Flawless, detailed, and extremely well documented. This will become an instant classic in the list of critical studies on NGOs or civil society, and for political scientists in search of innovative South-South comparative studies.”

Benoit Challand, co-editor of The Struggle for Influence in the Middle East: The Arab Uprisings and Foreign Assistance


“This book is superb in its quality, thoroughness, and clarity. Manal A. Jamal systematically sustains an argument in a fascinating study that is unusual for its insightful comparison of two ‘post-war’ examples of democracy promotion, with careful and textured attention to evidence, historical context, and conditions”

Frances Hasso, author of Consuming Desires: Family Crisis and the State in the Middle East


“This sophisticated, penetrating, and innovative analysis draws on extensive field research and a firm command of the available literature. It represents a significant contribution to our understanding of why democracy aid succeeds or fails and the often fraught relationship between peacebuilding and democracy support.”

Thomas Carothers, author of Development Aid Confronts Politics: The Almost Revolution


How Western donor assistance can both help and undermine democracy in different parts of the world

Democracy promotion is a central pillar of the foreign policy of many states, but the results are often disappointing. In Promoting Democracy, Manal A. Jamal examines why these efforts succeed in some countries, but fail in others. A former journalist and researcher in the Palestinian territories, she offers an up-close perspective of the ways in which Western donor funding has, on one hand, undermined political participation in cases such as the Palestinian territories, and, on the other hand, succeeded in bolstering political engagement in cases such as El Salvador.

Based on five fieldwork trips and over 150 interviews with grassroots activists, political leaders, and directors and program officers in donor agencies and NGOs, Jamal brings into focus an often-overlooked perspective: the experiences of those directly affected by this assistance. Promoting Democracy makes an important and timely argument about how political settlements ultimately shape democracy promotion efforts, and what political choices Western state sponsored donors can make to maximize successful outcomes in different contexts across the world.


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Chapter 1. The Primacy of Political Settlements in Democracy Promotion

Chapter 2. The Political-Military Organizations and the Emergence of Mass-Based Grassroots Organizations

Chapter 3. Political Settlements and the Reconfiguration of Civic and Political Life

Chapter 4. Foreign Donor Assistance and the Political Economy of Settlement Outcomes

Chapter 5. Beyond Professionalization: Foreign Aid and the Transformation of the Women’s Sectors

Chapter 6. Hamas after Electoral Victory: Fatah and the Western Donor Community Respond

Chapter 7. Noninclusive Settlements and Democracy’s Long Haul in Comparative Perspective

Appendix I: Interviews (Excluding Foreign Donors)

Appendix II: Foreign Donors


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About the Author

About the Author:

Manal A. Jamal is Associate Professor of Political Science at James Madison University. She has held research fellowship positions at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and at U.C. Berkeley’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in political science & NGO work.


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