Title Forms of a World
Subtitle Contemporary Poetry and the Making of Globalization
Author Walt Hunter
ISBN 9780823282210
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No of pages 192
Book size 153 x 229 mm
Publishing year 2019
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“In a field dominated by the novel, we need smart critics like Walt Hunter to explore and reveal poetry’s very different engagements with politics and economics. In Hunter’s insightful readings, we see contemporary U.S., British, Ghanaian, Iraqi, Irish, Jamaican, and Kashmiri poets turning to longstanding formal traditions—including the ode, the ghazal, and the lyric apostrophe—in order to rethink and remake poetry for our own calamitous moment. From territorial dispossession to denials of citizenship and from financial precarity to environmental devastation, Hunter shows the agonies of globalization emerging to prompt subtle and inventive poetic responses.”

Caroline Levine, Cornell University


“This smart, engaging, and timely book sets aside old divides like modern/postmodern in order to think periodizing according to the rhythms of capitalism. Finely written, with many moments of startling beauty and poetic nuance, Forms of a World offers a crucial reassessment of poetry’s importance in the twenty-first century.”

Christopher Nealon, Johns Hopkins University


What happens when we think of poetry as a global literary form, while also thinking the global in poetic terms? Forms of a World shows how the innovations of contemporary poetics have been forged through the transformations of globalization across five decades. Sensing the changes wrought by neoliberalism before they are made fully present, poets from around the world have creatively intervened in global processes by remaking poetry’s formal repertoire. In experimental reinventions of the ballad, the prospect poem, and the ode, Hunter excavates a new, globalized interpretation of the ethical and political relevance of forms.

Forms of a World contends that poetry’s role is not only to make visible thematically the violence of global dispossessions, but to renew performatively the missing conditions for intervening within these processes. Poetic acts—the rhetoric of possessing, belonging, exhorting, and prospecting—address contemporary conditions that render social life ever more precarious. Examining an eclectic group of Anglophone poets, from Seamus Heaney and Claudia Rankine to Natasha Trethewey and Kofi Awoonor, Hunter elaborates the range of ways that contemporary poets exhort us to imagine forms of social life and enable political intervention unique to but beyond the horizon of the contemporary global situation.



Chapter 1. Stolen Landscapes: The Investments of the Ode and the Politics of Land 

Chapter 2. Let Us Go: Lyric and the Transit of Citizenship

Chapter 3. The Crowd to Come: Poetic Exhortations from Brooklyn to Kashmir

Chapter 4. The No-Prospect Poem: Poetic Views of the Anthropocene  Coda 





About the Author:

Walt Hunter is Assistant Professor of World Literature at Clemson University. He is co-translator of Frédéric Neyrat’s Atopias: Manifesto for a Radical Existentialism.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in literature, anglophone poetry and globalization.


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