Title Develop Your Leadership Skills, 4/e (Creating Success Series)
Subtitle Fast, Effective Ways to Become a Leader People Want to Follow
Author John Adair
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Develop Your Leadership Skills is leadership guru John Adair’s most accessible title on leadership. This essential pocket guide will boost your confidence levels, inspire you and guide you on your journey to becoming a leader of excellence. Acknowledged as a world expert, John Adair offers stimulating insights into recognizing and developing individual leadership qualities, acquiring personal authority and, most importantly, mastering core leadership functions such as planning, communicating and motivating.

Fully updated for 2019, this 4th edition now features even more practical exercises, useful templates, and top tips to improve or develop your leadership skills, this guide distils the essence of John Adair’s teaching and provides a framework for becoming an effective leader.

The Creating Success series of books...

Unlock vital skills, power up your performance and get ahead with the bestselling Creating Success series. Written by experts for new and aspiring managers and leaders, this million-selling collection of accessible and empowering guides will get you up to speed in no time. Packed with clever thinking, smart advice and the kind of winning techniques that really get results, you’ll make fast progress, quickly reach your goals and create lasting success in your career.


Key Features:

  • Provides a full overview of how to grow as a leader and encourages you to find greatness in others
  • Is from the bestselling author and world renowned leadership expert John Adair, with over 500,000 books sold worldwide and translations into 25 languages
  • Is part of the bestselling Creating Success series, which has sold over 1,000,000 copies and contains practical advice on essential and value-adding work skills to help you develop your career
  • Features free download: checklist for developing individuals
  • New to this edition: New and improved practical features to aid learning, including useful templates, top tips, and interactive, reflective exercises


About the author


Chapter 1: What you have to be • Some essential qualities • Generic leadership traits

Chapter 2: What you have to know

Chapter 3: What you need to do • Task need • Team maintenance need • Individual needs • The three circles interact • Towards the functional approach to leadership • Your role as leader • Leadership: Personal reminder

Chapter 4: How to turn the core leadership functions into skills • Function one: Defining the task • Function two: Planning • Function three: Briefing • Function four: Controlling • Function five: Evaluating • Function six: Motivating • Function seven: Organizing • Function eight: Providing an example

Chapter 5: How to develop yourself as a leader • Be prepared • Be proactive • Be reflective

Chapter 6: How to lead at the strategic level • The functions of a strategic leader • The importance of practical wisdom • Leadership for desirable change

Chapter 7: How to grow leaders in your organization • Principle one: Develop a strategy for leadership development • Principle two: Selection • Principle three: Training for leadership • Principle four: career development • Principle five: Line managers as leadership developers • Principle six: Culture • Principle seven: The chief executive • Finding greatness in people


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About the Author:

John Adair is acknowledged internationally as an authority on leadership. The world’s first Professor of Leadership Studies, he advises many organisations in business, government, education, health and the voluntary sector. An effective speaker with a valuable message, he is one of the very few figures in recent years to have transformed the debate as to what effective leadership is all about.

John Adair has recently been made United Nations Chair of Strategic Leadership. Based in Turin, he has launched a strategic leadership programme in association with the UN. He has also received the Lifetime Achievement in Leadership Award and China has made him its first Honorary Professor of Leadership. The author of over 50 books, now in 25 languages, on leadership and management development, he continues to write and teach throughout the world, inspiring new audiences with his timeless and timely vision of leadership.

Target Audience:

This essential pocket guide will boost your confidence levels, inspire you and guide you on your journey to becoming a leader of excellence.

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