Title Power Management for Internet of Everything
Author Mathieu Coustans, Catherine Dehollain
ISBN 9788793609839
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In this book, several advanced topics in the area of Power Management Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits and Systems have been addressed. The fundamental aspects of these topics are discussed, and state-of-the-art developments are presented.

The book covers subject areas like bio-sensors co-integration with nanotechnology, and for these CMOS circuits one popular application could be personalized medicine. Having seen the power assets for such technologies, and knowing what challenges these present for the circuits and systems designer, remote powering and sensors solutions are reviewed in the second chapter. The third chapter contains an industrial contribution on remote powering, presenting energy harvesting from the RF field to power a target wireless sensor network consumption. Having touched the idea of the low current consumption, µA or Nano-Amp range and their transient behaviours are also described. Digital and large-scale integrated circuits - seen from an academic point of view - is included in chapter five, and this same topic from an industrial point of view is given in the chapter thereafter. An additional topic on the hall sensor, applied in an automotive case study, is then also presented. Approaching the duty-cycling of active mode, oscillator for timers and system-level power management including the cloud are covered in the last chapters.

Power Management for Internet of Everything targets post-graduate students and those persons active in industry, whom understand and can connect system design with system on chip (SoC) and mixed-signal design as broader set of circuits and systems. The topic of Internet of Things (IoT), ranging from data converters for sensor interfaces to radios and software application, is also addressed from the viewpoint of power and energy management. The contents ensures a good balance between academia and industry, combined with a judicious selection of distinguished international authors



Chapter 1. Applications in Biosensing of Power Delivery, (by Sondro Carrara)

Chapter 2. Optimization of the Transfer of Power and of the Data Communication in the Case of Remotely Powered Sensor Networks, (by Catherine Dehollain)

Chapter 3. A System on Chip for Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer, (by Roberto La Rosa)

Chapter 4. Measuring and Analyzing Dynamic Current Profiles in Low Power Applications, (by Christoph Zysset)

Chapter 5. Challenges and Approached to Variation-Aware Digital Low Power VLSI Design for loT, (by Andreas Burg)

Chapter 6. Low power Hall effect sensors. From design optimization to CMOS integration, (by Maria-Alexandra Paun)

Chapter 7. Low Power SoC: from Bulk to FD-SOI, (by Pascal Urard)

Chapter 8. It’s all about time, (by Mathieu Coustans)

Chapter 9. Low Power Wireless Embedded Systems, (by Marcel Meli)

Chapter 10. Vertical co-design and integration in Energy Harvesting: from device, circuit and system levels to loT applications, (by Eduard Alarcón)

About the Editors

About the Authors

About the Editors:

Mathieu Coustans received a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from INPT-ENSEEIHT in 2014. He is currently with the Electronics Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and is working towards a PhD degree. His work focuses on ultra-low power/energy-efficient timing and energy harvesting Integrated Circuits. His research interests include device reliability and modelling, CMOS analog and mixed-signal energy-efficient circuit design.

Catherine Dehollain, is a Professor in electronics at EPFL and is responsible for the RFIC group. One of the main research topics of their group is dedicated to remote powering and data communication for sensor networks. They have started to work in this domain since year 2000 and they have got financial support thanks to the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), to the Swiss National Research Foundation (SNF) for basic and fundamental research, to the Swiss CTI Office for applied research in collaboration with the Swiss industry as well as to the European commission for applied research in collaboration with other European universities, European research centers and European companies.

Target Audience:

This book is helpful for people interested in the area of power management analog and mixed-signal circuits and systems, bio-sensors co-integration with nanotechnology. This book targets post-graduate students and those persons active in industry, whom understand and can connect system design with system on chip (SoC) and mixed-signal design as broader set of circuits and systems.



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